The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 “The Suicide King” Review

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Suicide King

The Walking Dead returns with the mid-season premiere: Season 3, Episode 9 titled “The Suicide King”. Will Daryl and Merle survive? Will Rick finally meet the Governor face to face?

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my review and spoiler filled thoughts.

Mid-Season Premiere

For some fans it was a long grueling wait to find out what happens to everybody’s favorite Daryl and his foul-mouthed brother Merle. For myself, time has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already Feb 10th.

Most of this episode dealt with the emotional aftermath of the assault on Woodbury and rescue of the Dixon Brothers. It was a good idea to take the time to establish where each character’s mindset is at and let the natural course of events play out rather rushing ahead to the next arc, which I assume will be the Governor retaliating.

Dixon Brothers

Phew! As hoped, both Dixon brothers survive the battle to the death.

Other than some brief words and punches, the brothers didn’t get the reunion I expected. Not that I expected any hugs or fist bumps, I’m just curious what these two men have to say to each other.

Thanks to Rick knocking out Merle, we’ll have to wait until next episode to see what’s going to happen between the two brothers.

Should Rick have allowed Merle to join the group? Was Rick right to give Daryl an ultimatum?

Personally, I think Rick made the right decision. Merle will only cause trouble and create division within the group. Anyways, there was no way Maggie and Glenn would have allowed Merle to come back to the prison.

Will Daryl regret his decision to go with Merle? Before Daryl became an integral part of the family, he was distant and cold like a stone. He’s still a tough bad-ass but over time he’s opened up and developed a personal relationship with Carol, Carl, even naming Lil Asskicker. Maybe when he realizes what he gave up, he’ll come back around to the prison.

The Walking Dead Governor Suicide King

Panic in Woodbury

When the chaos broke out during the rescue, The Governor has this look on his face that suggests he’s become numb to everything. He’s gonna love every minute of thinking of ways to payback Rick’s group.

Where do the people of Woodbury think they are going? Sure, a half dozen of them died but they’ve been sheltered for so long they don’t know the real dangers out there or how to survive on their own.

The Governor killing the man in agony was an act of mercy. In the past, the Governor likes to keep the killing away from the sight of the residents but now he doesn’t care. He’s done sheltering his people from the harsh realities of living in a zombie apocalypse. No more BBQs and picnics.

A lot of viewers may have rolled their eyes during Andrea’s speech, but at least she did the right thing to calm down the residents.

Seems like the leaders, Governor and Rick, are going through something similar and they’re both pushing people away.

Family Ties

My kill of the week goes to Glenn for viciously head stomping the walker. Nasty! Looks like he needed to release some pent-up anger.

I liked how both Glenn and Hershel acknowledged they’ve become a family. But what’s going on between Maggie and Glenn? I think Glenn feels he failed in his duty to protect Maggie, especially from the Governor’s interrogation (aka sexual intimidation).

Glenn wants revenge and lashed out at Rick for not killing the Governor when he had the chance. This is not the old Glenn that was overly accommodating and going down a well with a walker inside because he was asked to.

I feel for Carole when she finds out Daryl ditched her. But she’s not devastated. She tell’s Beth if her [deceased] husband asked her to leave with him she wouldn’t.

And when Beth says the group is weaker without Daryl, Carole just replies Tyreese’s group looks strong. I don’t think she’s just putting on a brave face. It seems she’s really come a long way from being the abused wife from Season 1.

The-Walking-Dead-Season 3 Episode 9

What’s Up With Rick? Is Lori Back?

Michonne should really speak up and give Rick a reason to keep her around if she wants to stay.

What was going on when Rick was holding Lil Asskicker? Maybe he’s not in an emotional state to care for his baby and can’t imagine raising her without Lori? Does he think the biological father is Shane?

Tyreese and his sister look like great potential members to Rick’s team. Unfortunately they come attached with Alan and Ben.

Has Rick given up faith in people? Other than his family, he doesn’t want to be responsible for anyone else. 

What’s happening to Rick? First the telephone calls from the dead, then seeing Shane last episode and now hallucinating of Lori. That was a creepy silhouette of Lori.

