The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 “Hounded” Review

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Rick answers a mysterious phone call and Merle goes on the hunt for Michonne in The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 titled “Hounded”

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my gut reaction and spoiler filled thoughts.

Bad Connection

Last episode’s “Say The Word” ended with Rick picking up the ringing phone in the boiler room. The big question is who is calling?

Rick is suffering from post traumatic stress and is unable to cope with reality.

Hershel tries to console Rick by telling him he saved his life, the group’s, and what he meant to Lori. When Hershel picks up the receiver there is an expression on his face that suggests there is no dial tone, which we later learn is the case.

To cope with his remorse, grief and regrets Rick’s mind believes in the possibility that there is a safe haven out there. A place where he can take Carl and his daughter far away from danger or threat of death.

All the phone calls were in Rick’s mind; he was speaking to dead members of their group who have passed over to the other side.

Speaking with Lori gave him the closure he needed. In “Sick” he missed the opportunity to put the pieces back together with Lori. He needed to forgive her, forgive himself and tell Lori he loved her.

Lori tells him it’s “our baby”. The best way he can honor his love for Lori and put things to right is to take care of the baby, whether it is biologically Shane’s daughter or not.

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So How Long Has It Been?

Andrea’s overreaction to the street fight was because she was uncomfortable by how much she enjoyed it. I’m glad this was the explanation because after everything she’s been through the fight was not really that big of a deal. Yes, it was brutal but also an opportunity for the residents to release their primal emotions.

For Andrea, she released her tension in a couple of different ways this episode. First, was going hand to hand combat with the walker outside the wall that didn’t pose a significant threat.

One of the reasons why Andrea chose to stay in Woodbury is her growing attraction to the Governor. The Governor recognizes what it takes to survive in this world and sees a bit of himself in Andrea. They both feel more alive now than before the world went undead.

It was kind of funny how the Governor awkwardly stumbled over asking Andrea how long has it been. He’s usually so cool and methodical; nice recovery though.

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Hear That Bird?

Michonne’s “Biter Gram” of body parts was a bloody warning for Merle. That’s what I like about Michonne. She’s not the prey, she’s the predator.

Merle realizes he’s in over his head with Michonne and attempts to convince “Neal” to go back empty handed. I was expecting Merle to shiv Neal so it was a nice surprise for him to spring out that handgun.

The two story lines of Woodbury and the prison have started to merge this episode. I’m glad that Glenn didn’t agree to take Merle back to their camp. It would have been incredibly naive if he did so. Unfortunately, Glenn and Maggie let Merle get too close and got themselves captured by a handed-man.

I don’t blame an injured Michonne for not warning or rescuing Glenn & Maggie. She has no reason to trust anyone but herself. Putting her neck on the line for strangers, especially with a bullet in her leg, is not how she’s kept herself alive for this long. Saving Andrea was a different scenario.

Odds & Ends

Daryl’s monologue about his mother was the longest I can remember him speaking. I think he only shared that story to give Carl an opportunity to open up about what really happened in the boiler room. Carl’s reply was quick to the point: I shot my mom before she turned into a walker. I ended it. And it was real.

One loose end that wasn’t addressed last episode was finally answered this week. Carol was trapped inside a prison cell and I’m glad that it was Daryl that found her. It was funny though how Daryl passed over her cell earlier in the search.

The kill of the week belongs to Michonne disemboweling a walker. It was pretty disgusting how the entrails gushed on to her. After being covered in blood, walkers completely ignored her which, although a new discovery for her, was something we’ve seen several times before.

With Glenn & Maggie captured, Michonne finding Rick at the prison might be a fortunate turn of events. Hopefully Michonne can put some sentences together and warn Rick about the Governor.

Watch Online The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 “Hounded” Interviews with the Show’s Producers and Cast.

Were you satisfied with how the mysterious phone calls played out? Are you glad that Carol survived? Will the Governor tell Andrea about his new prisoners? What do you think would happen to Merle if the Governor finds out that Michonne is still alive?

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  1. “Were you satisfied with how the mysterious phone calls played out?”
    “Are you glad that Carol survived?”
    Never really cared for her character, but I had a feeling that she wasn’t dead.
    “Will the Governor tell Andrea about his new prisoners?”
    No chance.
    “What do you think would happen to Merle if the Governor finds out that Michonne is still alive?”
    Probably the same thing that happened to “Neal”

    • I agree with your points. Carol has been growing on me though.

      At some point the two storylines of Woodbury and the Prison would intersect this season. This episode served to put in motion what I have been anticipating: Rick vs Governor and Daryl’s reunion with Merle. It was a bit convenient for Michonne to overhear Maggie talking about the prison just as Merle stumbles upon them. It could have been handled more organically but it moves the story forward, so I like how the pieces are being set up. I hope the poorly written Andrea scenes don’t overshadow the amazing scenes with Rick. One more thing, I don’t fault the actress playing Andrea, I think the writers dont know how to handle her and need to listen to the fans.

  2. “The Governor recognizes what it takes to survive in this world and sees a bit of himself in Andrea.” Sees a bit of himself in her–I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

  3. Were you satisfied with how the mysterious phone calls played out?
    Yeah, that was a nice closure moment, it would have been a little too over the top to have yet another alternate group in this season (Governor’s, prisoners, Atlanta group, Michonne, that’s enough).

    Are you glad that Carol survived?
    A lot, we have lost two main group members (T-Dog and Lori). Besides she has grown on me since she’s now Hershel’s official apprentice and Daryl’s pseudo-partner.

    Will the Governor tell Andrea about his new prisoners?
    I don’t think so, I think he will try to get information about the Atlanta group.

    What do you think would happen to Merle if the Governor finds out that Michonne is still alive?
    Big trouble

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