Review: The Walking Dead: “Nebraska” Season 2, Episode 8

In a zombie apocalypse the most dangerous thing in the world are the survivors. Young Carl was accidently shot by Otis in the season premiere “What Lies Ahead”; Shane used Otis as zombie bait in “Save the Last One”, and in the first season’s finale Dr. Jenner locked the entire group in the CDC that was going to self-destruct. At the end of “Nebraska”, two strangers named Dave and Tony walk into the bar, nonchalantly show off their guns, take a piss on the floor, joke about getting laid and demand to be taken to the farm. When Dave reaches for his pistol, Rick makes the right decision to kill them without hesitation. This a pivotal scene and most likely sets up the next several episodes. Dave and Tony are part of a larger group of survivors that will come looking for their companions which will lead to a confrontation between the two groups. Also, Hershel should now realize he needs Rick to survive in this world and it would be a bit surprising if he still wants Rick and company to leave his farm (with the exception of Shane). Further, it establishes that Rick will do whatever it takes to protect his people and that’s he’s not naive or “delusional” as Shane said earlier in the episode. If Rick was the person Shane says he is, Rick would have wanted to help out the strangers and invite them back to the farm. This season is leading to a ultimate show down between Rick and Shane. Shane will eventually push Rick too far and force Rick to make a tough decision ; a decision we now know he is capable of making.

If I recall from the first season, being infected does not result in an immediate transformation into a zombie, it actually takes some time. So the time line of Sophie being infected, captured by Otis, brought to the barn, then Otis goes out hunting the deer and shoots Carl does not seem plausible. If Otis discovered a newly infected Sophia that quickly, she should have still have been able to communicate to Otis and would not appear “dead”. It’s hard to imagine he’d throw this girl into a barn filled with walkers and not mention this to anyone. To stretch out the fate of Sophia over seven episodes was a bit much, especially since I cannot recall one scene that gave the audience any reason to care about her. At least, Shane was asking Hershel a lot of the same questions the audience were asking or thinking.

When Glenn was first introduced I got the impression that he was a bright, capable guy with strong survival instincts for example when he guided Rick out of the tank. However, he seems to just go with flow and do whatever people tell him to do. Earlier this season he allows himself to be lowered into a well with a zombie inside (so stupid!). In this episode, he appeared a bit naive in his scenes with Maggie but it is understandable. When Maggie is asking about the future of their relationship he avoids the subject because he hasn’t sorted out his feelings for her. No one has ever loved Glenn before (except his Mom :)), and he doesn’t know why someone would love him. The journey for Glenn is to believe in his self worth . Once that happens, he can accept the love from Maggie and stop putting himself in dangerous situations. I think it would be interesting if Glenn had to make a tough decision to stay on the farm with Maggie or leave with the group. However, I think it will be Maggie who will have to leave the farm with the survivors. Also, it didn’t really make that much sense that Glenn volunteered to go looking for Hershel because the last time he went to town he and Maggie almost died. Maybe he just wanted some space and time away from Maggie? Or he is willing to take risks because he doesn’t realize how important he is to Maggie and the group.

In this brave new zombie world, it’s the survival of the fittest and unfortunately for Hershel his days are numbered. If the group would have left by the end of this episode, like I thought they would, there would be a chance that Hershel would live. But there is another group of survivors nearby that poses a significant threat and unfortunately, Hershel is too slow to adapt and won’t be able to protect his farm and family.


• This episode did a good job of capturing the emotional aftermath of the barnyard shootout.

• Carol destroying the flowers that once symbolized her hope of finding her daughter and how she said her Sophia was dead a long time ago.

• Darryl’s reaction to “Olive Oil” was completely understandable. He was so determined to find Sophia only to realize he never had any chance of saving her.

• Shane genuinely offering his condolences to Carol. He didn’t know Sophia was in the barn, but he still would have done it anyways.

• Carl saying he would have shot Sophia himself.

• Everything that happened in the bar including Hershel’s conversation with Rick about hope and giving their people a reason to go on.

• When I recognized the actor that played Dave (Michael Raymond James from True Blood) I thought it would be interesting if he become a regular on the show but of course he didn’t even make to the end of the episode. The actor did a fantastic job. It was a bit weird at first hearing him talk without a Cajun accent like his character on True Blood.

• “I hear Nebraska’s nice.”


• Glenn saying how Sophia meant so much to them. There’s no way the audience would believe that.

• Although Dale knows that Shane is dangerous, it is highly unlikely for him to guess exactly how Shane shot Otis and left him for bait so he could get away.

• Andrea. The writers are trying too hard to make her a badass. For example, when she swings the sickle through the walker’s head and when she picks up the arm and sits in the back of the pickup truck full of bodies.

• Beth in a catatonic state. It’s hard to care about a character that I barely recognize or remember existed. Maybe she got scratched by a walker and got infected?

• Lori tells Rick that he shouldn’t go into town to find Hershel because their son needs a parent like Rick around … that’s alive. Shortly after, she tells Andrea of all people to keep an eye on her son and does exactly what she told Rick not to do. Do you think her car accident will cause a miscarriage?

Note: This review contains some speculation on what might happen in future episodes. It is only my opinion. I actually try to avoid any spoilers and don’t watch any previews or trailers for this show. I also have not read the graphic novel(s) that this show is based on.

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