The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 “I Ain’t A Judas” Review

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 I Ain't A Judas Cast Photo

In Season 3, Episode 11 titled “I Ain’t A Judas”, Andrea’s and Merle’s allegiance are questioned when they return to Rick’s group at the prison.

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my gut reaction and spoiler filled thoughts.

Wake Up Andrea

If you find it hard to sit through scenes with Andrea, this week’s episode is probably one that you want erased from your memory.

Andrea’s characterization throughout the past three seasons has been problematic to say the least. Though I’m not completely aboard the Andrea hate-train like some fans, my biggest issue this season is how the writers kept her under the Governor’s spell and clueless to just about everything happening around her.

I forgot that Andrea didn’t know Shane was killed by Rick. From a viewer’s perspective that happened last year. And despite witnessing heads in the fish tank, walking dead Penny, and the Dixon brothers fight to the (non) death, she can’t break the Governor’s hold over her.

Because Andrea’s actions are so misguided and misinformed, it’s easy to understand why she is a source of viewer’s frustration.

Time For A New Leader?

I thought this episode would start with Rick, Daryl and Merle killing their way back into the prison. But the show just cut to them already inside with the group. Not really a big deal, though it’s unlike the show, at least in Season 3, to skip an opportunity for some head-popping action.

Carl asks his Dad to stop being the leader. As much as it would benefit Rick to be temporarily alleviated from taking responsibility for his followers, would it be in the best interest of the group as well?

While Rick is cold and unhinged, he did hold baby Judith which is something that was troubling him a couple of episodes ago. As long as Rick is open to Daryl’s advice, I believe he should still lead the group for now.

The biggest decision at the moment is what do to next in light of the escalating war with the Governor. If there’s one person who can anticipate the Governor’s next move it’s Merle.

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 I Ain't A Judas Merle

Cut Off The Offending Hand

Merle describing the order in which the Governor would kill them off, including Carl and the baby, is very ruthless but not surprising.

Should the group send Merle back to Woodbury as a bargaining chip like Glenn suggests? Not the finest suggestion by Glenn, its obvious he’s visibly upset the group allowed Merle into their home.

For his best chance at survival, Merle is smart enough to know he can’t burn his bridges with Rick’s group. Which explains why he’s bonding with Hershel over Bible scriptures and trying to make amends with Michonne (“don’t leave out the cardio”).

Prison Reunion

I can’t remember an episode without a clear kill of the week. Even though it’s still walking, I’ll give the nod to Andrea chopping off the arms and curb stomping the jaw of her freshly neutered pet walker.

At the prison, she receives a warm hug from Carol but a pat down from Rick. Andrea takes offense over Rick’s accusations of being a traitor; deflecting the blame by quickly pointing her finger at Merle. Good to see Merle is learning to keep his big mouth shut.

Did you chuckle when Michonne told Andrea she said “nothing” to Rick’s group? Andrea’s blind spot is the Governor’s true sadistic nature until Michonne reveals that he sent Merle to kill her after leaving Woodbury.

Michonne is hurt over how Andrea looked the other way and choose a warm bed over their friendship. Leave it to a not-so-innocent Carol to suggest Andrea kill the Governor in his sleep. When did Carol get so devious? Her conversations with Michonne and Carol sets up the final scene of the episode.

Walking Dead Season 3 Andrea

Sleeping With The Enemy

Andrea is an outsider stuck in between two worlds. She no longer belongs to Rick’s group ever since they abandoned her at Hershel’s farm. She’s not a part of Woodbury either, though she’s under a false impression she has a purpose there … or maybe just in the Governor’s bed.

The Governor is raising an army including a teenager suffering from asthma. Unfortunately for Tyreese’s group they are unknowingly caught in the Governor’s web of manipulation much like Andrea when she first arrived in Woodbury.

Negotiations or some sort of truce isn’t an option for Rick, certainly not for the Governor. Should Andrea take a stand on whose side she’s on? Or did she make that decision by not killing the Governor? Either way she’s basically condemning both sides to suffer more casualties by letting the Governor live.

I didn’t believe The Governor would get cut while sleeping. But I was thinking he would catch the knife in time and perhaps put down Andrea like a sickly dog. Regardless of Andrea’s fate in the comics, do you want the TV show to cut their losses by killing her off?

