The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 “Made To Suffer” Review

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 "Made To Suffer" Review

The prison gets visitors, Rick leads the mission to rescue Glenn & Maggie, Michonne faces off against the Governor, and the Dixon brothers reunite in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 titled “Made to Suffer”.

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my initial reactions and spoiler filled thoughts.

Tyreese and Carl

I haven’t read the comics yet because I like not knowing what might happen on the television show. I do know that Tyreese is a fan favorite character so it will be interesting to see how he changes the group’s dynamic.

My first impressions of Tyreese is that he is formidable, level-headed and noble. He has a compassionate heart for letting the woman who got bit by the walker into the prison. If Rick was to make the decision he probably would have killed her on the spot.

Carl has become a bad-ass. He leads Tyreese’s crew to safety and wisely locks them up. The look on their faces is of bewilderment as they watch a kid that comes out of nowhere to shoot walkers in the head, basically rescues them and takes charge.  I liked how Tyreese referred to Carl as “the man”.

Rescue Mission

Glenn is really resourceful for making a weapon out of a walker’s arm bone. I’m glad that Maggie confirmed the Governor didn’t violate her, no one should have to go through that. These two aren’t sitting around waiting to be rescued, they’re taking charge of their predicament.

In the same way that T-dog was replaced with Oscar, it appears Oscar is expendable since Tyrese is joining the cast. I actually liked Oscar but there had to be a cost in rescuing Glenn and Maggie.

The gunfire was pretty intense. There were a lot of casualties on the Governor’s side. Will this weaken their resolve for revenge or will they risk going to the Prison .. and get their asses kicked again? And why did Rick hallucinate he was shooting Shane?

Governor Vs Michonne

The Governor starts out this episode trying again to connect to any remaining humanity in his undead daughter. The Governor is a wicked man but if he has one point of weakness, it is Penny. We also get another look at the floating heads in the fish tanks. The Governor, if he can be taken at face value, explains he forces himself to look at them to prepare him for the horrors on the outside.

Michonne returns to the Governor’s residence, waiting in the dark like a boogeyman. She’s looking for payback after the Governor sent Merle and other henchmen to hunt her down like a dog. Michonne only sees a brain-dead monster in Penny, telling the Governor in an ice-cold tone, ” She doesn’t have needs”. My kill of the week is the katana blade coming out of Penny’s mouth.

The image of the Governor with a shard of glass in his eye, clutching his dead daughter and sobbing was harrowing. With Penny dead, the Governor’s emotional ties to the life before the outbreak has been severed completely.

Andrea seems to be so infatuated with the Governor that the severed heads, Penny, and the showdown with Michonne are not enough for her to realize there is a disturbed and homicidal side to the Governor. If only Michonne had said something like, “He sent men to kill me after I left.” Andrea might stop seeing the Governor through rose-colored glasses.

When Michonne reunited with Rick at the end of episode, there was a noticeable vulnerability in her demeanor. After all those months with Andrea, she doesn’t want to be alone again. Which is why she tells Rick she would be useful in rescuing Daryl or escorting them back to the prison.

Dixon Brothers Reunion Special

Courtesy of AMC

I’m glad Rick was talking some sense into Daryl that they would come back later for Merle. But there’s a part of Daryl that intentionally wanted to stay behind to reunite with his brother.

At the rally, the Governor was fairly manipulative in making the citizens of Woodbury feel afraid, reminded them of how unsafe their community has become, and then incited blood lust against the terrorists. 

Channeling Woodbury’s need for swift and decisive justice, he found the perfect scapegoat in Merle. Merle lied about killing Michonne and betrayed the trust of the Governor. The Governor didn’t bother asking for an explanation or to hear Merle’s side of the story, unless it happened off-screen.

I didn’t imagine the brother’s reunion to go down like that. It’s hard to know exactly what Merle is thinking, but he might be more concerned for Daryl than for himself.  I hope that both brothers live for a little while longer because I want to see how their relationship plays out. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to seem them have at least a conversation before one or both of them dies. Will Andrea jump in and plead for Daryl’s life? Will Rick mount another rescue?

The second half of Season 3 of The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

What did you think of the introduction of Tyreese? What did you make of Rick’s hallucination of Wolverine, I mean Shane. Did the reunion of Merle and Daryl live up to your expectations? What’s your favorite moment(s) from the first half of Season 3?

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  1. I too am really crossing my fingers about the Daryl/Merle thing. And Rick… Rick, are you still around the bend? And Andrea… ugh ugh ugh I have so much anger about andrea. but CAROL. ❤

    Sorry. Incoherent.

    • The Carol scene with Axel (Moustache) made me laugh. What would make me disapointed if Rick is still in that coma from the pilot episode and everything that has happened is in his mind. Of course that’s not going happen … at least I hope not.

  2. I hope Daryl/Merle don’t die because that would be disappointing, Good mid season finally though 😀

  3. If they kill off Daryl then I’m done with the show. Kidding. I just started reading the comics but now I can’t continue cuz I don’t want to ruin anything for myself.

    • I fforgot to add that I read up to the point of the show.

