Amazing Arya Stark Portrait and Interview with Artist Cruz Ibarra

Game Of Thrones Arya Stark Portrait by Artist Cruz Ibarra

Cruz “Cibarra” Ibarra On His Inspiration for Arya Stark Portrait

Ask him to pick his favorite Game Of Thrones character and Cruz “Cibarra” Ibarra doesn’t take longer than a second to answer.

You wouldn’t know it by looking but the American artist’s painting of Arya Stark 16×20 acrylic on canvas is his first portrait ever. 

Over the past year, the Game Of Thrones fan and emerging painter has been focusing on his lifelong passion for contemporary pop culture art. His artwork is currently on display at Kissimmee Art Gallery, gaming centers and comic shops around the Central Florida area.

In a revealing interview with long time friend Sidekick Reviews, Cibarra talks about how he started drawing, his favorite painting technique and why he adores Arya Stark.

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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2: The Good and Bad of Daenerys’ Big Decision

game of thrones drogon and daenerys

Game Of Thrones: Season 5, Episode 2 “The House Of Black And White”

This week’s Game Of Thrones did not have an epic death like the 2nd episode “The Lion and The Rose” of last season but it was certainly eventful. We saw the introduction of Prince Doran who will be featured prominently this season. For some interesting tidbits about Prince Doran and Dorne, including how the Dornish resisted the Targaryen dragon invasion, take a look at “What You Need To Know About Dorne” post.

Moving on to Bravos … Arya is back! I’ll be putting up an exciting Arya related post later in the week, so don’t worry if I don’t talk much about her here. ;)

The focus of this post is on Daenery’s decision at the end of the episode. Is Daenerys’ act of blind justice a political blunder? Game Of Thrones is great at creating scenarios that force our characters to make tough decisions which have significant consequences. These are often thought provoking scenarios, leaving us with lots of different angles to consider. In defense of Daenerys, I want to add to the conversation about why she made her decision, as well as why this could bite her in the ass. There will be full spoilers from here on.

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Question Of The Month: Make A Movie A TV Show

Star Wars Force Awakens Storm Trooper

Oracle Of Film has a brand new Question Of The Month: What movie should be reworked into a TV show? This could be a film that struggled to fit all of its ideas into a two hour movie. Or perhaps a film that would have been better if the two characters had an entire series spent on developing them before the big pay-off at the end. Take a look at all the great answers from many movie bloggers, including my choice by clicking on the above link.

This is such a great topic I thought it would be fun to come up with some other possibilities I’d like to see:

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Game Of Thrones: What You Need To Know About Dorne, House Martell and The Sand Snakes

Nymeria Sand The Sand Snakes

Game Of Thrones: Prince Doran, The Sand Snakes And How Dorne Resisted The Dragon Invasion 

The fiery Oberyn Martell as played by Pedro Pascal quickly became a fan favorite character on HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Many viewers are clamoring to find out if the “Red Viper” will be avenged and on learning more about the Martell family.

With one of the largest cast in television history and many story lines to service, the executive producers are selective on which new characters will be introduced and which will be cut from the show. Surviving the cutting blocks are several characters from House Martell. After sitting quietly in the sidelines, the rest of the Martell family are becoming a prominent focal point of the season and could possibly play a role in the series’ end game.

Now is a good a time as any to highlight some interesting facts about Dorne and take a closer look at Oberyn’s family, including his deadly daughters known as The Sand Snakes.

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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Premiere Q&A: Cersei’s Flashback and The Sons of the Harpy Explained

Game Of Thrones 501 The Wars To Come

 Game Of Thrones Season 5, Episode 1 “The Wars To Come”

After a very long wait, Game Of Thrones is back with a brand new season of murderous scheming, prophecies unfolding and dragons raging.  This post is open for full spoiler discussions on the premiere. To get the conversation going, we’ll breakdown several key plot points as well give a brief overview of the episode. Share your own thoughts on the premiere and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. 

For the Question & Answer segment, we’ll give our thoughts on the meaning behind Cersei’s flashback, explain the Sons of The Harpy, and share our predication on which characters who are still alive in the books might be killed off this season. If you don’t want to know who’s alive in the books you can skip over the last question in Q&A.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 “Conquer” Season Finale Review

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Conquer Review

Phew! Talk about an intense season finale. I have to admit I was on pins and needles through-out the hour plus run time.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty details there are several takeaways that made this finale work in terms of capping off the story lines that have been building up. Resolution on the Pete story line not only ended with a bang but it resulted in Deanna and co. getting on board with Rick’s program.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 “Try” Review

the walking dead season 5 episode 15 Try

In “Try”, Rick confronts Jessie to make a decision about her abusive husband. Meanwhile, Michonne and Rosita reach out to Sasha who’s been taking out her emotional turmoil on walkers.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15.

Try To Conquer

If the aim of the Season 5’s penultimate episode is to build up the story lines to just before a major turning point or an intense culmination of events, the mission is accomplished. That’s not to say that each of this week’s story lines are equally engaging, but that developments have sufficiently escalated to what should be a strong finale.

To get an idea of what the finale might have in store let’s review some of the clues found in this episode. Based on the dismembered body parts and the “W” carved in the woman’s forehead, whoever destroyed Noah’s community is closing in on Alexandria. The scope view from Sasha’s rifle as she picked off the walkers outside of Alexandria also showed that the support beams on are the wrong side of the wall.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 14 “Spend” Review

the-walking-dead-5x14 Rick Grimes

A routine supply run ends horrifically for Glenn’s team while Abraham is left to save a woman all by himself after the construction crew leaves them both to die. Meanwhile, Rick and Carol learn a secret about Jessie’s husband.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 14

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 “Forget” Review


A cocktail party, exchanging recipe ideas and moving in on the neighbor’s hot wife, just another day in the zombie post-apocalyptic world.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13

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Question of the Month: Who Would Make A Great Bond Villain?


Luke of Oracle Of Film is back with a brand new Question Of The Month: Who Would Make A Great Bond Villain? Find out all the great answers from many movie bloggers and feel free to share your pick in the comments section!

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

I have been absent as of late. I decided to give you lot a Christmas break from Question of the Month, but when it came to sending out the January email, I couldn’t seem to bring myself around to sitting down a thinking up a decent question. I will get around to it, I promised myself, subconsciously aware that much like my New Year’s Resolution of not staring at my hair in the mirror for two hours a day, it was never going to happen. In fact, the only reason I bucked my game up for February was because a certain Zoe Zermatten threatening to give me a good old South African clap across the face. It got me thinking about how terrifyingly menacing she was… and then, a lightbulb clicked. Zoe would make an amazing Bond villain, so why not ask the WordPress crew who else would make a…

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