On a side note, sorry Beth, you’re a good singer but Tom Waits’ gravelly voice sounds so much better than yours, “Hold on, hold on …”

What are your overall thoughts on this Andrea-centric episode? Why did the Governor allow Andrea to go to the prison after Milton snitched on her? With knife in hand, why didn’t Andrea kill the Governor?

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  1. Andrea just can’t abandon all hope of a “normal” life despite of the creepy side of Philippe. At least for now. I think her character is willing for changes but just waits a shocker to act. Maybe Milton’s death or else. Carl is a really good surprise since the beginning of this season. Or since Lori’s death..

    Anyway, I think Governor is just testing Andrea by letting Milton being close to her just in case he would have to “convince” her to do some dirty work by threats.

    Can’t wait to see who can be the sniper on the roof Rick, Michonne and Carl will encounter next week.

    • The show turned Carl from a kid that wanders from the farm and gets Dale killed to a complete bad-ass this season. I wonder if they can do the same for Andrea?

      In the next episode, I’m looking to see if Michonne can assert herself as a vital member of the group and work together with Rick. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. For the love of God Kill her off!!!

    The only weakness with this series is her! I wish she tried to kill the Governor and then he killed her in the act, I’d be so happy 😀

    • I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t like Andrea? That’s my vague impression. Haha, nah I hear you loud and clear. Off with her head!

      I don’t despise Andrea but of the core characters she is the weakest link.

  3. Andrea has always been annoying to me. and this episode escalated that level. ugghh. I’m glad this episode is over…it was sooooo slow and ended frustratingly

  4. I thought the same thing about Andrea and the Governor catching the knife, but I guess its refreshing that they didn’t do that. I really didn’t like episode 9, and enjoyed episode 10, so I guess episode 11 falls somewhere in the middle. I purposefully haven’t read the comics, so I really don’t know “how” this storyline will play out, but I hope it’ll have Rick shake off his malaise and get with it soon. As much as I don’t like Hershel’s pontificating, I thought his challenging Rick was a good thing–and by extension, I though Carl telling Rick to step down was great as well.
    I’m curious to see how Tyrese and company factor in now that they’re in Woodbury.

    • I haven’t read the comics either so I can enjoy each episode without any preconceptions. I liked that someone (ie Hershel) told Rick to get it together, I’m sure a lot of viewers were thinking the same thing.

      Tyreese’s group will gives us another insider viewpoint of Woodbury, aside from Andrea’s. Her scenes aren’t strongly written, making Woodbury less compelling than it should be. It will be interesting to see how Tyreese will handle the Governor compared to Michonne & Andrea. Or should I say, how he will be handled by the Governor. Hammer Time!

  5. “I didn’t believe The Governor would get cut while sleeping. But I was thinking he would catch the knife in time and perhaps put down Andrea like a sickly dog. Regardless of Andrea’s fate in the comics, do you want the TV show to cut their losses by killing her off?”
    I thought when Andrea went to the window that the Governor was going to stab her from behind…or after Andrea turned away to go the window they’d reveal the Governor opening his one good eye showing that he knew what was going on all along. Otherwise why would the Governor trust her so much that he’d be out like a log? As for kill her or keep her…I’m in the keep her camp (the minority group?)

    “What are your overall thoughts on this Andrea-centric episode?”
    I’m not the biggest fan of her and absolutely hated her at the beginning of the show. She’s slowly won me over bit by bit.

    “Why did the Governor allow Andrea to go to the prison after Milton snitched on her?”
    To test where her loyalty lies.

    “With knife in hand, why didn’t Andrea kill the Governor?”
    She loves him and can’t come to grips that she’d be sleeping with a guy that was beyond redemption.

    Also…that father and son team with Tyrese can’t be killed off quick enough. 🙂

    • If the Governor opened his one eye as Andrea stood by the window It would have been a stronger ending like you suggested. Andrea won me back at the end of Season 2 but the writers have painted her unfavorably in Season 3. I’m still hopeful the show can fix her character. The show always need new characters to brutally kill off and the father and son team fits that bill nicely. 🙂

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