Recap: Spartacus Vengeance: The Greater Good, Season 2 Episode 3

Lots of blood, death, foul language, and full frontal nudity – must be the latest episode of Spartacus Vengeance!

An Empty Hand Can Yet Become A Fist

Spartacus, Crixus, Agron, Nasir and the rest of the rebels brutally attack guards escorting a caravan of slaves headed for the mines. Just before Agron is about to get killed, Nasir drives his sword into the attacking guard’s back. Agron compliments Nasir, “You favor clever strategy, f*ck the man from behind”. Addressing the freed slaves, Crixus tells them he searches for a women named Naevia from the House of Batiatus.

While searching the bodies for valuables, Agron and Nasir come across a slaver laying on the ground that is still alive. The slaver pleads to spare his life and a horse in exchange for information on Naevia. The sound of Agron yelling as he thrusts his sword into the slaver’s throat draws the attention of Spartacus and Crixus. Before Nasir can find the words to tell Crixus what the slaver said about Naevia, Agron simply says, “Dead … Naevia is dead.”

The rebels take refuge in an abandoned countryside villa. Crixus, in shock and in disbelief, yells out with rage and despair over the death of his lover Naevia. Meanwhile, Spartacus and Agron strategizes the rebels next move and agree that Vesuvius would be a strong position to make camp and is within striking distance to Pompeii in the south. Agron suggests that Neapolis has prison ships carrying fighting men that could be easily recruited to their cause to bring down Rome. Spartacus says it is well thought out and to Agron’s disdain will discuss the plans with Crixus.

Crixus feels guilty for his selfish desire in pursuing Naevia’s affections regardless of the consequences if discovered by Lucretia. Spartacus counsels Crixus that “You do not choose love, it claims each man as it will” and together they can free slaves. Seeing Crixus in anguish, Nasir wants to reveal the truth about Naevia but Agron says it would only cause more suffering and death.

Later, Spartacus tells the unruly rebels, comprising of almost half Gauls, of his plans for Neapolis. However it is only when Gaul gladiator Crixus makes a powerful speech about the fire still burning within them despite the loss of friends, family and lovers do the rebels agree to follow. Before heading to bed, Mira tells Spartacus that she is not the past nor helpless and holds more value than satisfying his needs. Instead she will “stand beside him with blade gripped in hand, slicked with Roman blood”.


In the morning when Nasir is packing a large trunk with supplies, the blond whore says she notices the “blush upon his cheek” when he is near Agron and that Nasir should pursue his desires. As Nasir drags his trunk, Crixus helps pick it up from the other end and makes amends for how he has treated Nasir which leads to Nasir revealing that Naevia is still alive. Crixus runs out to the courtyard and starts to beat up Agron but is restrained by Spartacus. Agron screams out, “What about our lives? Crixus has no thought towards any but Naevia and will would have us all meet our end in foolish attempt at the mines.” Although Agron may have told “a lie for the greater good”, Spartacus exclaims that “If a single life holds no value then none are of worth”. Spartacus decides he will join Crixus in the attempt to rescue Naevia while Agron and his followers, including Nasir, will head for Vesuvius.

 A Statue That Bleeds

In the former House of Batiatus, Glaber and his right-hand man Marcus torture Oenomaus for information that can lead them to Spartacus. Ashur explains that Oenomaus is a man of honor and that pain alone will not move him to betray his brothers. In order to prove his allegiance to Glaber, Ashur cuts out the brand of Batiatus from his forearm (gross!).

Later, Glaber is surprised by the arrival of Senator Varinius and Ilythia’s father Albinius who announce that there will be 2 weeks of games featuring Glaber’s Roman soldiers. Albinius berates his son-in-law stating that the senate thinks Glaber “is an incompetent child, unable to wipe clean his own shit.” Chained, beaten and thirsty, Oenomaus refuses to break his silence despite Ashur tempting him with a ladle of water and is viciously whipped by his captor. In the night, Ilithyia tries to make love with her husband, but Glaber pulls away saying “Pressing concerns pull mind from task” as he needs to recall his troops from the south.

Lucretia tells Ashur that Oenomaus must not die before prophecy is fulfilled. It is revealed that it was indeed Ashur that saved Lucretia from death and stitched up her mangled womb after the massacre. In order to get Oenomaus to speak she advises Ashur to fill him “with memories of the past. There is a secret buried within these walls and you will see it exhumed and the corpse sent to purpose.”

