The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 “Inmates” Review


In “Inmates”, we find out what happened to the rest of the survivors after the prison showdown. Plus, one character makes a surprise return and a potential fan favorite is introduced to the television series.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled recap and reaction to The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 entitled “Inmates”.

Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Prisoners

“Inmates” functioned like what I had expected from the mid-season premiere. Catching up with each group of survivors through four separate yet somewhat interconnecting stories addressed the basic question of what happened after their escape from the prison. Some stories worked better than others but overall it’s a well paced episode with some good reveals on Carol and baby Judith.

At this point in the season, the story is mostly still a ripple effect from the Governor’s assault on the prison. While “Inmates” doesn’t have a clearly defined character arc like Michonne’s and Carl’s story in “After” and lacks an overt thematic element to link each of the stories it didn’t hurt the episode. Sasha’s line that “not everything has to mean something” and Bob’s “we survive to keep on surviving” can also be interpreted as a meta commentary about the episode as well as the series in general.

Dear Daryl

Because I’m a little crunched for time, I’ll briefly recap some interesting moments. This post is more of a conversation starter than a complete rundown of everything that happened.

My least favorite segment of the episode centered on Beth’s hopefulness in contrast with Daryl’s pessimistic outlook. The way Daryl snapped about how Hershel’s faith was of little use loosely mirrored how Lizzie spoke bluntly about Sasha. Name dropping Hershel is a way of bringing up what happened without actually addressing Beth’s inner most thoughts on loosing her father.

Having Beth in a “moving forward with life” frame of mind is a better direction than her catatonic phase back in Season 2. Further, Daryl is not exactly a “talking pillow” who you can express your most vulnerable feelings with. However, I do hope that when Beth reunites with Maggie, they will at least have a heart to heart about the death of Hershel. Aside from Rick’s hallucinations of Lori and some sporadic references here and there, deceased characters on the show are often swept underneath the rug.

In her voice over narration, Beth stated that writing down wishes can help make them come true so the image of ripping out blank pages and feeding them into the fire is very wistful.


Hush Little Baby

Like passing ships in the night, it’s intriguing to piece together the overlapping events between Beth/Daryl and Tryeese’s stories. Watching Tyreese play Daddy and making tough parental decisions might cause him to cut Carol some slack when he eventually finds out what she did to protect her surrogate daughters.

Yes, Carol is back and Judith is alive! Carol smartly didn’t mention her banishment to Tyreese. She definitely needs him on her side to help keep the girls safe. Even though the girls saved Tyreese in “Too Far Gone”, they are a danger to themselves and others. What was Lizzie thinking when she crossed the line between silencing and suffocating the baby?

Though there are some good surprises in this segment, one things that bugs me is how the random group of survivors by the train track is easily killed off by the walkers. How did these people live for so long without fighting skills?

Short Bus & Riot Gear

The one thing I’ll say about Maggie’s story is that while I didn’t believe the last zombie she killed was Glenn, going through the motions of killing all the bus riders/walkers ended on a powerfully acted moment. Lauren Cohan did a great job of breaking down in a ball of tears then gradually revealing her smile of joy and relief.

At times, Maggie and Glenn’s relationship has been inauthentic, contrived and soap opera like. It’s strange that when the two are apart like in this episode they have a stronger connection to me. One reason that their romance never felt right is because of Steven Yeun’s acting but I do give him a lot of credit for his strongest performance of the season so far in this episode.

Glenn’s story started off confusing to me because I couldn’t place if these events where happening in episode 8 during the Governor’s showdown or after. I thought Glenn rode off on the bus so to find out he returned is puzzling. What was also confusing is how he passed out at the end. He’s likely still recovering from the sickness or maybe he just wanted some mouth to mouth from Tara? ;). It’s Glenn’s sheer will to survive and desire to see Maggie again that drives him to put on the riot gear and power through a horde of walkers making it one of my highlights of the episode.

