The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 “Consumed” Review

The Walking Dead Consumed

In “Consumed”, Carol and Daryl follow the car with the white cross to Atlanta, putting them one step closer to finding Beth.

Everything after the break will contain spoilers and a discussion of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6.


Five seasons into The Walking Dead, beyond the gruesome kills and shocking turn of events, it’s the evolution of the characters that keep me invested in the show.

Carol and Daryl have had significant character development over the seasons and Consumed highlighted their ongoing evolution succinctly.

Consumed is a confident episode in that the characters we’ve come to care about carried the story.  The story itself is more of a framework that functioned to piece together the cliffhangers from episode 3 & 4 along with providing some solid character moments.

Burned Away

The dynamic between Carol and Daryl has always been intriguing in that there is no romantic tension between them rather there is a shared understanding of each other as former victims of abuse.

As an act of compassion, it was thoughtful of Daryl to burn the bodies of the mother and daughter turned walkers and in a way they represented that Sophia and the pre-outbreak version of Carol no longer exists.

The through line of Carol’s flashbacks involving fire summed up her belief that “everything now consumes you”. As much as the zombie apocalypse has forged her into a strong survivor – the person she believed she ought to be – to some degree it has chipped away at her humanity.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6

We Ain’t Ashes Yet  

As harsh as it may sound, Carol shot Lizzie because it was the pragmatic thing to do.  And after Daryl prevented Carol from shooting Noah in the leg, she gives a number of pragmatic reasons why she was willing to endanger the kid’s life.

But when Noah was trapped under the bookshelf, there was no reason for Carol to save him other than compassion. So whether it was unintentional or not, Daryl helped Carol get back a piece of her humanity that she thought might have been lost for good.

Carol and Daryl make for a great team in how they keep each other in check when the other is about to cross the moral line. Not only are they very different from who they once were but are different from each other. It’s funny how Daryl described the painting in the office as being made from a dog’s ass while Carol liked it.

In my “Slabtown” review, I described Noah as the only decent person in the hospital so I was a bit surprised to see him in this episode in a different light when he robbed Carol and Daryl of their weapons.

The action centerpiece involving the ambulance was entertaining though I’m not sure how realistic it was for it to somersault in the air, land perfectly upright on its wheels and have Daryl escaped uninjured. Carol on the other hand is not having luck with vehicles in this episode.

“Consumed” had a measured pace and solid scenes featuring two fan favourite characters. Daryl hasn’t had much to do in this season so far, so it’s good to put him back in the spotlight.  Further, after lots of fan speculation two mysteries have been addressed: Noah is the person in the bush from the end of episode 3 and Carol wasn’t faking an injury to infiltrate the hospital.

The groundwork is nicely laid for a confrontation between Rick’s group versus the hospital and rescuing Carol & Beth. This set up is a little reminiscent of the mid-season 3 finale when Rick’s group attacked Woodbury and rescued Maggie & Glenn but I would think the writers will throw in a twist or two.

What do you like or dislike about this episode?

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  1. The only thing I’d say I disliked, and it’s not even really a strike against the episode, is that there were few surprises, given how this episode took place before and at the same time of “Slabtown,” so we knew Carol would end up in the hospital and Noah would run into her and Daryl at some point. That said, this was a great episode. I find the show to be at its strongest not with walkers, but just conversations. Like Carol shooting Lizzie, I don’t think there are any good or straight decisions to make anymore. The more is much more black and white and they’re just surviving. Carol and Daryl have been through a lot and their bond that’s grown since Season Two really had time to develop more this week. The two, like everyone else, want to hold onto their humanity, but with so many impossible decisions to make, you lose yourself.

    • Yeah, there weren’t many surprises as we know that Daryl makes it back to the church and that Carol ends up in the hospital. I didn’t expect Noah to meet Daryl and Carol in that way and when the car ran over Carol I was like “whoa!”. I enjoyed the interaction between Carol and Daryl, they have a bond that’s been great to watch over the seasons. Yeah, it wasn’t an easy decision to shoot Lizzie, Carol had to weigh her options and it’s eating her up inside for what she did.

  2. Howdy there friend, cool review as always man. This was certainly an interesting episode and I appreciated it for the character development of Carol and Daryl. What surprised me is the difference in their relationship or at least how I percieved it. I thought that those two were always on the same page and while not the same in personality, they were at least similar as badass people and kind of outsiders of the group, but this episode really demonstrated how much they really knew about each other and how different they are. Also while they’ve never officially shown interest in each other, I believe that there have been moments that have hinted at them being potentially more than just friends. But maybe that’s just me, thought maybe it has pasted that point as they seem more like super best friends now. I like how you mentioned that they are the force that stops each other from jumping over that moral edge.

