The Avengers – Movie/Blu-Ray Roundtable Discussion and Avengers 2 Predictions

The Avengers – Movie/Blu-Ray Review & Discussion

The Avengers was a box-office smash and will continue to rake in dollars through Blu-Ray & DVD sales. What’s also impressive about the ultimate superhero ensemble movie is how it generated some really insightful and passionate opinions on myIGN. If you’re like me, you just can’t get enough and could talk for hours about the greatness of the Avengers.

Big ass budget in special effects bonanza … take that away and what do you got? Uhh genius of Joss Whedon and the best screenplay featuring an enormous green rage monster.

Let’s talk Avengers and what we want from Avengers 2 with Cibarra and myIGN bloggers!

Avengers could have easily been a let down. Why do you think Avengers worked and what would you have changed?

Cibarra: I think the Avengers worked because the audience already knew the characters from the previous films. Almost everyone on the squad has their own origin film. If there were no background films it be tough to explain all the characters origins and try to fill it into a 3 hour film. Another big reason this movie worked out so well is because of Joss Whedon. If your toilet is backed up, you hire a f**king plumber. If you want to make a great comic book movie, you hire a comic book writer. I could only imagine how horrible this movie could have been if the reins were handed over to Michael Bay. There are few things i would have changed but one thing that bothers me is the death of Agent Coulson. I really felt a connection with him because he was as much in awe with these characters as I was. The Avengers didn’t need Coulson’s death to bring them together, they needed a good ass whooping. Them getting defeated individually would have been another way for them to see that they needed each other more than they realized.

Sidekick: A classic Joss Whedon move is to take a beloved character in the show or movie (see Serenity) and put them in mortal danger or kill them off unexpectedly. It acts as a catalyst for the other characters reacting to the death.  I remember the theater audience gasping in disbelief when Agent Coulson got speared, they didn’t expect that in a Marvel/Disney movie. It grounds the audience in reality and puts them on edge.  It’s a heinous act by Loki. The Avengers talked about all the death and carnage Loki inflicted, (he’s adopted) but aside from the eye-ball snatch this is where he made it personal and stepped up as a villain worthy of Earth’s mightiest heroes. I see your point of view, I just like it when a movie or comic goes for that gut-wrench moment.

On my second viewing I realized there was a neat character arc for Iron Man. He’s my favorite Avenger in this movie. I love how Robert Downey Jr. delivers all these soon-to-be, if not already, classic snarky one-liners so effortlessly. When he’s flying through the air I feel like I’m right there with him. Captain America points out that Stark always has a ‘way out’, that he’s not a superhero, and he’s just in it for himself. By the end, Iron man selflessly redirects a nuclear warhead through the portal believing it’s a one way trip, proving he has the heart of a true superhero.

I also thought the reinterpretation (or does it harken back to the true origins?) of Bruce Banner was well-thought out. The Hulk was always in him and is what saved him from the original gamma radiation. He’s not obsessed with finding a cure for himself, his focus is in helping other people which leads to him to the house in Calcutta with Black Widow. With so many superheroes, Bruce Banner got in some good lines that gave insight into his character like “I’m angry all the time” and “I don’t get a suit of armor. I’m exposed like a nerve.” There were so many visual gags that made Hulk so much fun to watch. Everyone talks about the Loki thrashing or fist to Thor, but I also love how he tries to pick up Thor’s hammer and catches the pilot ejecting out of the air fighter. So cool!

What do you want for Avengers 2?:

Cibarra: What I’m really looking forward to is Thanos the mad titan and his infinity gauntlet. I want him to break the Avengers epically. Thanos is a cosmic being and I think the Avengers will need the help of another cosmic being. Who you might ask? The Silver Surfer.

Sidekick: Avengers is a war movie. I read somewhere a while back that if Whedon were to do a sequel (which he is) he would make it more personal and painful. I definitely want to see these superheroes break too haha. I want to get inside these characters and watch them bleed (so to speak). I would not be upset at all if they didn’t add any new Avengers. It might be too gimmicky if there’s some brief cameos without a reason for the super hero to be part of the story. I do think that there should be some crossover between the story lines of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show and Avengers 2 since they are in the same universe.

Hey myIGN:

What did you think of the death of Agent Coulson?

What’s your favorite quote or line?

Who is your favorite Avenger and why?

What do you want from Avengers 2?

What did you think of the extended scenes and special features on the DVD/Blu-Ray

ComicInsomniac: Coulson’s death needed to happen not just as a device to bring the team together but also as a symbolic step from phase 1 to phase 2 for Marvel. It was well done and did not feel forced when and how it happened.

Favorite quote: “That man is playing Galaga!”

Favorite Avenger: Captain America because he’s Captain America

Avengers 2: I just don’t want it to become to busy, especially if the Guardians of the Galaxy characters find their way into the story as well as Ant-Man and possibly Daredevil.

I was honestly very surprised. I knew that Whedon kills off characters, but like most people, I didn’t think he actually would. Especially since I remember reading an article about how Clark Gregg(Coulson) was signed on to appear in 30 Marvel movies, and I assumed he’d be in every Marvel for the rest of his acting Career… But hey who knows, maybe he’ll come back as the Vision???

NinjaPenguin1: “There’s only 1 God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t look like that!”

I love all of Stark’s quotes obviously, and Hulk is just a blast to watch on screen. But I gotta give it to Cap. Being a huge fan of “The First Avenger” film, I thought they portrayed his character very well in the transition to modern times. And let’s be real, without his leadership, where would they be?

