The Liebster Awards! 11 More Blogs You Should Checkout!

X-men babies

Recently, The Movie Montage honored Sidekick Reviews with the Liebster Award nomination. It’s always nice to be kindly acknowledged and warmly welcomed into the blogging community. Thank you!

The Liebster Award is given to a blogger who has less than two hundred followers. Based on a quick google search, Liebster is a German word that translates to “beloved, favorite, dearest”. The goal of the Liebster Award is to help new or growing blogs connect with other bloggers and is a good way for readers to discover your blog.

So what are the rules for the Liebster award recipients?

  1. List 11 random facts about yourself.

  2. Answer the questions that were asked of you (by the blogger that nominated you).

  3. Nominate 11 other blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and include a link to their blog.

  4. Notify the bloggers of their award.

  5. Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer once they accept the award.


In the spirit of the awards I’ll do my best to follow the rules:


  1. I’ve only read one Harry Potter book … the first one. But I’ve watched all the movies.

  2. I watched Predator for the first time last month. Best line: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

  3. Blue is my favorite colour.

  4. No, I didn’t spell colour wrong, I’m Canadian eh.

  5. My new favorite flavor of gelato is Spanish Coffee.

  6. If I had one superpower it would be telekinesis.

  7. I don’t wear a watch.

  8. My most anticipated movie of 2013 was Man Of Steel

  9. I took French for five years in high school but I can barley speak a word of it.

  10. My all-time favorite TV show is … Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

  11. What has helped me the most with blogging is learning from other bloggers and examining how they write.


  1. Who or what inspired you to write your blogs?Reading other reviews. I’m easily influenced by other people’s opinions, why not come up with my own?

  2. Do you have any other hobbies or interests? – Playing video games.

  3. Is there any golden rule/s that you live by? – No golden rules that I can think of. Maybe I should.

  4. If given a chance, what country would you reside in and why? I don’t know. England, some of my favorite bands are from there. I’d love to visit so many other places though. But honestly I’d live right where I am.

  5. What music do you listen to? – Alt Rock and whatever is on the radio.

  6. What is the craziest thing you have done so far? – I don’t do crazy.

  7. What season do you prefer? – Summer

  8. If you can give up something what would it be? – Sugar/Sweets

  9. Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic? – Not an avid tennis fan but Djokovic.

  10. What is your definition of happiness? – Happiness is not a fish that you can catch. I don’t really have a personal definition.

  11. If there is something that you would like to improve in the world, what would it be? – Peace on earth and long line ups.

For my nominations, I chose active bloggers with quality content who haven’t been recently nominated (as far as I can see). If I missed your blog, I sincerely apologize, please let me know for next time.




  1. What’s your initial reaction to receiving the blogger nomination?

  2. What motivates you to keep blogging?

  3. Do you collect anything, if so what is your most beloved possession?

  4. What’s a movie or song that made you cry?

  5. Do you have any siblings?

  6. What do you love to eat?

  7. Which comic book or novel would you recommend me to read?

  8. What are your favorite television shows that have gone off the air?

  9. Do you play sports?

  10. If you could give one piece of advice to other writers/bloggers, what would it be?

  11. Who is your favorite sidekick? (not a trick question).

Best of luck to all the latest nominees! Please do not feel obliged to participate or accept.

Lastly but certainly not least, my whole-hearted appreciation goes to the following blogs that have previously nominated Sidekick Reviews for a blogger award:

Please take a moment to click on the above links and follow those bloggers!

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  1. Right on! Cheers, mate! 😀

  2. Congratulations, and thank you!

  3. Thanks for the nomination, really appreciate it. Here are my answers:

    1. What’s your initial reaction to receiving the blogger nomination?
    Surprised and pleased and happy that there are people out there that like what I write.
    2. What motivates you to keep blogging?
    The drive to write something that is wholly my own. It’s an expression of creativity that helps develop my talent as a writer. Or a budding one!
    3. Do you collect anything, if so what is your most beloved possession?
    I try and throw things away rather than collect. I used to collect vinyl, as I used to DJ house music at college and uni. Now maybe I collect graphic novels, although collect makes it sound like I have lots of novels. Only a few really. I try to be strict.
    4. What’s a movie or song that made you cry?
    A Time to Kill. The scene where Samuel L Jackson’s character gets acquitted for murder and his little girl pushes through the mob and they spot each other and embrace. Gets me every time!
    5. Do you have any siblings?
    Yes I have a sister three years younger than me.
    6. What do you love to eat?
    Most things. Fish, meat. Asian food I could happily live off for the rest of time if I had to choose the food from a continent for the rest of my life.
    7. Which comic book or novel would you recommend me to read?
    Just started A Game of Thrones. Fully up-to-date with the TV show so thought I should read the books. I’m normally a ‘books first’ person but this worked out the other way round. The books are very cinematic and completely addictive. Comic/graphic novel wise, I’d recommend Powers by Brian Bendis, or A Dame To Kill for by Frank Miller. Wanted by Mark Millar is also good.
    8, What are your favorite television shows that have gone off the air?
    There was a show that had promise that only lasted a season, The Event. I was getting into it and it was cruelly pulled off air. Same with Terra Nova.
    9. Do you play sports?
    Yes. I go indoor rock climbing quite often. I used to do parkour/freerunning but kept getting injured so thought I should stop. Go mountain biking now and again and a bit of running. It’s very green where I live in South West London, so there’s a lot I could do. I don’t do the gym as it’s such a sterile environment. Climbing aside, outdoor activity is where I thrive!
    10. If you could give one piece of advice to other writers/bloggers, what would it be?
    Go for quality over quantity if you can. Good content will always find an audience eventually. Write for yourself rather than anyone in particular. When you don’t feel like writing, just start writing words. It really helps and often unlocks thoughts you had no idea where there, lurking beneath the surface.
    11. Who is your favorite sidekick? (not a trick question).
    There’s a lot out there, hmmm. Snowy in the recent Tin Tin film was pretty impressive. How did they manage to make a CGI dog seem so compelling as a character? He stole many scenes for me!

