Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 10: “The Bridge” Review


In “The Bridge”, Agent Coulson recruits Mike Peterson when Centipede powered super soldiers break a dangerous criminal out of prison.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 10.

Let’s Discuss the Best Moments!

Jealousy:  Oh Fitz! So you don’t like it when Simmons is making googly eyes and babbling on about somebody other than yourself? We’ve seen Fitz protective of Simmons but now he’s getting possessive in a sweet kind of way.

• The Hooded Hero Returns:  Actor J. August Richards’ nicely captures Mike Peterson’s good-nature while feeling torn over his past actions.

Guest characters on this show tend to be underwritten or merely used as a plot device. However the writer for this episode did a solid job of establishing the internal conflict of Mike Peterson and making him sympathetic to the audience. 

Having Peterson willing to crush Raina’s neck to get his son back and trying to rescue Coulson after the exchange in order to make things right are strong character defining moments.  In the end, it’s hard to fault Peterson for choosing his son over Coulson because he ran out of viable options.

Bringing back Peterson as a super powered agent adds a fresh new energy and punch to the team dynamic. I’ve gradually warmed up to Team Coulson over the first half of the season but the idea of adding more agents in the future to round out the cast has me excited at the possibilities.

According to TV Line, episode 14 will introduce two new reoccurring characters described as “an African-American agent who specializes in combat/weapons, and a high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent/munitions expert who has past ties to both Coulson and Ward.”

• Centipede: Edison Po has some interesting personality quirks like casually eating during the prison break out and only moving after being addressed as “sir”. This is a nitpick but I wish the actor played up his villainy and had more fun with the role. I want to believe this a guy who stabbed his friend in the eyeballs with a steak knife.

Ruth Negga who plays the woman in the flower dress is so good at making everything seem charming even while threatening Mike’s son. Raina recognizes she’s at the bottom of the Centipede food chain; basically she’s expendable to her unseen boss. When she tries to touch Po’s hand after learning he said nice things about her to the clairvoyant I can’t help but to think she has hidden motives. I’d like to see her move up the ranks by double-crossing Po!

The fight between the Centipede soldiers and Team Coulson is the best one on the show so far. The action sequences can still be more elaborate but it’s a great step in the right direction. Aside from the episode with the berserker staff, it’s rare to see super powered people fight on this comic book show.

I’m cautiously optimistic on the emergence of Centipede as the arch nemesis this season. I can see the potential of the Clairvoyant as an intriguing big bad but there’s not enough details to make me super excited at this point.


• The Calvary’s Quick Temper:  I liked how Agent May lashed out at Ward and Skye for letting their supposed “emotional attachments” interfere with their job when really it’s her own feelings which she is angry with.

As we find out more about May’s past, it’ll be interesting to put into perspective why she represses certain emotions and is sort of a lone wolf (or is the correct animal a cougar?). If it wasn’t for Ward’s quick explanation that he took a punch for her because it was the right strategic move rather than an emotional choice she might have pushed him away.

As an aside, these events aren’t going unnoticed by Coulson who walked in on May & Ward “sparring” and heard Skye crying in her pod. He’s got an eye on his team but doesn’t interfere when not necessary which is what a good leader does.

The “previously on clips” focussed a lot on Coulson’s resurrection but there weren’t any definite answers or concrete clues. Hopefully the next half of the season won’t drag it out too much longer.

The Cliffhangers: This episode did a good job at making me feel that the story is moving forward several steps when really there are still a lot of unanswered questions which is not a necessarily a bad thing. Who is the clairvoyant and what is this person’s end game? What exactly happened the day Coulson came back from the dead and how will this info help create the ultimate super soldier? Coulson, is that really you?

If Peterson can survive a bullet to the head then it’s possible he made it through that fiery explosion. By the way, great visuals on the explosions. Even though Ward was far off to the side, away from the team, after the helicopter fired a bunch of bullets in his direction I would have thought Skye or May would have a worried facial expression or shouted “Ward!!”. It would have made that cliffhanger more dramatic even though I’m fairly certain Ward is still alive.

