The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 “Internment” Recap


In The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, Hershel continues to care for the sick and Rick protects the prison fence from swarms of walkers. Plus a familiar face returns!

Continue reading for a spoiler filled discussion of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 entitled “Internment”. Let’s dissect the episode!

Life Is Always A Test

I’m going to touch on a few points in this episode. This post is more of a conversation starter than a detailed recap. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. I look forward to discussing with you further.

With all the screen time Hershel is getting in this episode, I thought there’s a good chance he would die. I shouted “No!” when the walker fell on top of Hershel. I also shouted “Shoot!” when Hershel didn’t pop the head of the walker coming up the steps in front of the kids.

A good thing about Hershel living is that it says hope and compassion is a way of survival too which is a counterpoint to Carol’s way of thinking. Think of all the people who would be dead if it wasn’t for Hershel’s selfless actions. Hershel helped the sick both physically as well as mentally. If the sick saw the dead bodies get stabbed and burnt it would have disheartened their will to live.

Hold It Together

Rick’s priority is raising and keeping safe an adolescent in the post-apocalypse. Similar to how Hershel shelters the sick from what needs to be done to the bodies, Rick is protective of Carl at the beginning of the episode. He’s sheltering Carl from certain situations that might revert his son to the way he was at the end of Season 3.

Gunning down the hordes of walkers added some much need adrenaline and action to the episode. It reminded me of when the group opened the barn door and blasted all the walkers back in Season 2. It’s also a great father and son bonding moment that represents the two are in sync with one another.

Most parents can likely relate to deciding what to let their child experience and what things to protect them from. When the fence is about to go down, it’s symbolic of Rick no longer believing he has to shield Carl from the reality of their situation. Rick needs Carl’s help because no else is around but also Carl’s shown growth in his maturity.

With proper parental guidance, Carl is now responsible enough to wield a semi-automatic without fear he’ll turn into a shoot first, ask questions later type of sociopath. Rick is learning to be a hands-on parent which is different from when he lost his mind last season and left Carl on his own. It’s a nice touch that a couple of times in the episode Rick is saved, once from Carl and from Maggie chopping the walker arm.


Everybody Loves Maggie

One of my favourite moments of the episode is when Hershel tells Maggie not to take the shot because she could hit the breathing apparatus that could save Glenn’s life. In the season premiere Maggie talked about not wanting to live life in fear. Here, she fearlessly takes the bull by the horns and saves the lives of both her husband and dad. I do wonder if Maggie will have to make a choice between Hershel and Glenn by the end of the season.

The reaction from most of the group to Carol’s banishment is delayed until next episode but I’m glad to hear where Maggie stands on this issue. If Glenn had gotten sick at the same time as Karen, I believe Carol would have burned his body too which may be a thought that came across Maggie’s mind. Unlike Carol, Maggie has familial and emotional ties that keep her in touch with her humanity. This is pure speculation but if Maggie is hiding her pregnancy, it is another layer to her belief that Carol is wrong to prematurely end the lives of Karen & David.

This is a strong episode for Maggie after her notable absence in “Indifference”. The image of Maggie axing death row’s door and shooting through the prison window is the kind of strength missing from Lori and felt forced with Andrea. The tables are turned in that Maggie is not the damsel in distress. She’s rescuing her loved ones and as a viewer those moments carry an emotional weight.


Guess Who’s Back

Although not all the questions regarding the infection have been answered, the sickness storyline has run its course. What I presume is that some survivors have a natural immunity to the “flu”. Hershel got his face splattered with infected blood but never got sick. Perhaps Maggie has the same immunity as I don’t think she’ll get sick either after kissing Glenn whose mouth was lined with blood.

In an earlier recap I mentioned that for the infection to truly have an impact as a legitimate threat a core member of the group should die from it. Because I’m fairly attached to the survivors, I’m okay that Sasha, Glenn and Hershel are out of the woods. But as solid as this episode is, I kept thinking as I was watching is how I missed what the Governor injected into the show.

