Game Of Thrones: King Joffrey’s Top Ten Worst Moments

HBO’s Game Of Thrones: King Joffrey’s Top Ten Worst Moments

Spoilers Ahead for HBO’s Game Of Thrones, including Season Four’s “The Lion and The Rose”.

Game Of Thrones fans have taken their love of hating King Joffrey to another level. It’s become an amusing phenomenon.

The hate-fest started soon after the second episode when gifs and videos of Tyrion face-slapping Joffrey popped up on the internet. More recently in HBO’s promotion of Season Four, #RoastJoffrey was billed as the world’s first social media comedy roast of the most hated character on television. Take a look at the compilation video below of the best slaps and funniest tweets including “Joffrey is actually High Valyrian for douchebag.”

To top it all off, Sky TV in New Zealand created a fun campaign for fans to topple a seven meter tall statue of Joffrey. When fans tweeted using #bringdowntheking, a rope around the King’s neck gradually lowered the statue until it fell over.


King Joffrey’s Worst Moments

Some of things that come out of Joffrey’s mouth are preposterous – “I’ll give him (Stannis) a red smile from ear to ear.” Other times, it’s loathsome – “I’ve considered making his (Renly’s) perversion punishable by death.”

A lot of credit goes to Jack Gleeson for his convincing portrayal of a vile, despicable monster which made it hard for some fans to separate the character from the actor.

Now that the vicious idiot boy king is finally dead, let’s take a look back at how Joffrey became the most despised, fictional character on television.

• Inciting A Riot –  “Kill them, kill them all!”

After getting hit in the face with a perfectly thrown cow pie, Joffrey’s temper tantrum ignited a deadly riot. The starving and impoverished city folk were already fuming with rage, but Joffrey’s cry to kill them all pushed them to the point of literally ripping off limbs. If it wasn’t for The Hound, Sansa would have been raped and left for dead.

 Forcing Ser Dontos To Drink To His Death – “See that he drinks his fill”

Joffrey came close to choking Ser Dontos by forcing the drunk knight to drink a barrel of wine, saved only by Sansa’s quick thinking. Is it poetic justice then that Joffrey choked to death from the poison in his wine or would you have preferred something more diabolical?

 Abandoning The Battle of Black Water – “What would you have me do? What did my mother say exactly?”

The city gates are about to fall and what does Joffrey do? He runs back to his mommy leaving Tyrion to lead the defense against Stannis’ assault. We later learned that Joffrey arranged for Tyrion’s assassination during the battle. Joffrey’s distorted ego rears its ugly head again in his talk with Jamie Lannister in “Two Swords” when he takes credit for saving the city and winning the war.

 Terrorizing Sansa  – “My lady’s over dressed, unburden her.”

From partially stripping Sansa of her clothes in front of the court to threatening to serve Robb’s head to her, Joffrey is one sadistic little sh*t. On Sansa’s wedding night, Joffrey takes it a step further by describing how he’ll rape her while his guards hold her down. 

 Cutting Off The Singer’s Tongue – “Tell me, do you favor your fingers or your tongue?”

Joffrey’s merciless cruelty knows no bounds after punishing Marillion for the sing-song jest about his parents – “the lion ripped off his balls and the boar did all the rest”. It’s chilling as Ser Ilyn Payne puts the hot pinchers on Marillion’s tongue and then the sound of the blade cutting through flesh is heard.

 Cross bowing Ros & Beating Up The Whores – “Happy name day, your grace.

Tyrion’s name day present for Joffrey didn’t turn out as hoped. Joffrey’s a psychopath for getting his thrills by sexually torturing the whores and later for putting arrows through Ros after she’s discovered as a spy.

 Causing The Death Of The Butcher’s Boy – “I wont hurt him … much.”

From the beginning, Joffrey’s been a snivelling coward. Power tripping over Michah, the butcher’s boy, and then getting beat up by Arya Stark – what a whiny knucklehead. As a result of Joffrey’s lies, Michah is killed by the Hound, Lady is euthanized by Ned and Arya is forced to part ways with her wolf Nymeria.

