5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Kicked-Ass

Courtesy of AMC

Zombies are the lesser life form. There’s no reason to run from them. There’s no reason to fear them. They’re not smart. You’re smarter,” explains actress Danai Gurira on what she’s learned from her character Michonne, the katana wielding bad-ass with two armless, neutered walkers chained on a leash.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere returned with a vengeance! And lots of blood, gore and cringe-inducing moments in the best possible way. And did I mention the gore?

Eye sockets stabbed. Knives thrust up into heads. Limbs hacked off. Just another day of survival in this horrific post-apocalyptic world.

The reason why we watch the show is because it is visceral. So here is my visceral reaction to this episode. I’ll leave the analysis for the critics.

Dirtiest Cast on Television

Every character is covered with filth and grime. It makes we wonder if the actors roll around on the ground before each take ;).

The dirt on their clothes and body tells their story, their dire predicament.

The prison beds looked disgustingly rank. I cringed when any of the characters sat or lay down on the beds.

Don’t Mess With Michonne

A double beheading with a single sword swipe!

She’s not afraid of the undead. She just casually walks around the store waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

When she’s taking care of Andrea, there’s a subtle tenderness that Danai Gurira portrays without detracting from her tough, bad-ass persona.

Together We Are An Ocean

From infiltrating the house in the opening scene to the coordinated assault in the prison yard, the survivors worked together as a team.

This is world’s apart from were we left the divided gang in the Season 2 Finale. Their unity is what probably kept them alive over the past several months.

Courtesy of AMC

That moment when Maggie is so pleased with herself for getting the first kill on the undead guard wearing the face shield is pretty amusing. ” You see that?” Then the rest of the gang follows her lead.

Everyone got in on the kill fest this episode. Even Beth. She was not annoying and I remembered her name. Wow!


“We are not a democracy.” Rick lived up to his words from the “Beside The Dying Fire”. He took charge and made tough decisions which involved putting his followers at risk.

Rick is emotionally unavailable to Laurie. His sole focus is on the well-being of the group. Laurie is just going to have to keep her insecurities and fears to herself. How do you think the infection will affect the baby?

Cut The Tension With A Knife (or Axe)

The suspense was unrelenting through out the entire episode except from some brief interludes where the group gathered to unwind at night.

When Rick was taking the keys from the guard/corpse I kept thinking it was going to suddenly awaken and attack him.

As soon as Hershel got bit by the walker I was disappointed he was going to die. Then I thought what if they could save him by chopping off his leg? I love when a show is thinking what I’m thinking. Just gross, poor Hershel!

I wasn’t surprised to find prisoners still alive. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I stayed away from most of the teasers, trailers and spoilers so I can enjoy the show as it unfolds.

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  1. Great post, I have a good feeling about this season of The Walking Dead, I just hope they can keep it up!

  2. Good comment on the characters becoming progressively more filthy from season 2 to season 3. Most modern TV keeps everyone super clean and impossibly good looking. It’s good to see the cast get down and dirty. They’re still an attractive bunch, well, the young ones – ok, maybe Hershel too. Let’s hope he can keep the rest of his limbs for the season!

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