Avengers 2, I want Thanos, Thanos, and more Thanos. I feel like he’s one of the only villains big and bad enough to actually defeat the Avengers. Cuz let’s be real, the Avengers we’re never really down and out in the movie, in that last battle scene they pretty much destroyed the Chitari the WHOLE time. Thanos, can actually destroy them easily with the Infinity Gauntlet.

I was a little disappointed with the Special Features. I don’t think they included as much deleted scenes as everyone thought they were going to include. What happened to the rest of the footage that was in that 3-Hour cut? Although I must say, I LOVED the gag reel and I thought the Marvel 1-shot was a clever and humorous short film that set up the new SHIELD TV show well. 🙂

fantaffx: Phil’s death made me scream in the theater. I adore Phil! and now he’s gone and left us =(

Favorite quote Phil? uh, his first name is Agent.

Favorite Avenger: Thor. Thor speak brings me such joy, and his blatant arrogance and strength bring me a lot of joy. As an example from the film, when the Hulk is bursting loose on the Helicarrier and Black Widow is running for her life about to burst into tears Thor tackles Hulk, smashes his face with Mjolnir, and full-on blocks Hulks punch. What a beast!

Avengers 2: More Thor and surprisingly more Hawkeye. Always thought the character was wicked lame, but the film made him out to be awesome! And…….2 avengers to die. Not sure which ones, but 2 avengers should die. Like Captain America and Hawkeye maybe?

I haven’t watched any of the extended stuff yet…….

Sidekick: Agent Phil got several great moments from the entrance at Stark Tower to “so that’s what it does”. He represented the fan boy/girl in all of us, so a little bit of us died with him.
I especially enjoyed Thor’s arrogance in his own movie. I wonder where they are going to take his character in Thor 2? Fighting dark elves?
If had to pick up one Avenger to die it would be … Iron Man. It would be crushing, but for a death to emotionally resonate I have to choose the one that matters the most to me.

fantaffxI would be totally down with Iron Man biting the big one. As i said, it’s not so much who for me, just the impact of it happening. And 2 of them croaking would really bear heavy on them and us as viewers.

Agreed that Thor’s arrogance was better in his own film

Siphen.0: I loved Coulson’s death, he was a fan favorite and it really was a great move since most were so emotionally attached to his character.

My favorite quote was “I’m always angry”

My favorite Avenger is the Hulk because he’s good at heart, but always a wildcard which is why you’d always have to keep him at arms length.

What I want from Avengers 2 is to see a collaboration between the Guardians and the Avengers. I mean the Guardians are my second favorite team and have the biggest tie in to what’s to come.

El_WrayY88: Agent Coulson dying was epic and felt perfect and tragic.

“I’m always angry” It finally felt like Hulk took hold of his destiny instead of constantly being dragged around and being a miserable whiner about everything. It was his first truly badass moment, strangely. And I didn’t even see Siphen’s favorite quote until after I wrote all of that! That proves that it MUST be the best!
Captain America, he had such cool moves and I love him in the comics. Wish he had like a sub-villain to fight in the final battle like he did in Ultimates. That would have made it perfect, maybe like a field commander of the aliens? But I still liked it a lot anyways.
More personal, as cool as the huge fight scenes were, I want to dive deep into these characters and Joss Whedon says that he is going to do that which is so exciting!
Sadly, I don’t own it yet 😦 Too broke to afford it hahaha

Sidekick: That’s a great point about the Hulk.
I liked that Captain America did give orders in the final battle and the team respected him. There’s a part where Iron Man shoots his beam purposely at Captain America’s shield and is used to deflect it against the enemies is pretty classic. In interviews Joss Whedon said he had to be careful not to push the characters too far because they have to return to their own upcoming movies. I think in Avengers 2 he will have more leeway to make it more of a personal journey. I wouldn’t be surprised if another edition of DVD/Blu-ray with more features comes out later, so may be its a good thing to hold off buying it now:).

PeteyOneto: I thought Agent Coulson’s death was needed to really get The Avengers going. I think it was essential to the story.

I just thought it was awesome hearing Samuel L. Jackson say “stupid ass.”

Picking a favorite Avenger is like picking a favorite kid……….Hulk FTW

I really don’t want much changed from the first Avengers. Introduce the new characters and I honestly want one of The Avengers to die. If more characters are added then I don’t want things to be too crowded.

The special features on the Blu-ray were disappointing. Serious lack of behind the scenes footage and no three hour cut. The deleted scenes given on the Blu-ray didn’t do much for me. No surprise they were taken out.

Sidekick: Did you notice without the eye patch Nick Fury is actually Shaft! lol. I agree it would be hard to juggle too many Avengers. If they add an Avenger or two, then someone should bite the dust. A featurette on the Hulk and how he was reconceptualized would’ve been cool.


Extra special thanks to Cibarra and myIGN Community for their contribution and comments.  For more reviews on comics, video games, anime, and movies please check out the blogs of the guest contributors and follow them on myIGN.


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  1. I have to agree that Coulson’s death was unnecessary. However, they gave him a lot of due credit for being a part of the group’s history…so in going with that direction, I have much respect for the writers. By the way, I wanted to say thank you for liking my post about Arrow over on RoosterWords. Keep up the good work!

  2. I just found out that the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show … will star Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. Somehow he’s back and alive! … I think Arrow is a promising show. They found the perfect lead actor for the role and I’m interested in the flashbacks of what happened on that island. Keep up the good work too and thanks for checking out my blog!

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