 Forcing Sansa To Look At Ned’s Head On A Spike – “This one’s your father.

This deserves it own special mention as a part of terrorizing Sansa. It doesn’t get much more depraved than forcing Sansa to look her father’s and septa’s severed head. Still, Sansa manges to defiantly reply “Or maybe he’ll give  me yours” after Joffrey promises to bring her Robb’s head. Just when you think there is a shred of redeemable quality to Joffrey when he says “A king should never strike his lady” he gets his guard to beat Sansa in the face.

  Slaughtering Robert Baratheon’s Bastard Children – “Kill the bastard.

Robert Baratheon’s lusty loins sure gets around. Add infanticide and mass murder to Joffrey’s list of abominable acts.

 Executing Ned Stark – “So long as I am your king, treason shall never go unpunished. Sir Ilyn, bring me his head!”

Calling for Ned’s head is Joffrey’s dumbest moment. He could have used Ned as a bargaining chip to put a stop to the fighting, instead he perpetuated the War Of The Five Kings.

What would be on your list of Joffrey’s most evil moments?  Are you pleased with the way Joffrey died?

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  1. He has so many evil moments, it is hard to choose which is the worst. I guess I will go with killing Ned, but even things that may appear smaller like Lady getting killed because of things he did really make my blood boil too. Gleeson really was fantastic as Joffrey. Really brought the character to life on screen. I thought the death looked fittingly gruesome on TV. Fun blog!

    • Joffrey’s most evil moments are almost exactly the same as what he did in the books but watching Gleeson’s portrayal made it that much more loathsome. Yeah I think executing Ned is at the top of the list too. I feel the same way about Lady and what he did to Mycah.

  2. Horrible loathsome little toad. Can’t wait to watch him get his just desserts tonight.

  3. Such a little douche, excellently played by Jack Gleeson. What will he do next?

  4. The scene on the roof, making Sansa look at Ned’s head has always been the apex of Joffrey’s cruelty to me. All of his terrorism of Sansa is awful but that is just a gut punch. But his treatment of Jaime in the season premier was also just ugh. (But we’re entering the stretch of the story where Jaime is my favorite character…so there’s that.)

    • Sansa’s been Joffrey’s whipping post time and again, yeah out of all the terrible things he’s done to her that roof top scene is the cruellest. Jamie is one of my favorite characters too, what a turn around from Season 1 and 2. I didn’t like how he was treating Jamie either, though I liked the way Gleeson delivered his lines.

  5. Great list. I love the little shit! Always look forward to seeing him onscreen. I loved the episode where he was freaking out and Tyrion just slapped him right in the face!

  6. So many bad moments to choose from! I think terrorizing Sansa is one of the worst. He sees she’s a bit weak and, like a typical bully, attacks those weaker than him. The killing of all of Robert’s bastards is pretty bad too. Especially considering the fact he’s a child of incest! Was happy to see Joffrey come to end. Not the epic, vengeful death I had imagined/hoped for, but an end none the less.

    • Joffrey has racked up quite a list of horrible moments! Poor Sansa, yeah Joffrey really has it out for her, He’s a bully picking on someone who can’t really stand up for herself. Joffrey’s a bastard himself, he’s so clueless. I guess if one of the Starks killed him it would have been extra satisfying, though most of them are dead or in another part of the continent. Sansa had her chance to push him off the roof but the Hound stopped her.

  7. I have to say forcing Sansa to look at Ned’s head on a stake was the worst! Cool list! GOT fans unite!

  8. In the book it was actually Cersei that had the bastards killed, they sure liked giving Joffrey the blame for her crimes a lot in the show. He was just all around an evil person, poor Ros :/

    • Cersei is a nasty piece of work … I love it! She’s so fascinating, I love her scenes with Tyrion. Joffrey is pure evil, no redeeming qualities whatsoever which made his character fun to hate.

  9. Great choice of moments, I believe that Joffrey is one of, if not the worst bad guy in the history of TV. There is no limit to his villainy, his cruelty and cowardice. I truly hate the guy and some of the stuff he’s done makes me cringe yo. This latest episode was painful to watch, like when he made people watch that play with the dwarves or when he was a cunt to Tyrion. Thank the lord he died, that made my day. Didn’t see it coming, but I felt so much joy in my heart, but then felt so much fear and worry for Tyrion.