      • correct me if im wrong but darryl isn’t in the comics right?

      • I’m so tempted to read the comics but it’s not worth spoiling anything for the TV show. Without any specifics, how would you compare the comics versus the show?

        • I’d suggest you read the comics and not worry about spoilers; the show and comic are worlds apart, IMO. Basically, everyone’s personalities are different (esp. Michonne, Carol, the kids, Glenn) and have a bit more “to Hell with it” mixed in with their survivalism. Also, you’ll learn a lot about Tyreese because he comes in way earlier (actually, I’m already forgetting, but he may be there almost from near the beginning). Spoiler for people behind in the show: Shane dies earlier. WAY earlier. I had to laugh at how the show runners extrapolated on his storyline.

          Still, I prefer the show. Though the comic is really addictive (I read almost all of “Compendium One” in a couple sittings and I’m a slow reader), it’s actually TOO disturbing for me. I thought that if I could handle the show I could handle the comics, but I was wrong. It’s more human/inhuman as it focuses on the risks within the group; the walkers really are a backdrop to everything. So, in regard to zombie presence, it’s more conservative than the show. Kinda like Season 2. There are great number of twisted storylines that are not fun to sift through — at least, not for a softy like myself. Worth a look if you’re a curious fan though.

          • The Walking Dead world is totally addicting across each of the mediums. I’ve been playing the video game. It has a really strong story and crosses paths with a couple of characters from the TV show/comics.

            From what I’ve heard, most people prefer the show even though the comic is great too. I think why the show (and comics) works so well compared to other Zombie stories is, as you’ve mentioned – it’s really about the survivors and humanity. Having said that, the blood, guts and zombie kills are awesome!

            I do plan on catch up on the comics in the future; maybe after Season 3. At the same time, I enjoy watching the show with a blank slate. If I had known Lori was going to die (I assume she dies in the prison in the comics as well), it may have taken away from the impact. Or the mysterious phone call Rick receives wouldn’t have been that intriguing.

            Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting.

  4. “What did you think of the introduction of Tyreese?”
    I really liked him. Also I loved that he recognized Carl was in charge and kept a level head unlike the rest of his group. He’ll be a nice addition to the cast (once that father and son get killed off). Did you see the preview? Those two think they can take Carl and Carol’s guns because they’re just a kid and a woman. Didn’t they see how Carl shot? Idiots.

    “What did you make of Rick’s hallucination of Wolverine, I mean Shane.”
    That was awesome. Totally caught me off guard.

    “Did the reunion of Merle and Daryl live up to your expectations?”
    Didn’t get too much of a reunion but we’ll see how it goes in February.

    “What’s your favorite moment(s) from the first half of Season 3?”
    Too numerous to mention though I really like anything concerning Michonne. Such a great character played perfectly by the actress.

    Just over two months and counting…

    • I normally avoid the previews but this time I caught some of it. Carl shot his own mother, he won’t hesitate to shoot the father and son if they come after him.

      The actress playing Michonne is nailing those facial expressions. It helps since she doesn’t have that much dialogue.

  5. Nice review! It’s interesting hearing about this from someone who hasn’t already gone through the comics. You’re right too in pointing out the “WolverShane” lol.

    • That would be a cool comic crossover if Wolverine showed up and carved up some walkers! Merle would show up with his little bayonet, look at Wolverine’s claws and say, “gotta get me some of those!”. lol. Thanks for reading the review and commenting.

  6. Loopy, I’m up to the point where they’ve secured the prison and nope no Daryl yet. But i remember a friend telling Daryl and Merle are just a couple of rednecks passing through in the comics.

    Nuggles aka SKR, The only thing you’ll recognize are some characters and some settings that they visit. The two mediums are just so vastly different, I don’t know if its because i’ve started with the show first but i give the edge to AMC;s Walking Dead. Some main characters in the show have been pushed back while minor comic characters have been brought forward for the show. (Is that even coherent, i read it 5 times and my brain still doesn’t want to accept that sentence.) In the comics the characters just seem like an ordinary group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. But AMC has written the characters with more badassery (is that even a word?) which has given us some of our more memorable scenes. Like Rick in the bar being outnumbered and taking out the bad guys old west style., Daryl and his weapon of choice, the crossbow. Maggies first appearance. Riding up on a horse, chopping walker heads off and shouting out orders. (Is it just me or am I the only one falling in love with her?) Or our newly appointed badass, Carl, who’s been one since the opening scene of season 3 and even shot his own mother in the face! These are just a few examples of why i love AMC’s The Walking Dead, why i think its better than the comic and why i can’t wait for February…

    • Badassery … yes that’s a word! If not, it should be. You did a great job of describing the differences between the two mediums, it makes perfect sense! One of my favorite scenes from season 2 is Rick in the bar, cool to know they made it up for the TV show. I forgot how they introduced Maggie, she’s one of my favorite characters since Season 2. I think she’s pretty much everyone’s fav. A big advantage on TV, is that it can viscerally show a head get sliced open, blood spurting onto a characters’ face or the sound of an arm being torn off. Plus, the TV show can take the very best of the comics and add their own twist to it to make even it better.

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