At daybreak, Ashur discloses to Oenomaus, the truth of his wife’s secret affair with Gannicus and how it lead to her drinking the poisoned wine. Hearing the hurtful truth in Ashur’s word, Oenomaus breaks his silence and inadvertently lets out that Crixus is in search for his lover. Ashur goes to Glaber advising on the rebel’s intentions. Glaber thinks this information is useless until Lucretia says she knows where Naevia was sent and therefore, where to find Spartacus, Crixus and company.

Into the Mines

Nasir, who has previously accompanied his Dominus to the mines, changes his mind and decides to join the rescue of Naevia. Spartacus, Crixus, Mira, Nasir and a handful of rebels poses as slaves and guards. When the head slaver is not pleased with the late arrival of the caravan, Mira presents herself as a special offering and he takes her to his quarters for personal inspection. The head slaver pulls down his pants and tries to force himself on Mira, but she grabs a knife and threatens to cut off his member unless he reveals the whereabouts of Naevia.

After learning of Naevia’s location in the mines, a struggle ensues forcing Mira to slice the man’s throat. Outside, one of the guards recognizes Spartacus and a fight breaks out. Spartacus, Crixus, Mira, Nasir and the other rebels regroup and head into the tunnels.

Back in Capua, Senator Varinius makes a speech at the arena inciting the crowd against Spartacus and his villainous horde. For the glory of Rome, Varinius presents Glaber’s soliders but when none of them come out of the gate the crowd boos. Seizing the moment, Glaber proclaims that his soliders have been sent to higher purpose and that Spartacus will soon be captured to the delight of the crowd.

Marcus, Ashur and Glaber’s men arrive at the mines where a few rebels, posing as guards, tell Marcus that all is secure. Ashur recognizes the guards as gladiators from the House of Batiatus and swiftly kills them with his sword. In the tunnels, Crixus finally reunites and embraces Naevia who is disheveled and distraught. Moments later, the rebels are discovered by Ashur and Glaber’s men and quickly attempt to escape. With a map, Mira guides them though the maze like tunnels to a locked gate. Crixus tries to buy some time and stays behind to fight Glaber’s men, while the rebels flee. Naevia helplessly cries out for her lover on the other side of the locked gate as Crixus is beaten unconscious by Ashur.

spartacus_vengeance_episode_203 a greater good


Oenomaus: “What does a serpent know of love?”

Ashur: “That its bite is often fatal.”

Crixus jokes to Spartacus: “Would you have us to attack naked … with cocks as weapons?”

Brief Thoughts:

• Third episode in a row where someone gets stabbed in the eye.

• The scenery of the countryside and the view of the mines was nicely done.

• I like how even Oenomaus cringes when Ashur slices off a piece of flesh from his arm.

• Crixus stole the show going from complete despair learning of the death of his lover, uncontrollable rage when he found out it was a lie and elation when he was briefly reunited with Naevia.

• I’m very interested in what is Lucretia’s ultimate plan and the prophecy she intends on fulfilling.

• Ashur who was elevated from common slave to Batiatus’ right hand man, now has to scheme his way into good graces with Glaber which will be fun to watch.

• Without Crixus’ support, Spartacus cannot properly lead the rebels.

• They should really give the blond whore a name or if they did I completely missed it.

• Glaber who was emasculated last episode by Seppius, ridiculed by his father-in-law and “unable” to make love to his wife, finally showed some backbone at the end.

• I’m not quite sold on the new actress playing Naevia but I’ll reserve judgement until she actually has some dialogue other than crying out for Crixus.

• As Crixus was fighting in the mines, they kept cutting back and forth to the gladiators battling in the arena which was a bit annoying.

• I’m not going to mention that there was no development again on Seppius and Seppia … nope, not a word ; ).

• We see Gannicus in a flashback which is probably setting him up for his return very soon!

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  1. the blonde’s name is Chadara

  2. Excellent written review of the episode! I will read all your recaps! I am hooked on this series

  3. I dont have Starz to watch it right now and tried watching on megashare and netflix doesn’t have it yet, but episode 3 wont play so your recap helped get me up to speed to skip it and continue with episode 4 on megashare…thank you

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