I think it would be great if Lori came back as a figment of Rick’s fractured mind. There’s still a lot to be resolved between the two and that might be the solution to end his haunting visions.

Check out a great Walking Dead review by FissionError

Here are my comments to her review:

As you mentioned, Michonne doesn’t easily trust people. I’m looking forward to her meeting Tyreese because he’s seems like a stand up guy and maybe she’ll open up (emotionally).

Yeah, the Daryl/Merle showdown could have been more epic, especially as an opening to the mid-season premiere.

I noticed the theme too of “right vs necessary”. Decisions, decisions. I agree with Rick that Merle should not be allowed to go to the prison, unfortunately that meant Daryl had to choose between blood and his other family.

Alan and Ben are kind of slow, don’t they remember Carl killing a bunch of walkers like a bad-ass?

Would you have let Merle join the group? Should Rick have allowed Tyreese’s group to stay? What do you think of Daryl leaving the group (at least for now)?

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  1. I’m not reading this review because I reeaalllyy don’t want to know what happens – but I CAN NOT wait!! I’ll be watching it tomorrow definitely!! Awesome!

  2. Rick is gouing to pay for his mental issues. Big Time.
    He’s going to need all hands on deck when the Governor comes knockin’….

  3. Thanks for the nod! I loved that bit at Woodbury when everyone’s packed up their cars and are trying to leave. Like, what do you guys think is on the other side of that wall? More Woodbury? You’re exactly right; they’ve been SO sheltered they’re acting like the people we saw in S1 when the ‘plague’ first sprung up, everybody thinking it would be better somewhere else, when in fact it’s been a worldwide event and everyone is pretty much boned.

    I already like Tyreese. He’s so earnest; everything about the man oozes sincerity, and I like how he’s another echo of the man Rick once was. It would be really nice to see some ANYTHING from Michonne, because murder-badass isn’t enough to make me care about her as a character. Let’s face it: excepting Woodbury’s picnickers, EVERYONE who has survived to this point is some kind of murder-badass. What else can you bring to the table, girl? Because in an undead apocalypse you need to be more than lethal and pretty; even Andrea has figured that out, and even Beth and Axel are just trying their best to contribute. Get with the program!

  4. Oh Walking Dead, how I’ve missed you!

    “Should Rick have allowed Merle to join the group?”
    Not at all. He would just create dissension in the group. Basically, Rick’s only wise move this entire episode.

    “Will Daryl regret his decision to go with Merle?”
    He’ll eventually be torn and just when all hope seems lost in the battle with the Govenor, in will stride Daryl with his trusty crossbow (and possibly Merle in tow?) to save the day. He’s my favourite character by far and I can’t imagine him being gone for too long.

    “What was going on when Rick was holding Lil Asskicker?”
    As soon as he grabs the baby she starts crying. I think maybe he still blames the baby for Lori’s death and doesn’t really want anything to do with it. He basically avoiding it like the plague.

    “What’s happening to Rick?”
    Complete and utter mental breakdown. My main question is who will step up and lead them as he resolves his issues?

    “Should Rick have allowed Tyreese’s group to stay?”
    Yes. Rick needs all the muscle he can muster when the Govenor comes a calling. First he loses Daryl, then he wants Michonne gone, and now Tyreese? They will be in major trouble if they don’t start trusting others…

    • Before Daryl comes back, I want to him and Merle into some serious mischief, then fight or scheme their way out of it.

      Perhaps the baby is a reminder of everything that went wrong with his relationship with Lori and her affair with Shane. He’s spent little time with the baby, it seems Beth, Carol and even Daryl has had more screen time with Lil Asskicker.

      The group is so much weaker without Daryl, Rick’s wingman. Who can fill his spot while he’s away? It has to be Tyreese. My guess is that something is going to happen which brings back Tyreese’s group. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  5. Can Lori go away again! Making Rick crazy 😀

    Come back Daryl! Rick needs you!

  6. great review. i’m desparate to read anything about the show. one small correction. carol says that if her HUSBAND came back and said go with him…

  7. It looked like to me that Rick was looking over the baby for some resemblance to Shane…and judging by his expression I think he’s starting to think that the baby’s not his.

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