Sizzling Hot! The Vampire Diaries’ Stars on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Threesomes are fun! But not on the Vampire Diaries … is anybody in this love triangle content? Most typical love triangles work because at least one person is on the outside looking in. However, TVD takes it a step further. At this point in Season 3, Stefan cannot forgive himself with how he treated Elena and won’t allow himself to show he still cares for her. On the other hand, Elena still has lingering hopes of reuniting with Stefan and is hesitant to develop her relationship with Damon. As much as Damon cares for Elena, he doesn’t allow her to make decisions for herself as seen in “Dangerous Liaisons”. When Elena lets it slip that Damon’s love for her is a problem, Damon presses the self-destruct button and hooks up with Rebekah, the girl that tried to kill Elena the night before (Yikes!). Even as rivals for the affections of Elena, brothers Damon and Stefan’s bond of family and blood over the last century is certainly the most  enduring if not most endearing.  The EW covers – that’s Entertainment Weekly not ewww, reminds me too much of romance book covers, but if it gets the attention of readers I’m all for it! 😉  Read my mid-season review of The Vampires Diaries Season 3: All Killer or Just  Filler?

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