    Oh yeah that Noah, he was in this episode too. Like you I was surprised to see him in more of a villainous role and I was literally thinking “Dude, you don’t have the full picture, stop this madness!” Haha. But yeah he got his comeuppance when Daryle tackled him into that shelf, what a don. But I’m glad that him, Carol and Daryl finally cleared the air and got on the same page when it came to Beth.

    • Hello my friend! 🙂 Since the end of episode 2, I’ve been anticipating the Carol and Daryl centric episode. I thought this episode didn’t need big wow moments because these two characters alone together are so great to watch. That’s a good point about how much they know each other yet differ. For example, I really liked the moment when Carol finds the surviving child abuse self help book in Daryl’s backpack and just gives a look that says it all. I think in season two there were hints that something more could develop between them. I guess after sharing a bed and nothing romantic happens it suggests that they are super best friends without any benefits. I love the history between these two like in the season 2 finale, Carol is all alone until Daryl comes by on his motorcycle and rescues her.

      After taking a beating for Beth and trying to help her escape, it was surprising to see Noah unleash those walkers onto Carol and Daryl. He already had control of the situation with the rifle in hand and could have backed safely away. Yeah, it’s good to see that Noah has found common ground with Carol and Daryl, he’s the key to saving Beth. Hard to believe they are only two more episodes in this half of the season!

  3. i like that we’re back in a city. was getting tired of the trees. this was a good episode. i like the book burning trick to distract the walkers. noah was a bit of a dick but it has been established that the only weapons are already in the hands of the living and he is actually planning a raid on the hospital to rescue beth so his heart was in the right place in robbing d and c plus everyone can tell that they can handle themselves even if each only had an unsharpened pencil. i disagree about the van. it was stuck on the rail in the center so when d rocks it forward it doesn’t roll it flips. most vans are front engine and would land nose first because the back is so light. i didn’t see it that way. it looked like the back had a reinforced cage and weight of its own so i thought the flip was perfectly fine. when i watch it again i’ll see if i still feel that way. no passenger side airbag however — sorry carol. they lose the bus. gain a truck. another great recap.

    • I got a little excited when there was a camera shot of the bridge going into the city, the same one when Rick rode in on horseback. That’s such an iconic shot from the pilot. I was hoping we’d get to see the tank from the pilot episode too and other places we’ve previously visited like the rooftop where Merle lost his hand. If I would have thrown the burning book, it probably would have fizzled out in the wind or land three feet away, good thing Daryl is so badass at everything. Yeah, Noah has his reasons and it’s probably a good idea for him not to give armed strangers the benefit of the doubt, it’s just another side to him I guess for unleashing those walkers onto d and c. I’ll have to rewatch the van scene again too, if I remember the camera angle from inside looked like it did a somersault. Can’t wait for the next ep man!

  4. The strength of this episode was in the dialogue between Carol and Daryl, plain and simple. Even so, it was very strong. So much to dissect in things Carol was saying. I highlighted a couple in my review. Loved reading your thoughts.

  5. Good summary! The chemistry between McBride and Reedus continues to get better and better. Well written and acted ep. Can’t wait to see what is coming next.

  6. I liked it. Back in the cities! Boy I cannot wait till next episode 😀

  7. An episode like this is tough. We knew where both Daryl and Carol end up, so they have to make the in-between interesting enough to carry the episode. As you mentioned this show is about the characters and their development, so while this wasn’t the most exciting episode for me it works because of the strong core characters. There was a little intrigue about who was with Daryl (I had originally thought Morgan). This also kind of explains why Daryl would come back without Carol and Beth and still know where they are, so we are set up for a good finish to this half of the season I think. As has been mentioned quite a bit above, I liked being in the city for a change too.

    Not one of my favorites, but a solid episode. Only bit I didn’t like was the flipping van which I found a little too ridiculous. Great review.

    • Because Daryl ended up back at the Church and Carol in the hospital, I liked that the episode was more about the characters since there wasn’t much surprise on how things turned out, though there were some people speculating that Carol faked her injuries. There wasn’t that much story to this episode and it was slower paced, still it turned out pretty decent. When I rewatched the episode, I noticed how the director put the reflection of the flames onto Carol’s face a number of times, like when she was staring out the window. Kinda of neat. At first I thought Morgan was in the bush too, before Noah was introduced. Perhaps Morgan may come into play in the finale somehow. Yeah the flipping van was kinda unbelievable haha. Thanks and can’t wait to see how the hospital story line wraps up!

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