Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All, Season 5 Episode 8

Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All, Season 5 Episode 8

Taking a closer look at Gliding Over All: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8

In a recent interview with Vulture, actress Laura Fraser who plays Lydia Rodarte-Quayle revealed how she got cast on Breaking Bad and her approach to playing a character with nervous energy. What’s most interesting is that she still has never met creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan. All of her auditions were taped; she never met anyone. After receiving notes from the casting director, she was offered the role on the third attempt. On conveying nervousness, Fraser explains “When I play Lydia, I was consciously trying to breathe from my upper body. No diaphragm breathing at all. Just chest breathing … I watched people like Jodie Foster and Tilda Swinton, roles where they’re kind of cornered and frightened, but they have a sort of dark, strong energy at the same time. On ‘Gliding Over All”, Lydia has every reason to feel cornered and frightened. Walt needs the names of the legacy payment recipients, but if she gives up the names there is no reason for Walt to keep her alive. “There’s this heightened sense of urgency as I go back for filming with each episode” says Fraser, “because I’m like, Am I gonna die this time?”

Here are some of my quick reactions after watching this episode:

Crystal Blue Persuasion – Heisenberg barely bats an eyelash at the fly which the old Walt would have been obsessing over. He’s got 10 bigger flies to catch and dispose of; it’s just a matter time and planning before they get entangled in his web of lies and murder. It’s a good thing Lydia uses stevia because I don’t think the sugar rush would help calm her nerves. Her proposal to expand to the Czech Republic saved her from being poisoned by the ricin. At least she’s smart enough to make herself useful and realize the fate of Mike just by Walt asking for the names from her. The synchronized murders of 10 prisoners at 3 different correctional facilities is pretty mind-blowing. The use of comforting retro music during the slaughter montage actually makes it more unsettling. It reminded me of the classic X-Files episode ‘Home’ where an inbred family viciously beats up a sheriff to the tune of “Wonderful, Wonderful” by Johnny Mathis. We can now add mass murderer to Walt’s rap sheet.

• I’m out – Skyler is desperate to get her kids back but only on the condition that Walt stops cooking and dealing meth. She takes Walt to a storage locker piled with more cash than she can possibly launder and asks him “How big does the pile need to be?” We learned in “Buyout” that Walt doesn’t have a price tag for his true potential and self-worth anymore. If the dilemma is how to give Skyler what she wants (ie. her family) and launder more money than a 100 car washes could handle, it’s just another problem to be solved by the incomparable Heisenberg. Later, Walt under goes a CT scan and revisits the hospital bathroom where he punched the paper towel dispenser in Season 2 after learning he’s in remission. Do you think it’s just a matter time before Walt’s cancer returns or were the pills he was taking in the opening scene in “Live Free or Die” just aspirin? When Walt tell’s Skyler he’s out of the drug business, is he just telling her whatever she wants to hear? Walt has already conquered mortality by surviving cancer which has enabled his god complex. He believes he can have it all; his family and growing drug empire included. However losing Jesse and killing Mike might have triggered a change in heart or realization he’s gone too far. Even if he truly wants out he’s in too deep to wipe his hands clean; buying the automatic weapon in the season premiere flash forward shows he can’t ever leave.

• W.W. – If Walt didn’t have a big ego (and drank less wine), he never would have told Hank that Gale could not possibly be Heisenberg in Season 4. Walt dug his own grave or in Breaking Bad lingo, opened a barrel of hydrofluoric acid. It’s kind of fitting that Hank taking a dump is what unravels all the pieces and loose ends that Walt has been so careful in cleaning up. I guess all the best ideas occur when you’re sitting on the throne. Speaking of, it appears our King Heisenberg is about to be dethroned. Discovering the book with the inscription may not be enough evidence to incriminate Walt, but Hank should have everything he needs to put the puzzle together; for example, Gale’s notebook references W.W. (ie. Walter White), he knows Walt would have the chemistry knowledge to cook 99.1% pure meth, the lab equipment found by Hank in Season 1 was from Walt’s school, Walt’s new expensive cars and swerving his old car into on-coming traffic just as they were about to go the laundromat. Hank’s next play might be to question Skyler who has been acting erratic (ie. pool stunt, abandoning her children for 3 months) and get her on his side to help bring down Heisenberg. But is the reign of terror over? We’ve seen Walt on the edge of the cliff many times only to see him land on his feet. We’ll have to wait a long time to find out. Breaking Bad returns Summer of 2013!

• ‘Best Quotes from the Episode’

Walt: “There is no ‘We’. I’m the only vote left.”

Skyler: “How big does this pile have to be?”

Hank: “Tagging trees is a lot better than chasing monsters.”

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