It’s perfectly understandable for those fans who felt that killing off the Governor at the end of season 3 would have been a natural and climatic conclusion. On the other hand, he’s a fantastic villain and I’ve seen shows kill off a great character too soon to the show’s detriment.

How the Governor will be incorporated into the story line is a big question mark? Any of the survivors with an ounce of common sense and value their life would shoot him on sight or in the case of Michonne slice him in half.

Bringing back the Governor offers a different kind of danger than the mindless zombies and viral infection. A danger that is malicious, unpredictable and deceptively clever. He has a way of psychologically terrorizing people like assaulting Maggie and causing mayhem like the deal with Rick to turnover Michonne. The Governor is on a revenge warpath and I can’t wait to see what’s he up to.

What did you like and didn’t like in this episode? Which character had the best moment?

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  1. One of the better episodes the series has churned out, in my opinion anyway. Outstanding dissection my friend :).

    • Of the viewer feedback I’ve read online, I think a lot of people would agree with you that this is one of the better episodes this season. Thanks for supporting and commenting on the blog! 🙂

  2. All of the characters that we can name were awesome — Hershel, Maggie, Carl, etc. All of the unnamed remained fodder for the millions of TV viewers craving death from their cable boxes. How do you feel the show has been handling all of the extras?

    Also, I feel that for now Rick is letting Carl be a man and less of a child, but I feel that if later on in the season if it comes to humans battling humans, and I believe that it will, then Rick will change his tune and want Carl to stay behind in the safety of the prison.

    • Aside from the sick doctor who I don’t consider is an extra because he had some good lines, the extras are exactly as you put it, fodder for the meat grinder. This has been a character focused season but realistically there’s not much time to develop the background people especially since they’re going to die anyway. The show needs “Redshirts” to portray the danger the core characters are dealing with. I do admit it’s quite peculiar seeing an extra for the first time despite them living in the prison for months only to quickly get killed off.

      Yeah, killing zombies is one thing but taking a human life is something that I’d think Rick would want to protect Carl from doing again unless it’s absolutely in self-defence. Rick needs to teach Carl how to assess a person or potential danger and decide what is the best course of action. I think Hershel started to teach Carl that back when they were in the forest.

      • Actually, I agree a bit. That the redshirts are dying shows the danger that the others are in. But it also shows how they are less vulnerable to all of the horror surrounding them. It could be rectified though, if some of them stick around longer. I’m not talking about Bob, since Lawrence Gilliard Jr. is a familiar face to my TV screen. I’m talking about one of the extra unnamed unknowns seen in the background. Ideally, I’d like to see someone we know and love go out on a run and die, only to have the extra come back to the group and relate how someone more ‘important’ has died.

        • Those that survive the infection and show their durability perhaps will get a chance to thrive and step up. I’m personally invested in the main characters who’ve proven their survival skills so it would be a tough pill to swallow to see them die over a random but I think I see where you are coming from. I think the main characters really dodged a bullet since none of them died from the infection but I’m expecting a couple of them to die later in the season and make way for new members to join the group. I think you would really like Game of Thrones and Spartacus if haven’t watched them yet because important characters drop like flies, no one is safe on those shows. 🙂

          • Haha, I love Game of Thrones — the books and the HBO series. Haven’t seen Spartacus yet, but it is on my list.

            The thing to keep in mind is that all of these extra characters SHOULD have the same set of survival skills that the other maincast characters have. They’ve been surviving in the same hellish world as everybody else. Only the writers haven’t given any of them a chance. I’m not saying that we need to know all of their backstories, but I feel like we are missing out on interesting stories that could be told.

            The same sort of thing happened with Woodbury. Take the Governor’s first girlfriend for instance. What happened to her after Andrea moved in on him? Certainly she should have been jealous and spiteful, but the TV show didn’t play that up.

            How about the woman who lost her daughter in the previous zombie attack a few episodes ago? Built in tension and personal drama from that. The show has been hinting at a character suicide, and I think that would be the perfect one to capitalize — and it would also show how much stronger Carol was to overcome her loss. (Or maybe it will be Beth who goes crazy — I’d feel alright with that.)

