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Monday’s Sidesplitter: Funniest TV News Bloopers

Who knew watching the local news could be so raunchy? If you are easily offended, be warned that these trusted news broadcasters and reporters unintentionally say the dirtiest words on live television.

Freudian Slip: A slip of the tongue in which a word that the speaker was subconsciously thinking about is substituted for the one that he or she meant to say.

The Ultimate News Freudian Slips Supercut

After the jump:

• The Ultimate “That’s What She Said” News Montage

• Super Mario Bros. 3: Toadhouse is Rigged

• Romney Versus Obama: Sing Off!

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me” Review

Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 titled “Walk With Me” is a tightly executed hour of suspense and apprehension. There’s a feeling of anxiousness because as an audience we know very few things in the world are as they seem on the surface. This episode solely focused on Michonne and Andrea. Through their eyes, we are introduced to the small town of Woodbury and the man-behind the curtain who is only known as the Governor.

Let’s dissect this episode! Continue reading for my gut reactions and spoiler filled thoughts on another great episode.

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Arrow: Season 1 Episode 3 Review – ‘Lone Gunman’

Courtesy of CW

“No man is an island” is a sentiment Arrow Season 1 Episode 3’s ‘Lone Gunman’ reflects upon. Simply stated, we cannot live alone or in isolation. If we hope to survive, thrive or pursue our life’s purpose, we must acknowledge our interdependence and recognize how our actions effect one another.

It’s a notion that is literally and metaphorically represented during Oliver Queen’s time on the mysterious island, which as discovered last episode was not deserted. The hooded man who shot the arrow at Ollie explains he did it to protect him and that Ollie could not survive alone on the island.

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Monday’s Sidesplitter: How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

Learning how to pick up girls is hard to do. Having to do it while dressed up as a Pokémon trainer is just hilarious. Watch Simple Pickup, make an absurd Pokémon reference, then get a girl’s number in these candid videos.    A lot of Simple Pickup videos are purely for entertainment but they also have other videos that might motivate you to get of your house and talk to real live people.

Pokémon Pick Up Lines: Get Her Number!

After the jump:

• Learn How To Pick Up Girls For Real

• How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

• Video Games Pick Up Lines: Get Her Number!

• Rosie Perez Destroys Mitt Romney on Latino Remarks

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick” Review

Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 titled “Sick” kept the foot firmly on the gas pedal after last week’s zombie kill fest.  There were no Michonne and Andrea scenes this episode which means they will most likely be heavily featured next week. “Sick” focused on the aftermath of Hershel’s leg amputation and dealt with the prisoners locked in the cafeteria.

Continue reading for spoiler-filled gut reactions to another solid episode.

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Arrow: Season 1 Episode 2 Review – ‘Honor Thy Father’

“Honor Thy Father” essentially borrowed the blueprint from the series premiere. As a general unwritten rule, the first several episodes of a new series should act as a pilot to allow casual viewers to easily understand the main characters, their motivations and the dilemmas they must overcome without having to watch the previous episodes. As with most pilots, the plot is merely a device to establish the premise and characters. Similarly to the premiere, this episode features Green Arrow threatening a corrupt business man to confess his crimes, another shirtless training montage and more intriguing flashbacks to the island.

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5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Kicked-Ass

Courtesy of AMC

Zombies are the lesser life form. There’s no reason to run from them. There’s no reason to fear them. They’re not smart. You’re smarter,” explains actress Danai Gurira on what she’s learned from her character Michonne, the katana wielding bad-ass with two armless, neutered walkers chained on a leash.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere returned with a vengeance! And lots of blood, gore and cringe-inducing moments in the best possible way. And did I mention the gore?

Eye sockets stabbed. Knives thrust up into heads. Limbs hacked off. Just another day of survival in this horrific post-apocalyptic world.

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Monday’s Sidesplitter: Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown on Ellen

Kristen Bell is obsessed with sloths. Earlier in the year the Veronica Mars’ star shared a home video of her emotional breakdown on Ellen of when her fiancee Dax Sheppard (Parenthood, Hit and Run) surprised her with a very special birthday present. Cute yet kind of strange.

Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown on Ellen

After the jump, watch Ellen get groped by Hardball’s Chris Mathews, a 3 year old kid that wants to sing Nicki Minaj, Biden versus Biden Debate and your favorite mushroom loving plumber goes Berserk!

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Breaking Bad POV Video Montage

Going through Breaking Bad withdrawal? Or maybe you have never watched Breaking Bad and want a sneak peak of why this show is so popular? Watch the stunningly poetic montage of Point of View shots from Breaking Bad. Viewpoints vary from the bottom of a swimming pool, dryer, and even a roomba. Interestingly, some of these objects play a crucial role in the story. Catch up on my Breaking Bad Season 5 Reviews. Also, take a look at blogger Emilia Jordan’s review of the Breaking Bad Pilot from the perspective of having watched all the current episodes so far.

Breaking Bad Point of View Video 

After the jump, watch the Breaking Bad Gag Reel featuring Bryan Cranston with a dildo water gun and Aaron Paul’s audition tape that won him the role of a lifetime.

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Revolution: 1.04 The Plaque Dogs Review; 5 Simple Ways To Improve The Show

Revolution: 1.04 The Plaque Dogs Review – Spoilers Ahead

“The Plaque Dogs” is strongest episode of the season so far. This episode establishes why Miles would want to stay with Charlie. In the early scenes it was a bit frustrating seeing Miles flip-flop between staying or leaving. Just make up your mind will you? His justification for leaving is because he’s wanted by the militia which poses a danger to the group. The funny thing is, Charlie and the gang are headed straight for the militia which negates his reasoning. Deep down Miles does not want to get emotionally attached to anyone. There’s a dark sadistic side to him as seen in the last episode which he is trying to repress and in his mind it would be easier if he goes it alone.

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