Question of the Month: Heroes and Villains

Who would you cast as the Hero and Villain in an action movie? Check out the great responses from fellow bloggers, including my picks, to Oracle of Film’s question of the month post!

Oracle of Film

Here we again, with one of my growing successes on my blog. The response I have gotten this week has been through the roof, bringing several new faces to the table. People seemed to enjoy mulling over this question, which made me happy as I thought I might have gone a little outside of the box at first. However, luckily, the slow response I received were because everyone wanted to make a well-weighed decision before giving me their answers, which has meant that this Question of the Month is much more varied and precise than before (and last month was hardly a failure – anything but, in fact.)

So what was the question? I asked my fellow bloggers to imagine they were the Casting director for an action film. Who would they cast as the lead hero and the lead villain? I didn’t need a plot as of such, I…

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