Walking_Dead Season 4 Abraham

“Inmates” is a fairly solid follow-up to the mid-season premiere. While the story is primarily focussed on checking in with the survivors there is set up for events that will be explored further down the line. Whatever Terminus is, we’ve seen that sanctuary – whether it be the Prison, Woodbury or Hershel’s farm is never quite as it seems at first. Also, we meet Abraham and his pals which from what I’ve heard, many comic book reading fans have been highly anticipating his introduction.

What did you like and dislike about this episode? Are you happy with the return of Carol and baby Judith?

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  1. great recap.

    Loved this episode!

    Was very happy to see what is happening with all the characters and especially happy about Judith still being alive which shows hope for the future generations.

    I was scared that she would be suffocated and when Carol walked out of the forest with Judith in his arms, I almost cried tears of joy. (was wondering when she would be back)

    I knew Glen would still be alive, even though this shows has proven time and time again that anyone is expendable.

    I’m not familiar with the comics, so I don’t know who Abraham is, but I like Michael Cudlitz and hope he is there to be helpful and not maniacal.

    Thanks for the recap. See ya next week 🙂

    • Hey Rob! You are totally correct about Judith being alive. If she died it would have been really bleak as she does represent the hope for the future generation. I noticed she’s grown fatter and with more hair!

      The WTF moment of the episode is Lizzie smothering the baby. I’m very interested in what’s going to happen next with Carol and the girls, especially Lizzie who’s has a few screws loose. 🙂

      How did Glenn end up on that broken balcony? I’m glad he’s alive, I can’t imagine they’d kill him off screen.

      I don’t know who Abraham is either. I recognize the actor though. He may stir up some drama but I also hope he’s not maniacal because they did that with the Governor recently.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the recap and commenting! Can’t wait for next week! 🙂

  2. Terrific review. I’m with you that this would have been better served as the mid-season premiere, or at least one of these story lines thrown in with Rick/Carl/Michonne.

    I think everyone expected Carol to return to the group eventually, but I was hoping for a little more climactic return. Yeah she saved the girls, but we didn’t get to see it, nor did we get to see whether Lizzie came back to reality and let loose of Judith or if Carol had to smack her or something! But, she’s back, so I can’t complain too much!

    I also thought the ease with which the walkers took down that small group by the tracks was a bit ridiculous. I don’t buy the idea of a walker sneaking up on anyone. They’re grunting, dragging feet, etc. and it happened twice this episode. Once to Beth… that should have been re-shot. Not at all believable.

    While I did like this better than the mid-season premiere I’d still just give it about 6 or 7 out of 10. I’m hoping it picks up soon and I’m very excited to see how Abraham and his group mesh with the survivors, assuming they all find each other.

    • Thanks a lot Gene!

      I missed the actress’ name who plays Carol in the opening credits so although I was expecting her return at some point I didn’t know for sure it was going to be in this episode. I also would have liked to have seen how Carol saved the girls in time and how she handled Lizzie smothering the baby. Now is a great time to bring her back into the fold, it’s a nice surprise for me.

      The small group served as plot device on a few levels unfortunately it wasn’t believable how it was handled. And it was a little too convenient how one of them didn’t die right away so he could tell Carol about the sanctuary and told her to stay on the tracks.

      I’m curious how long these groups will remain isolated or if some of them will meet up next episode. I kind of like having separate story lines right now because it gives them all something to do. I don’t know anything about Abraham in the comics. Maybe he’s from the Sanctuary? I think your score is fair, there’s definitely been a lot better episodes than this one although I liked this one too.

  3. This episode was terrible and I thought the 4 stories were put together very poorly.If this episode was the mid season premiere, I probably wouldn’t have come back to watch the following week. The mid season premiere was brilliantly put together and I actually thought the show was getting better. After this episode I see that it’s still not that great.

    • It’s interesting to hear the mixed reactions to this episode and also on the mid-season premiere. I liked the previous episode a lot too, especially because it has a well defined character arcs and Michonne is a badass. I hope the next episode is better for you. Thanks so much for discussing the show with me.

