The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone” Review


In “Alone”, Maggie, Bob and Sasha must decide if they will go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Beth and Daryl get split up.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled recap and reaction to The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 entitled “Alone”.


Building upon the character development and story strands of previous episodes, “Alone” gives a clearer picture of how these moving parts will eventually converge. If “Still” hadn’t established Daryl’s bond with Beth, as a viewer we wouldn’t have felt his emotional toll as strongly after she’s kidnapped. The home intruders introduced in “Claimed” take Daryl into their gang, establishing them as the villains for this half of the season. And in the final shot, Glenn discovers the map to Terminus putting his trajectory on a direct collision course with Maggie and the rest of the prison survivors.

If last episode’s character study on Daryl and Beth could be faulted for its slow pace, “Alone” dials up the bloody thrills and heart-stopping suspense. When Daryl lures a large crowd of walkers down into the morgue, its moments like this why I’m hooked on The Walking Dead. There’s no clear way out for Daryl but not only does he find a way to survive against all odds, he has the presence of mind to snatch his arrow out of a walkers head on his way out. He’s the ultimate bad-ass!

Serious Piggyback

Picking up with Daryl and Beth’s storyline right after their solo episode turned out to be a good decision because we immediately see how they have influenced each other for the better. The time taken to develop their bond in “Still” makes us understand why Daryl believes Beth represents how good people with strong morals can survive in this world. It’s a belief he’ll have to hold onto now that he’s with a bunch of dangerous hunters whose motto is “why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people”.

Daryl sitting at the crossroads is symbolic. Will he have to compromise his morals in order to stay alive long enough until he finds a way to escape from this group? If it wasn’t for Beth’s help, Daryl would still be that angry, violent man who might have been badly influenced amongst these hunters. Or maybe that dark side is always within and under the right set of circumstances it’ll emerge again.

If these hunters are behind Beth’s kidnapping, it’ll make it that much more satisfying when Daryl gives these guys the pointy end of his arrow. But the house was neatly maintained and respected the dead while the hunters are like animals so it doesn’t seem likely it was them. It’s a pretty elaborate ruse how the kidnappers first sent the one-eyed dog to the house and then the second go around sent a bunch of walkers. It does require some disbelief how all those walkers didn’t make a sound until after the front door was opened but it’s does set up Daryl’s incredible escape scene.

The Walking Dead Alone

Go To The Terminus

Like Daryl at the crossroads, the image of Maggie, Sasha & Bob in a thick blanket of fog, back to back is symbolic. They need each other in ways that may not be apparent and to a certain degree lack self-awareness.

The chemistry between Sasha and Bob in “Inmates” felt off but here their contrasting dispositions, with Bob being fearless and full of hope while Sasha is pragmatic and making some decisions based out of fear, worked a bit better than I expected, though it lacked an emotional punch. Perhaps their scenes would have been stronger had they’ve been developed more earlier in the season. Having said that, I came away from this episode with a stronger understanding of Bob and Sasha and perhaps as importantly I like these characters a little more.

Before knowing the episode title, I realized that each of the characters at one point or another are alone. It’s interesting how the writers made each character have their own perspective on what being alone meant to them. In some cases it is a choice; Sasha couldn’t acknowledge her fears, Maggie didn’t want to risk other people’s lives for what they think is a hopeless cause and for Bob it seemed like he wanted Sasha to follow him and at the same time he didn’t want to leave Maggie alone. For Daryl, it wasn’t a choice to lose Beth who is sort of like his beacon of faith in humanity.

“Alone” is an enjoyable character study on how fear, hope and faith motivates each of the survivors. It’s also good to see that the show is not saving all of its zombie killing budget for the finale, something that was lacking in some of the previous episodes. It’s hard to believe but there are only 3 episodes left in this season!

What did you like and dislike about this episode? Who do you think kidnapped Beth?

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  1. Really liked this episode. With one major exception. I thought the music at the end when the trio decides to stay together was a bit schmaltzy.

    I saw the group dynamic and struggle for leadership but not in the way they presented it. I’m not feeling the acting prowess of any of these people but the writing more than makes up for it. I was thinking either Sasha or Maggie would finally be crowned leader because Bob is so easy going but it ends with Bob as the leader… in a way because he is the passive aggressive master.

    And I guess I didn’t like the addition of Glenn at the very end. It felt forced and yet I guess it was necessary to let us know that the trio is on the right path. Loved maggie swinging that sign. Nice zombie weapon.

    Loved the Daryl & Beth stuff. I was thinking people-trap from the moment they walked in and not nice folks as Beth was thinking. Daryl should have realized. He questioned why everything was neatly stacked and not at all dusty but let his new feelings for Beth cloud his judgement. Also painting the zombies to look human is not good & nice as Beth would say. That’s crazy-pants. Sadly I’m thinking Beth is about to learn a horrible lesson about people, if it’s the paramilitary guys or just some freaked-out funeral director. And all that foreshadowing of Daryl’s death was just a trick. It was Beth who was going away.

    Good episode. Only 3 left? That’s depressing. But at least GoT is coming back.

    • I really like this episode too! I’ve always thought some of the musical choices on this show is a bit off. But my taste in music is clearly different than the show’s producers.

      I’m fan of Lauren Cohan, she’s very watchable. Having said that no one had a stand out performance this week, the writing is strong though. I like your point about the power dynamics between the characters. I remember in the season 4 premiere, I think Sasha was bossing around her older brother outside the supermarket which felt awkward. Good point about Bob’s passive aggressive behavior, he wants to get his way but uses sneaky tactics like kissing and flirting.

