Breaking Bad: Buyout, Season 5 Episode 6

Breaking Bad: Buyout, Season 5 Episode 6

Taking a closer look at Buyout: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 6

Creator Vince Gilligan has stated that mystery on this show is good, confusion is not. Breaking Bad has always been clear on the core character’s motivation no matter how extreme or surprising their actions might be. “Buyout” explains why having millions of dollars and saving his family from further danger is not an option for Walter if it means abandoning his empire. Walter is handed a rip cord to break his fall into meth madness and he throws it away. Just as troubling is how he shrugs off a child’s death, telling Jesse to focus on the business as “there will be plenty of time for soul-searching.”

Here are some of my other reactions to this episode:

• That dude, Whack Job! – The opening starts with eerie music as a large dumpster filled with sand backs into the garage entrance. Mike, Todd and Walt unearth the dirt bike, dismantle it and put the parts into plastic barrels. Next, Todd digs out the boy he shot earlier. This is pretty dark and disturbing. Walt is standing beside an empty barrel, just the right size for a small kid. They pour in hydrofluoric acid, dissolving away their problems.

Jesse was conspicuously absent from disposing the dirt bike and body. The evidence has melted away but Jesse’s conscience is not clean. When Todd goes on a smoke break, he passes off the child’s death as “sh*t happens” causing Jesse to punch him in the face. Go Jesse! But what are they going to do with Todd? Todd doesn’t second guess his decision to shoot the kid saying he would do it again. Walt gives three options: 1. Fire Todd, 2. Dispose of him, or 3. Keep him on board. The partners go with option 3 which is probably the best choice at this time so they can keep a close eye on him. Very little is known about “Ricky Hitler” and how he could kill a child in cold blood. Keeping the jar with the tarantula and the way Todd stares at it is just creepy. Something is not right with this guy … obviously.

Skyler’s Breaking Away – There’s a little cringe that Skyler gives that shows it is eating her up inside that she is hurting Marie by not confiding in her. There’s a part of Skyler that wants to confess everything but she’s afraid Marie will not forgive or ever speak to her again. Plus, if Marie learns the whole truth it might put her in Walt’s line of fire. Anna Gunn who plays Skyler deserves a lot of credit for expressing a rollercoaster ride of emotions in this scene. The audience knows exactly what she is feeling with each twist and turn in her conversation with Marie .

The inkling of power Skyler felt when she saw how terrified Ted was of her in “Live Free or Die” is not gone. Although she’ll play the role of a wife, she contemptuously dishes out some well placed questions in a demure manner aimed at Walt in what must be the most awkward dinner scene since … well, just two episodes ago in “Fifty-One”. Skyler saying “Did you also tell him about my affair?” and “May I please be excused?” is delivered perfectly in tone and timing. Even if Walt steps away from the meth business, he can never salvage his marriage; “My wife is waiting for me to die” explains Walter.

• Gray Matter – Did anyone else’s skin crawl when Walter was whistling a minute after watching the TV news about the missing child and lying to Jesse that the kid’s death was keeping him up at night? On the flip side there’s something deliciously delightful in watching Walt twirl his moustache so to speak. Not everyone gets a second chance at life. He’s lived most of his life in complacency, now he wants to see his true potential. Walt’s self-worth is no longer as a provider to his family, dutiful husband or educating school kids. All he has left is his meth empire and he is not going to compromise his business because that means he’s compromising himself. I forgot about Gray Matter company, but when Walt brought it up all the pieces fit in a way that actually made sense from his twisted perspective. The man who once calculated the exact amount ($737,000) he needed no longer has a price tag.

• Everybody Wins – The ticking time bomb is counting down and Mike doesn’t want to be there when its goes off. It also doesn’t help that the DEA have been tailing him for weeks and it’s just a matter of time before he slips up. I knew when Walt was restrained he would figure out a way to break free. After failing to get the glass coffee pot, he configures a make-shift electrical blow torch and burns off the plastic handcuff along with some of his flesh. That’s both ingenious and insane! I can’t wait to see what his plan is to keep all the methylamine and get the 5 million dollars each to Mike and Jesse. He doesn’t even flinch when the gun is pressed to his head. Can’t believe the hour flew by so quickly. We’lI have to wait another week to find out what happens next.

• ‘Best Quotes from the Episode’

Jesse: “It’s like hell yeah I’m stoked for this lasagna. And then you nuke it and the cheese gets all scabby on top. And it’s like you’re eating a scab.”

Walt: “You asked me if I was in the meth business or money business. Neither. I’m in the empire business.”

Saul to Hank about the DEA stalking Mike: “He’s just not that into you.”

Mike: “I have never seen anyone work so hard not to get five million dollars.”

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