Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 15: “Yes Men” Review


In “Yes Men” Jamie Alexander’s Lady Sif arrives on Earth to help the Agents track down a deadly seductress named Lorelei.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 15.

Let’s Discuss What Happened!

Yes Men: Aside from the brief but funny cameo by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), there has not been guest stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossing over into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. until “Yes Men”. Even though it’s a shared universe and there is a lot of name dropping, the show needs to stand on its own feet by establishing the Agents first before bringing in the heavy hitters.

“Yes Men” avoids feeling like a gimmick because the core story is built around the guest stars and is an off shoot of the prison escape in Thor: The Dark World all the while never losing focus on the Agents. The mystery of the blue alien from “T.A.H.I.T.I.” is still at the forefront as both Coulson and Simmons try to find answers. At the same time, as a result of the guest stars presence, May and Ward’s relationship is pushed to the breaking point after the woman of Ward’s affection is revealed.

Lady Sif: So how did the Asgardian goddess warrior fair slumming it out with mere mortals?  I never get tired of Lady Sif kicking in doors, tossing guys around like a garbage bag or hanging on the outside of the Bus. It’s great to see her in action!

To a lesser degree, her interactions with the agents lacked a kinetic spark. This could be due to her exposition heavy dialogue. Although I like her one on one scenes with our agents, the context of the conversations are really about Coulson digging for answers on the blue alien and May’s feelings about Ward. We get a better sense of who Sif is with her scenes with Lorelei, a fellow Asgardian who can push her buttons while hinting at some intriguing back story to flesh out her character.

I like Lady Sif the best when we can see her anger simmering on the surface although I never doubted that Lady Sif would let Lorelei live. The line about bringing Lorelei back alive by the orders of Odin is amusing considering the end scene in Thor 2.  I’d definitely be excited if Sif returns as a guest character, it’s a good thing to leave viewers wanting more.


Lorelei: Actress Elena Satine did a good job as a sultry vixen who can control the will of men. Her backhand swipe that sent the guy flying into his “just married” car quickly establishes her as a major threat. After Sif described Lorelei’s abilities, Ward should have known better than to get close enough for her to touch him but maybe her voice was too irresistible. As for Lorelei sleeping with Ward under her control, if their positions were reversed would we think Lorelei should be so lucky to be with a muscular, handsome spy agent?

May & Ward: The relationship between May and Ward is a curve ball I didn’t see coming but it’s been a refreshing part of the show. I loved when May punches Ward in the face even after learning Lorelei’s spell on him is broken, it’s a funny yet serious moment. However, I’m not excited that Ward’s true feelings are for Skye even though their chemistry has gotten better since the early episodes. Another aspect I’m not excited about is May spying on Coulson. Like how Skye was supposedly spying for Rising Tide, May’s actions is likely not as it seems.

Agents Of SHIELD S1X15

The Wrap Up

By Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s standards, “Yes Men” is fun, action filled episode. Lady Sif adds a kick ass presence to the team and it’s fun seeing Lorelei cause mayhem in her quest to conquer the world. While I’m apprehensive about a possible love triangle between Skye, Ward and May the show handles relationships quite well so I’ll keep an open mind for the time being. As for the mystery driving this half of the season revolving around Skye & Coulson’s resurrection, let’s hope the pay off is as big as the show is making it out to be.

What did you like or dislike about this episode? Are you a fan of Jaime Alexander’s Lady Sif ?

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  1. This by far was my favorite episode this season. Very enjoyable and it had some of the humor that I loved from the first Thor movie. Completely agree that the show needed to establish the agents before bringing in any outside, awesome, characters. Loved Lady Sif and even thought Lorelei was great (even though she’s a “baddie”). Jamie Alexander portrays that subtle regalness you expect, so she’s awesome to me. I thought it was so funny when Fitz got excited at the mention of an Asgardian and immediately thought Thor. Even though I knew it wasn’t Thor, I got excited too at the mention of the Asgardians 🙂 (and how funny was it that Lady Sif said “Phil, son of Coul” ha!).

    Great point about thinking the same way if things were reversed between Ward and Lorelei! Most likely that would have been seen in a much different light. Loved when May punched Ward as well. I’m really not on board with Ward’s feelings being for Skye. Agree their chemistry has improved but I don’t see how the group dynamic would improve if Skye and Ward got involved. I can see stupid things happening. Interested to see where they go with May possibly being a spy angle. I don’t quite buy it that she would do that to the team, much less Coulson.

    I’m still not a fan of Skye. I was hoping her personality would be changed a bit, like Coulson seems to be a different person after Tahiti, but no such luck. Such a great episode this time, hopefully future ones can keep the same tone and be as enjoyable.