The Wrap Up

“The Bridge” connected several story threads and plot elements from the previous episodes. Even though the first half of the season are primarily stand alone stories, as a loyal viewer it’s rewarding to see the pieces coming together. Coming back full circle with a strong character portrayal of Mike Peterson who was first introduced in the pilot is a good way to book end the mid-season finale. 

Aside from connecting the loose story threads, it’s plain to see that the writers are addressing some of the illogical elements of the show. For instance, Mike Peterson laughably points out that Skye joined the very spy organization she wanted to expose. Even though she joined the team to find out about her parents it’s a story line that is hard to completely invest in. There’s also a few times when characters are explaining why S.H.I.E.L.D. only sends in Team Coulson to handle these big situations when they have so much more resources and experienced personnel to spare.

Overall, I enjoyed the more stream line story; it’s one of my favorites since F.Z.Z.T. In terms of an over arching story with well-timed humour and some good action, this is what I was hoping the show was to start off with.

What do you think of this episode? What do you think of Centipede?

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  1. I think this episode was a step in the right direction. It had better pacing and deviated from the “villain of the week” plots that were getting old. I agree that it would really help them to add a few more agents. You could see the benefits of having a new face on the plane. I’m not very interested in the romance between Ward and May or Skye’s search for her parents. That’s an issue because it means I’m not gripped by their characters yet. I can’t wait to find out more about Coulson’s death, though.

    • I also enjoyed the better pacing. The story telling felt more organic especially since there were many familiar faces who were previously introduced It’s nice to get a break from the villain of the week and get into an overarching story. The addition of Mike Peterson to the team, even for one episode, showed what a new agent can bring. I’m open to the idea that once an existing agent’s story line comes to an end, they can transfer to another team or get replaced. Some characters have been making some strides but there’s still a ways to go. I also hope to find out more about Coulson’s death soon. Thanks for checking out the review and discussing the show with me :).

  2. I think… (and this is pure speculation) that the weird convict dude IS the Clairvoyant. And I think flower dress girl already knows it. I think he talks about himself (or his alternate personality) in 3rd person. When she tries to touch him with only her little pinkie and he cringes. I think that was the giveaway. Because as we know, “The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched.” Also he seemed to know about the breakout before it happened including what seat not to be seated in. But of course I could be completely wrong.

  3. I was on the fence with this series and I just didn’t care about this mid season break so I probably won’t be back for the next half 😦

    This episode has probably done the worst to represent the marvel world, completely unbelievable in everything that happened.

    Am sticking to the movies Marvel 😀

    • That’s too bad, but after ten episodes you gave the show a more than fair chance. 🙂

      Of the Marvel movies, I least enjoyed Cpt. America but after watching the 5 min elevator preview scene I’m excited for the sequel. Yeah, I’m totally into MCU!

      Are you interested in any of the upcoming Marvel Netflix series like Daredevil?

  4. J. August Richards was far better this time around and overall, this episode was another step in the right direction.
    But they have miles to go…

    • I also thought J. August Richards was better too this time. I haven’t seen him in much roles after Angel wrapped up, except for 1 episode of Arrow. Let’s hope the second half of the season can continually improve.

  5. I’ve really been enjoying your recaps of Agents of Shield this season.

    I also thought Fitz’ jealousy was cute and funny, and I love he and Simmons characters more with each episode. I would also like to see them maybe add in other team members to the regular cast, especially one or two with superpowers.

    • Fitz and Simmons are amusing together. I haven’t seen Simmons crushing on a guy like that before so it was kinda funny.

      Additional team members would be good to mix things up and fill some holes in the team. Yeah, I would like to see more super power fights!

  6. I really hope they bring J. August Richard’s Mike back, he’s much more likeable than Ward! F.Z.Z.T. has been the best episode so far but I felt like we were finally getting somewhere with the Centipede stuff in this episode. Loved the Fitz-Simmons stuff-still my favourite chracters.

    • I also hope J. August Richard’s character lives and returns to the show. I kind of think Ward is a bit jealous he wasn’t the ‘muscle guy’ in the new outfit this episode. 😉 The centipede stuff is coming together and I look forward to how Coulson factors into their super soldier plan. May is probably my favourite right now but I hope we get another Fitz-Simmons centric episode soon.

