Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “A Man Without Honor” (S02E07)

Game of Thrones Review/Reaction: “A Man Without Honor” Season 2 Episode 7 (Episode 17)

It’s hard to believe there’s only three more episodes left in the season. I’m gonna savor every moment because its gonna be a year-long wait for Season 3, which I’m trying not to think about.  “A Man Without Honor” is another jam-packed episode with many character moments and memorable dialogue, so I’ll just give my thoughts and reactions to certain scenes.

Ygritte’s verbal assault was playful, hilarious and picked apart at Jon’s insecurities, cutting deep into his manliness and the choices he has made. “You got sheep at the wall?”  Ygritte is not only toying with him, she’s also challenging everything Jon believes in including his oath to the Night’s Watch. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” The expression on actor Kit Harrington’s face shows Jon sees the truth in her words, at least about a life of freedom. Although her hands were tied up by the rope held by Jon, it seems like he was the prisoner led by Ygritte; a prisoner to his own life and way of thinking. As a result of being captured by the wildling, Jon’s loyalties will be tested. Ygritte mentioned last episode, the wildling would allow him to join them. Will Jon choose to a be member of the wildling – the free people who plan to cross the Wall or keep his vows to the Night’s Watch? “It don’t have teeth.” I wonder what a conversation between Ygritte, Tyrion and Bronn would sound like?

In a way, there are some parallels between the journey of Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. Both grew up with the Starks, but never felt like they truly belonged to the family. Now they are on their own, struggling to find their place in the world, confronting the same types of dilemmas but making different choices.  Last episode, each made a decision whether or not to behead their captive. How much of their decision was due to their inherent morality or lack thereof and how did their upbringing shape their values? If Balon Greyjoy was a supportive father and did not instill in Theon the importance of the “Iron Price”, Theon may have never decided to invade Winterfell. But it is Theon’s insecurities and pathological neurosis which compels him to hunt down Bran and Rickon like a game. The burnt, mutilated remains of two children is horrific; however, unless Hodor, Osha and the direwolves were also killed or captured, it’s unlikely the bodies are Bran and Rickon.

After six episodes, Jamie Lannister finally returns. “The man without honor” who broke just about every vow he made, killed the king he swore to protect, threw Bran out a window, beat his own cousin to death but the one thing he cannot be accused of is being unfaithful … to his sister.  Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is absolutely compelling to watch and completely owns his character. Even when facing death, Jamie is cool, calculating and smarmy; telling Catelyn he has more honor than dead Ned.  If Jamie, Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei were able to work together they would be an even more formidable family. Cersei was surprisingly vulnerable and forthcoming in her scene with Tyrion.  Just when you think you figured out Cersei, the writers add another layer of depth and sympathy to her character. Why can’t Tyrion and Cersei just hug it out? Well, Joffrey is a lost cause, there’s no redemption or rehabilitation that can save him at this point.  Their biggest concern is that Stannis’ army is fast approaching King’s Landing.  Aside from wildfire they don’t have any other tactics or back up plan at this point. Tywin is far away at Harrenhal, so its up to Tyrion and Cersei to work together to defend the city.

In Qarth, Daenerys is quickly learning the only person she can trust and depend is herself. Systematically, everyone and everything she has relied on is being taken away from her, including Khal Drogo, her Khalasar, and the dragons. She even understandably has her doubts on love struck Jorah, who previously was spying on her for Varys.  Xaro, the one person in Qarth that seemed to be her ally, was involved in stealing her dragons or at least working with the scraggly-faced warlock. One things for sure, they want Daenerys to go to the House of the Undying, which doesn’t sound like a fun-loving beach resort.

In Game Of Thrones Inside the Episode, series executive producers give insight on the scene with Cersei & Tyrion , explain who is the real Jamie Lannister and discuss the decision making of Theon Greyjoy.

Watch the Season 2 recap so far:

Dialogue To Die For

 Ygritte (suggestively): “Did you pull a knife on me in the night?”

 Arya: “Most girls are idiots.”

 Hound: “Killing is the sweetest thing there is.”

 Cersei: “The more people you love, the weaker you are.”

 Jamie: “He [Ser Barristan] was a painter, a painter who only used red.”

 Tyrion: “It’s hard to put a leash on a dog once you put a crown on his head.”

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