    • This episode paves the way for more MCU characters to guest star. I really liked Lorelei too, even though she’s a baddie I kind of felt a little sympathy for her after learning she was imprisoned for a millennia while being collared so she couldn’t speak. Hehe, I got excited when Ward name dropped Loki, he’s my favorite Asgardian. 🙂 Lady Sif deservedly got a grand entrance. I liked her line about “Phil, son of Coul” too, it took me a second to get it, I was going to use that as one of my discussion point headers.

      I liked when they dropped the Ward and Skye build up early on because it felt forced. This could get messy and complicated besides, I like May and Ward as an item. I think May is reporting to Fury or someone that cares about Coulson, I don’t think she’s a double agent or working for the Clairvoyant. She does genuinely care about Coulson, at the same time it’s interesting that all her questioning can be seen in a different light.

      It seems like Coulson is holding back on why he didn’t want to give the drug to Skye. Yeah Skye is the same old Skye. I haven’t watched next episode’s preview but I would think the drug will effect her one way or another, if not her personality then physically. We’re in a good run of episodes lately, let’s hope the show can keep it up.

  2. I felt like the pacing of this episode (and last week) was a lot better than earlier in the season. We know the characters well enough now, and they’re clearly more comfortable playing off each other. I wasn’t thrilled by the main story, though I think both actresses did a good job as Sif and Lorelai. The May revelation was a surprise, though I agree that she’s probably just working for Fury and not a villain. I am back on board to keep watching it; I was really wavering earlier in the season.

    • That’s a great point about the pacing, this episode’s pace is really good. The chemistry between the characters is more natural and at ease too. I liked the story but I was hoping for some twist or unexpected development but the guest stars were well utilized. I hope the May revelation gets wrapped up quickly instead of drawing it out. The recent episodes are quite good, glad to hear you’re back on board. Thanks so much for commenting`

  3. When do they say that Ward’s feelings are for Skye? Personally, I feel that he is in love with Simmons. He treats her better than everyone else. She nurses him back to health. And the “triangle” would be with her, him and that rival agent he fought last episode. Unless I missed the part where he actually says that it’s Skye. I’ve only watched the episode once. They visually imply that the other girl is Skye by showing her right after any talk of this mystery woman at the start of the next scene but in every one of those scenes Simmons is there too. I could be totally and hilariously wrong but visual clues that blatantly obvious and ham-fisted are usually misdirections. Great guest actors of late with Jamie Alexander and Bill Paxton. I hope they can get Samuel L. for a full episode. Maybe the two-part season finale (just speculating). Great episode.

    • You’re right, Skye was never named as the one. You could be picking up on a lot subtleties that I’ve overlooked, especially since I don’t really watch this show for the romantic relationships. To be honest though, I never got a vibe that Ward had a thing for Simmons. Let’s say that Ward does feel for Simmons, I haven’t seen her express feelings for him like she did for Mike Peterson and Fitz. But the show has thrown curve balls before so who knows? I’m looking forward to Bill Paxton returning, his character is very cool. It would be awesome to get Samuel L for a full episode or two, sign him up! I also can’t wait to see Cap 2 which he’s a part of!

  4. Victor De Leon

    Watching this tonight! Can’t wait. Great recap and review, Thanks!

  5. Hopefully with Sif’s popularity growing, she’ll finally be given a bigger part in Thor 3.

  6. I’ve stopped watching SHIELD but I might look out for this one. I love Jamie Alexander’s Lady Sif. Great recap here, thanks!

  7. Hye man great review, obviously since you dropped by my blog I thought I’d swing by here and comment on your review.

    As you know I liked this episode a lot, but I don’t think it is the best that has come so far, however it is the best use of Marvel characters outside of th show in my opinion. The fact that we got so much time with Sif almost makes up for the fact that she doesn’t have a One-Shot already, although after seeing her here I would LOVE to see Sif and the Warriors Three in one anyway because it would be awesome and they have the enough power to carry a film without Thor too.

    Like you said I like how the blue guy from the last episode was still at forefront of the story and while I too am not in love with the idea of Skye and Ward because I thought the knocked that potential relationship when he started sleeping with May, it will be interesting to see how they address that in the future. I hope it isn’t too cheesy though. As for May listening on Coulson at the end of the episode I thought it was a little interesting, if we’ve learnt anything since The Avengers, on this show or even in the trailer for the upcoming Captain America 2, S.H.I.E.L.D. has secrets so it isn’t all that surprising that there’d be double-crossing going on in the bcakground.

    • Hey man, I always enjoy checking out your reviews, comparing notes and getting your take on what happened.