            Anyway, I love this show and think it is good. I just think with a few little tweaks it could be great. 🙂

            BTW — if you haven’t check out my latest post as I catalog the 15 unnamed other members of the prison group.

  3. Maggie definitely looks like Alice from Resident Evil for me now. Awesome !!
    She’s strong, she’s pragmatic but she hasn’t cut her connexion with her human part.
    I mean she’s not trying to hide or to retain her pain or her tears when all goes wrong.

    She’s my favorite character right now. 🙂
    Along with the Governor..! (okay, bad association. I give it to you !).

    The Gov is freakingly badass and his scenes are so intense. You know something bad is coming when he pops on screen. And now, his fire burns.. And he’s ready to engage.

    Herschel delivered a great episode. But I never thought he was going to die that night. In other hand, I was a bit disppointed about Glenn kicking out the death again and again..
    Seriously ? The guy is roaming around for too much in his condition. And this week ? I don’t even whant to know in what kind of blood based slime Lizzy put her foot but I’m sure that kind of stuff should definitly stay inside the human body. Glenn has done his job. I don’t think he still has something to bring. Shame on me, but I want him to clear the way so Rick and Maggie can get closer and give the world a true lil’ ass kicker !

    I mean seriously, they have some great alchemy together on screen.

    The breakout scene was great to watch but.. At the same time I realised how this show really has focused on the brain and deserted the zombie thrill picture. Thoose zombs are just here to get choped.. That scene with Grimes & son.. At a point I even asked myself if this was the moment to look for private Ryan..

    Anyway, Rick didn’t seemed that upset that 50 and coming “skin eaters” flipped his fences like sheets of papper. But you know, when he comes back from the outside, he’s making bad blood about Carl and Judith possibly deads or missing.. I’m confused. Where is the danger supposed to be ? Inside the prison or outside with billions of wild immortal zombies ?

    Whatever, the show was good and I really enjoyed the very artistic way the camera was focused and positionned all along the episode, like allways this season. Music is also a new strong aspect of the show I guess, and it’s interesting because one character said before that music was what missed him the most. Indeed, no people means no electricity and so no batteries and no power point (in your face Windows !!), so.. no radio, no music.

    I wish the show runners showed us more about what is still possible to do and what’s not in a world with no elecricity or things like we are depending of today. Please, enough meat fest ! Bring the group back in a big city !! I never thrilled like when Rick was trapped under the tank in the streets of Atlanta !

    • “She’s strong, she’s pragmatic but she hasn’t cut her connexion with her human part.”

      – That’s what I like about Maggie too. She’s tough plus she’s in touch with her emotions which makes it easy to connect with her.

      “You know something bad is coming when he pops on screen”

      – I think last season was the evolution of the Gov: from losing the eye, to losing his undead daughter and losing Woodbury. This season’s Gov is going to bring more pain and suffering to the group! I don’t know why I’m so excited for that. 😉

      “ blood based slime Lizzy put her foot”

      – I like these little clues about how messed up Lizzy is

      “Rick and Maggie can get closer and give the world a true lil’ ass kicker !”

      – Haha, I think more than a few people want Glenn to die so that Rick and Maggie can get together haha! The actress that plays Maggie bring so much to the relationship with Glenn, but the actor that plays Glenn can’t match her acting abilities.

      “I even asked myself if this was the moment to look for private Ryan..”

      – Looked like a warzone out there with bodies piling up.

      “Indeed, no people means no electricity and so no batteries and no power point”

      Maybe that’s why Beth likes to sing to everyone :). In Woodbury they had electricity. Why don’t they move there?

      “Bring the group back in a big city !! I never thrilled like when Rick was trapped under the tank in the streets of Atlanta !”

      – That was a great cliffhanger from the pilot episode. The tank is an iconic image. It would be interesting if they had to go back to the city for something where it’s crowded with walkers.