      I didn’t mind seeing Glenn at the end, but it would have been too much if he saw the bloody finger painting signs from Maggie so soon. I guess he represents hope, at least for Maggie, so it kind of ties the episode together. Totally loved Maggie swinging that sign too, that decapitation surprised the hell out of me! That’s my kill of the week, though Daryl had the best escape.

      You figured out the people-trap way before I did. It was weird how those people never returned to the funeral parlour at night so something was up. I love your thoughts about how Daryl should have realized and poor Beth, I can totally see her learn a most unfortunate lesson about people. That’s another cool observation about the foreshadowing of Daryl’s death, perhaps it’s a symbolic death after he looses Beth? An interesting thing about the paramilitary guys is how that scene at the crossroads sort of mirrored the opening scene with Bob. While Daryl asked 3 questions to assess Bob, the way Daryl angrily smacked that dude and was about to unleash his arrow proved that he was worthy to join their group. If Daryl didn’t act like a strong bad-ass I think those men would have killed him and took his bow.

      I appreciate your awesome insight, you have so many great points I wish I thought of. 🙂 The season is going by so fast. Oh man, I can’t wait for GoT!

      • It occurred to me after writing my comment that Glenn was in the beginning of the episode as well so I guess it’s a circle. And like you say Daryl at the crossroads is like Bob on the road at the start. Except nobody says “I got dibs on the jacket.” (that was cold). And the only person Bob killed asked him.

        And yeah I think Lauren Cohan is hot as all hell. She is my favorite addition to the show after Michonne. And she is definitely one of the better actors left. There are really only five originals left: Daryl, Carol, and the kid. With Rick and Glenn being the very first characters we meet. Feel like somebody’s going to die soon though. And it’s gonna suck no matter who it is.

        • Daryl’s got a cool jacket, if it went on Ebay I’m sure it’ll sell for mega bucks! I’m not sure If I made any sense but I think those scenes, while obviously not the same, mirrored each other to show how different those hunters are. Both Bob and Daryl are alone but then get accepted into a group. But while Bob had to prove he’s a good person by explaining why he killed someone before joining the prison, Daryl proved he was a bad-ass, almost killing the dude, in order for the hunters to accept him.

          From the moment Maggie rode in on a horse and swatted that walker in Season 2, she’s awesome. I first saw Lauren Cohan as a vampire with her natural english accent in The Vampire Diaries, so it was neat seeing her transform into this southern girl on TWD. This half of the season I’m growing a bit more attached to even the supporting characters. It’ll be harder to lose someone now, but I’m also excited for it. 🙂

          • They have definitely let us get to know the people left. A lot more than in past seasons. I understood what you meant by the way that both clans decide on who can join. None of those paramilitary guys would have passed the groups question test but in my opinion, both Bob and Daryl would have been accepted into either group. Daryl really doesn’t care who he’s running with and neither does Bob. I like that the area they are in has multiple roving gang factions. (our heroes, the bad guys, small herds and the mega herd) all criss-crossing across train tracks on the road to Terminus. It’s like a western.

  2. Finally! Now it seems as if we’re getting somewhere! I like it, although I am still weary of the same episodes just being dedicated to two or three characters. Especially with three episodes left. Nice review.

    • I feel pretty satisfied seeing the season progress, especially Daryl’s story line is shaping up nicely. I’m actually looking forward to an episode on Carol, Tyreese & the girls but I agree there’s still a lot of ground to cover with so few episodes left. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. I thought Beth abandoned Daryl the moment she saw a car. I’m glad she was kidnapped, because that would have been a abruptly drastic and terrible change of character.

    And Bob is quickly growing into one of my favorite characters. But what a fight scene from Daryl!

    • That scene was very dark and it was hard for me to make out it was Beth’s backpack on the ground. Like you, I imagine it would be out of character for her to abandon Daryl especially after what they’ve been through.

      I like seeing the more optimistic side of Bob but he has a ways to go before he’s one of my personal fave characters. 🙂 OMG, that scene with Daryl is jaw dropping awesome! Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. What the hell happened to Beth, that was quick and unexpected. And as for Bob I have this

  5. I’ll give this episode some credit for making me like Bob more who I was never a fan of. I’m also glad him, Sasha and Maggie are back together by the end. I was getting angry at the TV screen telling Sasha to go with Bob, but I guess her stopping made her find Maggie, so it was good in the end.

    The Daryl fight scene was pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see this all these different threads converge.

    • They threw in Bob at the beginning of the season and now were getting his introduction to the group haha. His most memorable moments weren’t good ones – getting people killed at the supermarket and not getting medicine at the clinic. He’s more likeable here.

      Yeah, all three of these went off on their own at one point and it was clearly the wrong decision but I’m glad they got back together. Loved Daryl’s fight scene too! I wonder when the survivors will meet up?

  6. I do not like this specific focus thing, considering it is near the end of the season but feels kind of like…nothing has happened. I don’t know…it is weird. Not to say I am not enjoying it, but certain things seem all over the place. Characters are being built, ignored, built three weeks later and it just seems like one big mess at times.

    I am enjoying Bob as a character though. He is really coming out of his shell, despite how I do find it odd that his drinking habit angle was kind of just forgotten about.

    • It is kinda of weird how Carol was reintroduced and then we haven’t seen her since, plus Tyreese has been in only one episode so far. I don’t mind how everything’s all over the place, I’m enjoying each of the episodes though I can see how there’s been a slow story progression.

      I liked seeing the contrast between Bob in the flashback and the present. I think they’ll bring up his alcohol rehab again, but it was odd it wasn’t brought up in a conversation in this episode.

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