The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick” Review

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 titled “Sick” kept the foot firmly on the gas pedal after last week’s zombie kill fest.  There were no Michonne and Andrea scenes this episode which means they will most likely be heavily featured next week. “Sick” focused on the aftermath of Hershel’s leg amputation and dealt with the prisoners locked in the cafeteria.

Continue reading for spoiler-filled gut reactions to another solid episode.

Go For The Brain

The prisoner’s expression on their faces as they witness Rick’s group in-action and Hershel’s amputated leg is both of shock & bewilderment. They have been figuratively and literally in the dark.

Rick’s explanation of the outside world, how to kill walkers and that they’re all infected, informed both the prisoners who have been trapped in the cafeteria for the last ten months and to viewers catching up on the series.

The decision not to reveal the less physically imposing members of the group (i.e. Beth, Carl, Carole, Lori) to the prisoners was a good decision. Had the prisoners known the truth, they would’ve over taken Rick’s group instead of opting for another cell block.

One-legged Hershel

Rick’s quick thinking / hacking saved Hershel’s life, though it does require a stretch in disbelief as to how the bite did not turn him into a walker or the loss of blood not kill him. I’ve grown to like Hershel so his survival is a plus in my books.

The contrasting reactions of Hershel’s daughters emphasized their state of mind. Beth is optimistic of her father’s survival. She’s already cutting up his pant leg so he doesn’t trip when he starts walking again.

On the other hand, Maggie cannot fathom how an one-legged elderly man can possibly live a life on the run. Mobility is essential to survival. Even if Hershel survives he’ll be a liability to the group. At his bed side, Maggie is wrestling with her own desire to see Hershel survive but hesitant to resuscitate him when he stops breathing. There’s a part of her that wants her father to rest in peace.

Carol M.D.

There’s a level-headedness and confidence to Carol this episode that moves her up a spot from the weakest link in the group.

Rather than becoming grossed-out at the sight of the grisly stump, Carol takes charge in treating her new patient.

Her next major duty as a first-aid care giver is to perform a cesarean section on pregnant Lori. Carol’s proactive approach to practicing her surgery skills on a walker gives a new layer to a character that in previous seasons was portrayed as a useless victim.

Sh*t Happens

Did Rick make the right decision to slash his machete into the skull of Mr. Long Hair (Tomas)? Hell yes!

Tomas did not hesitate to hack away at Big Tiny. Which is not exactly the wrong thing to do to someone who will become a walker. However, Tomas poses a huge danger to the group, disregarded Rick’s orders to open only one door and literally pushed a walker onto Rick.

In reaction, Andrew swings his baseball bat at Rick and then runs upstairs to the prison yard. Rick decides to lock the door and leave Andrew to be eaten by walkers.  Should Rick have shown mercy or did he do the right thing?

From a story perspective, I’m glad there won’t be an entire episode spent on the moral implications of whether to kill (remember last season’s 18 miles out and Judge, Jury & Executioner?). The writers made the right choice not to rehash previous stories and decisively put an end to this dilemma.

Lady Grimes

Earlier in the episode. Lori essentially tells Rick to kill the prisoners though the words she uses were “do whatever you gotta do to keep the group safe.” Seconds later she realizes she has to reaffirm to Rick that he’s a good-natured person and “not a killer”.

Afterwards on the prison catwalk, Rick commends Lori for saving Hershel’s life. Lori desperately wants to reconcile, but Rick is not quite ready to forgive and forget.

Did Lori find some sort of redemption by saving Hershel’s life? Do you want Rick and Lori to get back together? Do you agree with Rick’s decisions this episode? So who is watching Carol in the courtyard? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’m not sure what to think at this point. I agree that Herchel’s “on the fly” amputation is a stretch of realism. Since there is no medicine and probably used a dirty axe that was previously used to kill a walker…. we’ll see if infection sets in. I love Herchel’s character and I just hope that the direction of season 3 does NOT stretch the reality any more. But I guess if it does, that’s just the movie but it would greatly change my ratings.

  2. I’m eager for the reveal on who’s watching Carol from the woods, and I’m disappointed with how Andrea/Micchone weren’t covered at all this episode. As for Rick and Lori, I’m so tired of her. I want her to die the dyingest death to ever die, even though I worry what that might do to Rick’s mental stability.

    • I can’t wait to see more of Michonne. The actress playing her is fantastic so far.

      Maybe Lori’s baby will eat it’s way out of her? That’d be pretty horrible.

      • That’s totally one of my hopeful predictions! I haven’t read the comics (and don’t plan to until the tv series is finished) so sometimes I wonder if my predictions have been covered in those and I just don’t know it!

  3. I want Lori to die, and the line “I know I haven’t been a good wife and mother” haha no shit 😀

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