      • Sidekick, is there gonna be a break around episode 7-8 like past 2 seasons ?

        I tought they saved The Governor for this seaon’s second part so I’m a bit surprised they pulled him out his box that soon. Anyway, mega-horde is coming too. At least it’s not winter time in Zombie lands. I wondered how they would heat them up but hey.. Gov’s may have one or two tricks up his sleeves for that !

        They’ll need more pigs..

        • Hi there! Yes there will be a break after episode 8.

          I also thought they would save the Gov for the second half of the season. The infection story has died down so now’s a good time to reintroduce him. I’m guessing a mega-horde will come in episode 8. The cold slows down the walkers right? I think next episode will have to deal with the group finding out Carol is banished but after that I don’t know what the Gov is up to.

  4. Herschel. That man is awesome and I’d want him on my side if the zombie apocolypse came true. When he tossed that walker onto the metal fencing – awesome! I loved the song they were playing for Herschel, just seemed perfect. I really thought/think his time may be coming to an end. I was worried either he or Glenn were going to be killed off on this episode, but happy they weren’t.
    It’s good to see that Maggie makes smart decisions. She’s clearly her father’s daughter. Rick and Carl taking out all the walkers was a great scene too. As much as Rick wants Carl to have a normal kid life, there is no way he can. Realizing he has to trust Carl was a good moment. I hope we are getting to see a more balanced Rick now.
    Bringing the gov back now will be interesting to see how the group reacts. Clearly with Carol being gone some of them may not be on their game and the walkers are an ever present threat. Throw the crazy gov in and you’ve got danger all around, which makes for good viewing.
    Scott Gimple as a show runner seems to be doing a good job so far. The more mellow episodes have really acted as a build up for the next. The infection storyline wasn’t overly long and drawn out and moved on at a decent pace. Looking forward to see how he handles the gov.

    • I was worried as well for both Herschel and Glenn. I think it’s too soon for Glenn to die, there’s a lot of story left to tell about him. There would be a big hole missing in the group if Herschel dies. I’m glad that the writers are giving him a larger role compared to last season so far.

      Rick and Carl’s relationship is great to see this season, especially after last season where Carl didn’t believe Rick was fit to lead. I think Rick needs Carl more than he knows. I hope to see the trust they’ve established continue to be tested and strengthened.

      Now’s a great time to throw crazy Gov in the mix. There are so many forces working against the survivors it makes for great suspenseful TV.

      Last’s episodes side mission to the clinic left the prison without it’s heavy hitters and without Carol. So this week’s episode was even more suspenseful because they could only rely on themselves to get out of danger. It was nicely set up by the writers to put the prison people in genuine danger with the odds against them without making anyone look foolish. I’m glad that as the infection story hit its climax the writers know it’s time to take the show in another direction. Scott Gimple is doing a fine job and hopefully he can convince us it’s a brilliant move to bring back the Gov.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode and this season as a whole. Think they’ve put together some solid episodes with very little filler.

    I agree that Maggie has been the strong female character the show has needed and lacked. Carol seemed to be going in that direction so I was a bit disappointed that the moment she started showing some serious resolve, she was banished.

    Looking forward to what kinds of mayhem The Governor will be causing!

    Thanks for following me BTW!

    • The episodes flow into one another nicely without feeling forced and that the writers are not stalling. I like that Walking Dead isn’t a 22 or 24 episode season because the writers have to focus on the essentials, leaving little room for filler.

      I think Maggie’s character has been handled very well from the moment she was introduced on horseback and swatted the walkers head. I hope to see Carol come back, my guess is that her banishment wont last a very long time. On the other hand, it might be cool to see her join another group for a bit and learn how she fits in there.

      I’m a fan of your blog and look forward to following your posts! And thanks for commenting and discussing the show with me! 🙂

  6. The best episode of the new season so far. Let’s hope that they give something Governor, that’s more than just him being a total dick and talking in metaphors. Nice review.

  7. And he has returned!

    Still no Carole resolution, knew they’d drag it out 😀

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