Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “What Is Dead May Never Die” (S02E03)

Game of Thrones Review/Reaction: “What is Dead May Never Die” Season 2 Episode 3

If there’s one character in Game of Thrones you would want to have as a friend it would be Sam. In a world of back stabbing, hidden motives and deception, he’s compassionate, caring, honest and means what he says. His crush on Gilly is endearing and played with such glee by actor John Bradley. It was a bit silly offering his mother’s thimble to Gilly but that’s what makes Sam so likeable. I believe it when he promises to come back and rescue her. After taking the oath of the Night’s Watch, including celibacy, it will be interesting to so how far their relationship will develop.

Meanwhile, Theon has chosen family over his friendship with Robb Stark. To Balon, Theon symbolizes his failed rebellion, something he can never come to terms with. In a culture that prides itself on pirating and taking from others, his only surviving son was taken from him and held as a hostage by the Starks. That’s got to hurt! What makes Theon so intriguing to watch is despite his character flaws and the despicable way he treats women, we understand his need for acceptance, belonging and recognition. His sister Yara may not directly say she cares for Theon, but when she warns him of the fisherman’s nets it shows that beneath the her stern, cold exterior she’s not without a heart.

Of the five kings, Renly is the most likeable. He’s chivalrous, does not hesitate to appoint Brienne to the king’s guard and is not offended when Cat does not acknowledge him as a king. He had me when he vowed to bring Joffrey’s head to Cat. Although he may inspire loyalty in his followers, what kind of leader will Renly be? He has no experience in fighting wars or commanding an army. Cat got it right by saying this was all a game to him. When the blood and slaughter begins to flow, we’ll see if he still has the stomach for playing the game. Renly’s new wife Margaery seemed to be quaint at first but she is bold; proposing a threesome with her brother! It was fun seeing Renly be sexually aggressive with Loras and then so awkward with his new wife.

Someone who you would not want as an enemy would be Tyrion. He’s always one step ahead and is playing the game hard. It was a devious ploy to sniff out the rat by baiting Pycelle with some juicy gossip of marrying off Cersei’s daughter to the Martells. Tyrion’s line, “We’ve come to a dangerous place” was a great call back to Ned Stark. However, unlike Ned, Tyrion is taking out all the potential threats, first in Lord Janos Slynt and now Pycelle. In his deception, Tyrion pissed off Littlefinger with the promise of naming him Lord of the Riverlands; a promise which he never intended on keeping.  So devious! Tyrion recognizes that even his own sister Cersei is a threat. Using his new-found alliance with Varys, he wisely hides his weakness – by disguising Shae as Sansa’s handmaid.

It’s quite disheartening to watch Arya’s mentors being taken away from her. First, her father Ned, then dance master Syrio and now Yoren.  All of them not only accepted her but gave her guidance, support and encouragement. Like Nymeria, she’s become a lone wolf, without any family and lost in the woods.  Now its up to her to keep Hot Pie and Gendry alive.  It was quick thinking to lie to the Lannister soldiers that they killed Gendry, when in-fact it was Lommy.  Now she’s being taken to Harrenhal, a place where Littlefinger said was haunted by ghosts. Arya could have easily left the prisoners in the wagon cage to die. I hope to see the consequences of her moral decision play out in the episodes to follow.

Overall, this was another solid episode. So many great scenes … how do they pack so much content into one hour?

In this week’s Game of Thrones Season 2 Inside the Episode, series executive producers give insight on three keys developments: Tyrion’s ploy to find the rat reporting to Queen Cersei, the introduction of the warrior Brienne, and Theon’s torn allegiance between his family and the Starks.

Dialogue To Die For

 Catelyn: My son is fighting a war, not playing at one.

 Catelyn: They are the knights of summer and winter is coming.

Yoren: Which king would that be?

Varys: A very small man can cast a very large shadow.

Varys: Power resides where men believe it resides.

Which character on Game of Thrones would you want as a friend? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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