  4. Not as happy as the last two episodes, but I am overall satisfied with episode 10. I cheers for Carol and baby Judith, but the last scene, where the new characters are introduce, left me feeling meh. I think there are already too many characters in the show, but let’s see how this one will turns out. 😀

    • Episode 8 was one of the most epic on the show so it’ll probably take some time to build up to another worthy climax. I’m satisfied with episode 10 as well considering it’s primarily about seeing what the rest of the survivors are up to. I’m so glad they didn’t drag out what happened to Judith and Carol. It must be a challenge for the writers to service all these characters. I mean Bob was introduced this season but he hasn’t become a likeable character to me yet so I can see how you feel about adding more newbies. Yeah, I agree let’s see how this will all unfold. 🙂

  5. Got better as it went along, but a little too slow and obvious for its own good at times. Especially whenever Tyrese shows up. Good review.

  6. I was squirming in my seat when Lizzie began suffocating the baby. Didn’t see that coming. What a weirdo! Haha

  7. Last week’s episode was one of the best of the series. There was a lot I didn’t like in this week’s episode. Too much if you ask me. Carol appears out of nowhere. We don’t get to see what happens to the walkers attacking the kids. You’re right about the guys on the tracks dying too easy. Unless they’ve been hiding all this time, they should be better at killing dead people. Glenn got off the bus? When did that happen? Lauren Cohan’s performance on the bus is good but it’s disingenuous and meant to fool us and that serves no purpose in that reality. Could have done without it. Loved the burned out car. That burned out car that they all walk-by was the best thing about the episode. Especially since there had been a truck hiding near it the whole time. But I still want to know what happened to the mega-herd. I’m expecting it to trample through any episode now. Bring on the mega-herd.

    • The mid-season premiere is right up there for me. Both this episode and the previous one had moments that are meant to fool us but they didn’t work in the way it was intended. If Rick and Glenn die it has to be in a epic way. Although it doesn’t bother me as much, I agree with you about these fake outs. There’s also another scene which tries to build up suspense when Tryreese investigates a rustle in the bush but whenever they try too hard to sell a scare I know it won’t be as it seems.

      Although it’s good to see Carol again, a perfectly good suspenseful moment with the girls in jeopardy is cut off. It’s weird how a survival horror show is dropping the ball on this. This episode is supposed to explain what happened after the prison showdown but whatever happened to Glenn is still a mystery, he just woke up on the balcony.

      Did that truck pull up and do nothing as Tara was being attacked. I thought I heard the engine running. That mega herd from Season 2 finale was awesome, I’m also hoping to see another herd, even bigger to trample through … maybe when they get to the Sanctuary? Great to discuss the show with you!

  8. I liked this quite a bit better than last week’s. I think my least favorite of the stories was Maggie’s. That grouping didn’t really work with me too well. I liked the others though. Seeing Tyrese dealing with the kids was fun and Carol’s return adds some intrigue. Daryl’s wasn’t great, but he is my favorite character, so I still enjoyed seeing him. And Glenn had a lot to work with between the riot gear, meeting someone who was from the Gov’s group and then Abraham showing up at the end. I hope they do a good job with him because he is pretty cool from what I’ve read of the books and I love Cudlitz who has been one of my favorite actors on TV for the last five years on Southland. Great review!

    • Sasha and Bob are underdeveloped characters and they didn’t mesh that well with Maggie. Maggie is one of my favorite characters and I liked her emotional breakdown though I didn’t buy that Glenn was a zombie. I also liked Tyreese with the kids, the reveal that he was holding Judith was nice. The funny thing is that crabby, pessimistic Daryl is still likeable to me haha. Beth wouldn’t last a minute without his help.

      Yeah Glenn had a lot to do. I liked that Glenn used the riot gear because in the comics he wore it a lot too. I haven’t gotten to the part in the comics where Abraham is introduced. Good to know he’s pretty cool. I haven’t watched Southland but I recognize him from other stuff and think he has potential. Thanks Matthew!