      I totally feel the same way that’s it’s not the best so far but it’s the best use of Marvel characters outside the show. That’s why I tried to be a little careful in not showering this episode with superlatives, though it was a lot of fun. Let’s hope Marvel is listening so we’ll get to see more of Lady Sif and the Warriors Three in one form or another. Lady Sif is under utilized in Thor movies but I get that Thor’s story is going to revolve around Loki and Jane Foster.

      Instead of introducing an interesting element one episode, then forgetting about in the next, it’s good that the mystery of the blue alien is still be investigated while the writers have some big guest stars to service. If they didn’t already tread familiar ground with the supposed double agent thing with Skye, then maybe I’d be more excited with May spying. May’s story will likely have some unexpected twists and turns, so it could be turn out good especially if we get to find out more about her.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  8. Great write-up! This was a fun, solid episode, and I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is really starting to hit its stride. It was fun seeing Lady Sif in a guest role. Her presence didn’t feel like a gimmick, and I enjoyed seeing her interact with Coulson’s team.

    I’m glad you mentioned the line about Sif following Odin’s orders. Considering “Odin” is probably actually Loki, I wonder what Loki’s motives were for wanting Lorelei captured. Does he see her as a threat? An ally?

    Agent Ward and Agent May’s relationship continues to get more interesting and more complicated. It’s supposed to be no strings attached, but I think they’re going to have a tough time keeping emotions completely out of it. I’m still not sure I want to see a relationship between Ward and Skye; I’m still not really feeling the chemistry there. I’d rather the show throw us another curve ball, something we’re not expecting.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode. I almost quit watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but I’m glad I stuck it out. The show has had a good run of episodes recently. 🙂

    • Lady Sif is utilized really well which made for a solid hour and also paves the way for future episodes with MCU characters.

      I liked the “Odin” reference too, it makes me wonder what’s Loki is up to. I would love if the god of mischief finds a way to use Lorelei’s abilities to his advantage some how.

      That’s a good point, it’s supposed to be no strings attached yet May is clearly emotional ie. angry/hurt. I feel the same way about Ward and Skye. A possible curve ball could be that Skye isn’t the one Ward has feelings for. The show is doing well without complicating their agents’s story lines with messy romantic entanglements, let’s hope they don’t start now. Having said that, Simmons and that new agent could be nice.

      After the character set up in the early episodes, we’re finally getting some pay off. Plus, it seems there’s a clearer direction and better balance with the way mysteries are handled. I’ve haven’t seen next episode’s preview yet but I’m also feeling good about the direction of the series based on these bunch of recent eps. 🙂

  9. Great commentary. And totally agreed. Sif was better developed here than in either Thor flick, and I hope to see more of her. I’m suspending judgement on Ward’s feelings for Skye.

    • It’s a good change to have Sif as the focal point of many scenes, where as in Thor movies, I keep thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice to see more of her?”. Thanks so much and appreciate the comments.

  10. I enjoyed the appearance of the two ladies from Thor’s world, but I agree that the character of Lady Sif lacked chemistry with the SHIELD agents. Of course she’s a warrior from a different world altogether and bears regal mannerisms, but I don’t know, I feel she just didn’t gel. Off topic, but Jamie Alexander’s portrayal of Lady Sif makes me think of Wonder Woman, she would make a great Wonder Woman. I wish they would bring her back already, haha!

    Lorelei’s scenes were far more entertaining and fluid to me. The latter’s sleeping with Ward was a surprise, and it was funny seeing May’s jealous glare as she realized what happened. I think she cares for Ward more than she’s willing to admit even to herself.

    Previously I had thought Ward+Skye would make a better match than Ward+May, even though when Ward and May started a relationship that was a great and entertaining surprise. But now that it seems the writers will now explore Ward+Skye, I realised I don’t really care haha, and I think this is because I’ve realised I still have not warmed up to Ward, or maybe the actor portraying him.

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode.

    • A fun episode with two Asgardian ladies! The action stuff with Lady Sif is good but her interactions with the team could have been better. Jamie Alexander was a fan favorite to play Wonder Woman compared to some of the other actresses but I don’t she was on the short list since she’s signed up with Marvel.

      I also think May cares for Ward more than she’s letting on. I like that she’s not the type of character to show her vulnerability, instead she gives the glare and punch to the face haha.

      In the early part of the season Ward+Skye scenes weren’t that interesting to me. What I do like is the writers don’t go the obvious route when it comes to relationships. Ward is a hard to like character, he hasn’t done much to win fans over at this time point. Glad to hear you really enjoyed this episode!

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