  7. I agree with commentor Mel – that the clairvoyant might be the weird convict guy. I totally thought that when watching this episode. I also liked how May lashed out. Good job of letting us get to know the character. Which seems odd given May seems to be the most private one, but I seem to like her the best (besides for Coulson of course).

    I do have to say that although I like this show, I want to love it but haven’t been able to do so. There just seems to be something missing so far. When it comes back in a few weeks it will be interesting to see how the team does without Coulson to carry them. Maybe we’ll see better development for everyone. The one character I think really needs some work is Skye. I find her so unlikebale, even though she supposedly is able to connect to people, she does not connect with me. I just find her annoying. Hopefully that will change with future episodes.

    Have enjoyed your recaps (even though I’ve been late at reading/commenting on them) and looking forward to reading more when the show returns.

    • I’m liking the theory that the clairvoyant is the convict guy. A lot of clues seem to add up. If he really is a psychic, it would be interesting because Coulson said he never encountered one before. It took a while but I’ve gradually appreciated May’s strong but silent type personality. The pairing with Ward is odd yet it keeps things interesting.

      I think the show is a work in progress. It’s still trying to find its identity and develop the characters.The stories each week while somewhat entertaining could benefit from raising the stakes and becoming a part of a bigger mythology. Based on on-line comments, I think a lot of viewers have major trouble connecting with Skye. Now that the first batch of episodes have aired, hopefully the writers can address viewer’s concerns in the future.

      Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out the recaps and commenting. 🙂

  8. Hey man, I’m practically a month late and only saw the episode I think just before the new year, but as usual I had to swing by, check out your review and then give you my thoughts on the show. 😀

    Firstly lovely review yo, you’re one of the few people still watching AoS that I can discuss it with on a near regular basis (even though I left the show for almost a month :P)

    As for the episode I thought it was pretty good with the highlights being the tie-ins to previous episodes, the return of Mike Peterson, Melinda May that explosive conclusion.

    There were a lot of moments I like, several of which you highlighted like: Simmons when she was flustered around Mike and Fitz was jealous (Simmons is dead cute), May and Ward’s moments were great especially that convo they were having and Ward saying that his movements were strategic (so cold) and they fight scene with the Centipede dudes was pretty badass, I just with there was more screen time for Mike to flex his muscles.

    While I still feel like this show could be doing so much more with the comic book source material and possibly set a better tone for the show like the Agent Carter one-shot, it definitely isn’t dead and has time to grow. I just want some clear agents vs. bad organization with full-on danger and consequences.

    Oh by the way check out my review if you have the time. 🙂

    • Hey there. The end of the year is usually a hectic time. I always appreciate whenever you find the time to stop by and comment. 🙂

      It’s nice to have some people to discuss this show with. For every fan there seems to be twice as many that can’t stand the show.

      I thought there are a number of things to like about this episode. Tying in the previous episodes is a good idea, makes things more cohesive and interesting.

      The fight w/ centipede soldiers is the best on the show so far. Having a super powered agent added a whole new level to the team and the episode. I hope to see more of Mike in the future.

      I haven’t see the Agent Carter one-off yet. I hear there is going to be a whole series featuring her character.

      I”m all for full-on danger and consequences! I also want to see Coulson’s mystery explored a lot deeper.

      I’ll definitely be checking out your review. It’s also a good refresher since the next new episode will be coming soon.

  9. A good episode I really enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the twist where it was Coulson they wanted, not Peterson. To add to the thrill in quick succesion, Peterson might have died and question marks over what happened to Ward. Leaving the team in great turmoil and me really looking forward to the next episode!

    • I also enjoyed the twist that Coulson is who they wanted. The episode did a good job of making Peterson sympathetic so when the bridge exploded I cared whether he lives or dies. Yeah, the team is in turmoil, their leader is kidnapped and Ward’s status is unknown which makes for a solid way to end the first half of the season. The next episode promises some answers on what happened to Coulson after he died in Avengers, I’d be curious to know if it meets your expectations after you watch it.

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