  9. Wish I could add to the discussion but I haven’t been watching this show. Glad you enjoy it though 😀

  10. Hey dude, I know I’m a bit late to this party, but since I’ve finally watched the latest episode of this show I thought I’d swing by and check out your review yo.

    So far this TWD has been a bit of a slow start with a few reveals here and there in the last episode. But that one was a bit boring and frustrating due to Carl and his ever-annoying traits as the worst son ever. Inamtes was a lot better because of the multiple characters shown, the return of Carol and more zombie action. Like you said Maggie and Glenn’s relationship is a lot stronger when they’re apart and I prefer it that way because those two are so sappy haha. Wasn’t keen on my badass Daryl being so pessimistic and silent, him and Beth don’t make a good pairing (not him and Rick or Michonne).

    Best individual story was Tyreese and the girls. It was an interesting pairing with some funny and crazy results. But let’s talk about Lizzie, Jesus Christ! I knew she was dodgy, but my god she just took her creepy and quite frankly disturbing behaviour to new heights when she attempted to suffocate that child. Fucking devil child! If Rick or Carl found out about that they’d crucify her! she needs to be watched yo! Besides that madness it was lovely to see my lady Carol back in the game, love how she didn’t mention her dodgy dealings back at the prison to Tyreese lol. She still seem effecient and as calm as ever, hope her and Daryl can see each other evetually.

    • Hey what’s up! Never too late to swing by. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your thoughts and discussing stuff with ya.

      Focussing so much on Carl is a risk because he can easily get on the nerves. After a long wait between the mid-seasons, we finally catch up with the rest of the cast which is a highlight in itself. As for the zombie action, it’s interesting that on their own Daryl and Tryeese are complete badasses but when they have to take care of weaker characters, it realistically puts them in jeopardy. As for Maggie and Glenn (Glaggie?) their relationship drama sometimes is too forced so I like that they’re apart right now.

      We got ourselves a little serial killer in the making haha. Lizzie got her first (?) taste of murder when she shot that guy in the prison showdown. Now she’s fascinated with snuffing out the life of living things. Haha just like a Devil Child! It’ll be interesting if we get little scenes like Carol doesn’t want to leave the baby alone with the girls. I think Daryl will be less moody once he reunites with Carol.

  11. Found it dull and tedious at times, but overall, a decent enough episode. Would it make me sound like an awful person to say that baby Judith being alive was not something that make me smile? Seems more like an annoyance than anything else, yet Lizzie’s interaction with her did catch my interest. Lizzie is a very intriguing character, and likely the most interesting child character on the show.

    Was glad to see Carl take a backseat this week.

    • Haha, you’re not the first person I’ve heard who wanted baby Judith to die. She is a liability and her crying is going to attract unwanted attention. But I think a lot of fans would be terribly upset if she died. LIzzie is a strange, intriguing character. It’s going to be interesting to see what she does next. I didn’t expect Carl to show up this episode but I’d imagine he’s going to be in the new episode. Thanks so much for commenting!

  12. I loved this episode from start to finish. I really enjoyed checking in on all the various supporting cast, each group getting their own segment to shine while also featuring some overlap in locations. My favourite part would have to be the final segment with Glenn. It was so epic how he put on the riot gear, pushed his way through the zombie horde, rescued Tara, and was generally an all-around badass. I thought that was Daryl’s title! 🙂

    • I always like it when a show changes up the usual episode format. It’s good to give each group their own segment and I like how some of the overlap affected the other group. I really liked the riot gear part too. Sometimes I think Glenn is underestimated as a badass but he always steps up wherever he needs to. Daryl has his arrows, Tyreese has his hammer … Glenn has his … riot gear? 😉 Well he has Maggie. 🙂 I also liked that Tara is staying on the show and her tough personality could lead to some good interactions with Abraham.

  13. I no longer get AMC and it’s killing me!

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