    • Thanks a lot! I think you nailed it; all of the worst aspects of humanity or lack of, is rolled up into one oozing douchebag of a character. Joffrey was so mean to Tyrion. Tyrion loves to read books and gave one to Joff like an olive branch. It was weird when Joffrey said thank you, something I don’t think I ever heard him say, then after he got his new sword basically said f.u. to Tyrion. Tyrion is in a tough spot after getting arrested, he can’t talk his way out of this one. 🙂

  10. Nice list. How crazy is it that you could have added another 10 and still not be finished? For me his worse moment was fittingly his last episode when he was bullying Tyrion, the singers and anyone else who didn’t smile and go along with his wretched behavior at the wedding.

    Kicking the goblet away from Tyrion was so truly terrible to me because even when he should be fully enjoying his moment he doesn’t ever get his true kicks unless he’s being awful to someone else.

    • Thanks man! After coming up with this list I still feel like there’s even more evil moments I could include. The wedding scene would be a great one to add. Joff is pissing off every one from Loras to Sansa, but especially bullying Tyrion.

      Joff’s humiliation of Tyrion in front of all the wedding guests is terrible. On top of that getting small people to parody the war was a deliberate insult to Tyrion. Even in his dying moment, he put the blame on Tyrion … it’s going to get worse for our favorite imp.

  11. So what you are saying is that a dude who loves villains should start watching Game of Thrones? I heard so many great things about this dude but never actually looked into the show. So much catching up to do….

    • Oh man, if you love villains Game Of Thrones has quite a few that do some horrific things. This dude is pretty much the most hated character on TV. On the flip side, there are great characters to root for too. Definitely worth catching up, I can’t recommend it enough.

  12. Excellent list. Gawd Joffrey was terrible! So, so glad he’s gone. Although I’m sure someone equally wretched will come in to take his place…sigh. :/

  13. I was so happy when Joffrey died…I actually laughed out loud and then cheered a bit. Then I had to take a second and be like wait…I just cheered because someone died?! lol But he was such a terrible person, that it is a relief that he died! And definitely got what he deserved!

    • Haha, that so funny! I watched it with someone who didn’t know what was going to happen and he gave a “yeah!”. Joffrey finally got his just desserts. After a lot of “good guys” died, it’s nice to know that the “bad guys” aren’t safe either.

  14. Haha, really its funny……

  15. What a great collection of dumbass, super-evil moments. I think my “favorite” ones were the cowpie riot and decapitating Ned Stark. Also, that “Roast Joffrey” video is hilarious: “YOU’RE TALKING TO A KING!!!!”

    • Of Joff’s many dumbass moments, I don’t think the cowpie riot gets mentioned enough haha. In putting together the list, I found it funny how often Joff says, “my mother tells me that …” In another scene, Tyrion has a great comeback line … “and kings are dropping like files.”

  16. I think the worst moment by far is when he decides to have Ned Stark executed anyway, they had the whole plan laid out: let Ned confess, pardon him, he goes to the Wall disgraced forever, but at least he’s alive. But noooo, the stupid brat couldn’t follow instructions could he? I was so glad to see him go, though honestly I’d been hoping for a slightly more violent demise (dragon fire would have been good).

    • Hi there and welcome to my blog! That moment is burned into my memory, I remember getting off the couch and standing in front of the TV because I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. I thought someone might save poor old Ned. Yeah, the poison effect was gross but something more violent would have been fitting. Haha, yes dragon fire would have been sweet. 😀

  17. I hate how much I actually miss King Joffrey, great post! Would you be interested in sharing this (and any other posts you like) with our readers on

    • Thanks for your interest, I would like to keep these posts on my own blog.

      • Hey Eddie, thanks for the response! I wouldn’t be asking you to remove them from your blog. You would be able to publish them on our site under your own name and we would promote them after that. Naturally you can link back to your original site.. Still, if this isn’t the kind of thing that interests you no hard feelings! Thanks for your time.

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