The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 “Killer Within” Review

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No lead character on The Walking Dead is safe. If’s there one lesson to take from Season 3 Episode 4 titled “Killer Within” is that everyone is fair game.

Continue reading for my visceral reaction and spoiler filled thoughts on a high body-count episode.

Can’t We Have One Good Day?

Aside from the mysterious cold opening, this episode started out fairly innocuous: Glenn and Maggie spending some quality alone time in the watchtower,  Hershel going for a stroll on his new crutches, Michonne making plans for the coast.

After everything the group has gone through, Rick made the right decision to not allow the convicts into their group.  He’s not responsible for them. Rick earned the right to lead the group but would the prisoners respect his authority? He can’t risk the possibility that the convicts would turn on them and endanger his family.

Of course in classic Walking Dead fashion, all hells breaks loose in the most shocking and unexpected ways possible. I’ve been avoiding previews and spoilers, so the way this episode played out was a big surprise to me.

Dog Food

With the addition of Axel and Oscar to the cast, T-dog’s day’s were numbered. Along with Beth, he’s the least developed member of the group; he’s essentially a “Red-shirt” that has used up his nine lives.

T-dog advocating for the prisoners to be allowed into C-block against Rick’s decision spelled his doom. It’s the survival of the fittest. In this post apocalyptic world, compassion and belief in the good in strangers are liabilities. At least he had a heroic send off, not that I cared.

Glenn had the kill of the week, when he sliced a walker’s head like a watermelon, up until T-dog threw himself into a crowd of walkers. The way the walker’s chomped on his throat and tore off a chunk of flesh was gruesome! Later in the episode, another death trumps T-dog’s demise.

Oh Andrea, Rug-Muncher

I’m surprised Ms. Crotch-grabber didn’t just pounce on the Governor. The Governor opened up about his past which was exactly the emotional connection Andrea needed to delay her departure.

Michonne is a lone wolf. She’s doesn’t need social interaction or a community like Andrea. Why didn’t Michonne tell Andrea about her suspicions about the National Guard massacre? Michonne found fresh blood and bullet holes, which is pretty convincing evidence that the Governor is not telling the truth.

Andrea did not appear threatened or disgusted by Merle’s remarks. She even drew out a map to the farm to a help man that would make any other women’s skin crawl. Where their emerging friendship leads will be interesting to watch. Looks like Merle will eventually have to choose between the man that saved his life and his brother.

Lori in Labor

Did anyone else find it awkward for Carl to watch his pant-less mom give birth?

I honestly had no clue that Lori was going to die so soon into the season. She was about 7 or maybe 8 months pregnant.  So the writers could have prolonged her labor for another month, which on Walking Dead time could mean the season finale.

At the end of “Sick”, Lori talked about not being the mother of the year and her other flaws which seemed like the writers where trying hard to shape her into a more likeable, self-aware character; something sorely needed if she were to stay alive on the show.

I kept thinking the group would find Lori in time and that Hershel would patch her up. I mean if Hershel can survive a leg amputation, it’s possible Lori could survive a C-section.

Lori’s pre-death speech to Carl was probably what most fans would have liked to have seen from Lori in the previous seasons … not the Lori that overdosed on the morning after pill and chewed Rick out for killing Shane.

So what do you think about Carl’s lack of emotion at the end of the episode? Is he in shock from shooting his own mother in the head or just completely desensitized to death now? Carl has already lost his childhood, his friend Sophia and shot undead Shane, a man who was sort of a father to him. If Carl survives to adulthood he’s gonna be one emotionally numb, killing machine (if he isn’t already).

Were you expecting a zombie baby? What did you think of the death of Lori and T-dog? Do you want Carol to survive? What do you think of Oscar replacing T-dog as a new member of the group?  Last episode, the Governor said there is one expectant mother in Woodbury. Will this mother be the one to breastfeed Rick’s baby?

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  1. I think Carol is alive and will find Lori bleeding to death but get there in time to save herand then they will make their way back to the cell block and suprise the others.

  2. Best episode so far! Damn fine acting 😀

  3. Every episode this season has been superb! Can’t believe a tv show about zombies had me crying. I think Carl is going to be one cold hearted killing machine when he is older. Sad to see T-dog go but could care less about Lori. I too think Carol is alive.

    • I agree, every episode this season has been fantastic. I was sad for Carl loosing his mom, but I was more shocked than anything.Yeah, I think Carol is alive. They didn’t show her dying.

  4. I was commenting at the beginning of the episode about how much dialogue T-Dog was getting. I should have known…

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