    • Wow I loved reading all your answers! Thank you for sharing them. That’s great advice for other writers/bloggers, I totally agree and will have to keep that in mind. Great recommendations for graphic novels, I still need to catch up on all of those. You got me intrigued with Snowy, I’ll have to check out Tin Tin, I actually had a pet budgie named Snowy a long time ago. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the nomination!

  5. Congrats! Good to know another Buffy fan!

  6. Congrats! I always look forward to/enjoy reading your reviews/posts – GoT being my favorite. Thanks for the nomination! And I’ll be posting over on my blog the answers.

  7. Wow Nerds Against the World? Thanks! question will it be a problem since NATW is a group and not one person?

  8. Thank you for the nomination! My results are as follows:
    1) I’m happy the time I’ve spent on my blog is being recognized by others, especially others that I respect for their own blogs.
    2) I’m motivated by my love of comics and wanting to talk about them to anyone who will listen/read. I want as many people as possible to be able to learn about what books are coming out from week to week and that’s my goal.
    3) I collect comics and my most prized one is Amazing Spider-Man #101 which is the introduction of Morbius and, more importantly, a gift from my wife on our wedding day. I certainly holds a special place in my heart.
    4) Rudy makes me tear up every time. When he finally gets to play it just hits me.
    5) I have one younger sister
    6) I love many foods, but BBQ (especially pulled pork) wold be my favorite
    7) 100 Bullets is an amazing series any fan of comics should check out. Deep, dark and full of twists and turns while being great to look at it checks all the boxes for a truly great piece of work.
    8) The Critic, Frisky Dingo, Mission Hill, Wonder Showzen, Seinfeld. There are many more!
    9) Recreationally I play basketball and football but I am a very avid sports fan in general.
    10) My advice would be to not give up when at first no one is reading what you’re writing. It takes a bit but people will stumble across what your doing and if you hit a nerve for them they will come back and their involvement will bring others. If people start checking out what your doing try to return the favor and read what they put out and support the community. That’s how we grow and it’s fun to do!
    11) I know it’s kind of a cop out but I love the character of Robin. Every iteration of the character has brought something different to the table while also being their own person and being the hero Batman needs in order to do what he does so well.

    Thanks again for this, it’s stuff like this that truly makes me love to write my blog!

    • Love your answers! I’ve discovered and learned about many comics through you and your blog. I like that whether someone is new to comics like me or a veteran your weekly pull lists are always inviting and informative. That’s a fantastic wedding day gift! Rudy is a great movie, Sean Astin was so good in that. It’s interesting that it’s those uplifting moments that get me too, well a big lump in my throat. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to 100 Bullets, sounds like exactly the kind of comic I’d be into. I watched a Robin documentary/featurette on Batman Under the Red Hood DVD and it has some great insight on how Robin was created and what he represented. Stuff like that makes me appreciate Robin even more.

      That’s great advice for bloggers!. Blogging does take a lot of patience, dedication and passion. I agree, taking the time to check out and support other bloggers is vital for the community. If I can turn a handful of my readers onto your blog it’ll make my day. Thanks so much for participating!

  9. Congrats and thanks for the nomination. I’ll get right on my answers fairly soon. 🙂

  10. Cool! Great answers. I’d move to England too if I could get a job there. I LOVE London! Ahah, I don’t do crazy either 😀

  11. I watched predator when I was a kid. Our family love Arnie’s movies.
    I also love blue 🙂

    It’s always fun reading people’s list.
    Congrats for the award 🙂

    Why haven’t you written new review? #JustCurious

  12. Terminator 2 is my fave Arnie movie, Predator is great too. I’ll probably do more reviews when Walking Dead Season 4 starts. I don’t have much motivation right now to be honest. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Me too! I think that’s the best terminator. But I also like his funny movies like Twins and Kindergarten cop.

      I know that feeling. I have seen a bunch of movies but none makes me want to write about it.

      • I’m looking forward to the new Terminator trilogy but it’s hard to imagine old Arnie … I like his funny movies too. True Lies was a funny action comedy too! Yeah, sometimes I don’t think I have anything interesting to say about a movie. Maybe this weekend I’ll write something new. 😉

  13. Hey, Sidekick, I wanted to let you know, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You have a great blog. Go here to check out the details:

  14. hello sidekick its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot fun kongratchoolayshuns on yore awards!!! hay that pikcher is klassik i think dada wood put it on his fone if he did not alreddy hav a pikcher of doctor who their!!! i do not no hoo doctor who is and apparently nobody else duz eether sinse he has a kwestchun in his naym!!! ha ha ok bye

  15. Welcome to Sidekick Reviews! Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from ya again soon!

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