Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “The Old Gods And The New” (S02E06)

Game of Thrones Review/Reaction: “The Old Gods And The New” Season 2 Episode 6 (Episode 16)

Here are some recommended Game of Thrones reviews (with links to the full article) that I’ve been following:

Huffington Post Review by Maureen Ryan: ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: It All Hits The Fan In Westeros (And Beyond)’

“The first eight minutes of “The Old Gods” was a masterfully choreographed sequence of tension, chaos and dawning horror, which involved not just the nightmare of Ser Rodrik Cassel’s brutal death, but Theon’s realization that he was the kind of man who would — who could — behead a trusted family retainer in public, in front of children

The entire sequence was shot through with a genuine sense of menace and dread; we didn’t see the taking of Winterfell, but we didn’t need to, because we saw its aftereffects on the resident’s faces, their grim worry and sickening fear. Kudos to the editor of the episode as well, for the fluid, judicious pacing of this sequence, which, amid all the chaos, took time for a quiet yet powerful scene between Bran and Theon, and later, intercut a series of shots that perfectly illustrated Theon’s rapidly shifting emotions about killing Cassel.”

AV Club Review by David Sims: ‘The Old Gods And The New Review (For Newbies)’

“Ygritte the wildling is grizzled in her own way, but it’s pretty obvious what purpose she’s going to serve—finally, a love interest for Jon, whose good looks have been utterly wasted so far serving up north. The whole thing is very contrived—Halfhand can obviously sense how green Jon is, but he leaves him to execute the gorgeous Ygritte on his own. When Jon can’t do it, he chases after her and then they’re lost together and have to snuggle up on a mountain just to survive the night. It’s all very meet-cute, really. But it’s also nice to have Jon out of his element. It’s more plausible that he’d behave stupidly with a pretty lady than, say, when he’s at Craster’s house.”

If you’ve read the books then I’d also recommend you read ‘Reviewing The Old Gods And The New’ from by Elio Garcia.:

“So this final scene is, after six episodes, the first truly major departure in the plot for Daenerys… and it’s one that we think rather opens all sorts of troublesome issues down the road. Now that someone’s stolen the dragons, what prevents others from stealing them? In the novels, stealing them is never a question for the Qartheen or some of the others Dany encounters — whether it’s because their refined culture demands some means of establishing legal claim, or because they know that a dragon stolen will never obey, it just doesn’t happen… well, not for a long while. But now the trigger is pulled, and you can just imagine some viewers each year wondering why Dany and her khalasar — which is even more greatly diminished — aren’t just filled full of arrows so that the dragons can be taken. “

Check out Game of Thrones Inside the Episode with series producers giving insight on key scenes featuring Joffrey’s spoiled rotten ways, Arya’s survivalism, and Dany’s self-reliance.

 Watch the episode recap below:

 Dialogue To Die For

 Dany: “I am no ordindary woman. My dreams come true.”

 Tyrion: “We’ve had vicious kings, and we’ve had idiot kings…but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!”

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