The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember” Review

The Walking Dead 5x12

Upon entering a fortified and peaceful community, Rick’s group are given idyllic houses to live in. “Remember” focuses on the group’s return to civilization but do the citizens of Alexandria realize who they are letting inside their gates?

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12

We Brought Dinner

For an episode that didn’t have a whole lot happen, “Remember” is surprisingly very satisfying. After previous locations on the show turned out to be something they are not, it’s refreshing that Alexandria is exactly if not better than what Aaron promised it to be. There’s running water, video games, and jobs for everyone! And like any respectful new neighbor Daryl even brought dinner. Yummy! 

One of the strengths of “Remember” is watching Rick adapt back to civilized life in a realistic way. The show can be very bleak and despairing at times, it’s a nice change of pace to see the survivors gradually decompress.

Rick is still very much in survivor mode which can’t be turned off over night; he’s suspicious of being separated into different houses and freaks out when he looses sight of Carl & Judith. Despite living in what appears to be a secure community, Rick said it best that they don’t have to worry about growing weak, after everything they’ve been through it’s in them to be strong.

The Walking Dead 5x12 Rick and Judith

You Look Ridiculous

The video camera interviews are reflective of how each member of the group are adjusting to the new community. Michonne wants to desperately fit in and make this place their home. She told a little fib about everyone in the group being ready to settle down when we can see that Daryl clearly isn’t. While Michonne has put down her katana against the chair, Daryl has his crossbow strapped to his back, pacing around like a caged animal. Daryl is not going to be domesticated, heck he won’t even shower.

It’s entertaining how Carol is handling herself. It’s almost like Carol is playing Survivor reality show by presenting herself as a weaker player to come across less of a threat to her new tribe.  She fumbles taking off her rifle before putting it on the cart when we know full well she’s Ms. Rambo when she needs to be.

Carol’s play acting does make some sort of sense. Alexandrians have been sheltered so they might not understand the hard choices Carol has had to make. She wants to blend in as a well-adjusted suburban den mother, which means leaving out parts of her past like how her husband used to beat her and putting an end to Tyreese’s infectious, sick girl friend.

Survival At Any Cost

What makes former Ohio Congresswoman Deanna a good leader is that she recognizes her community hasn’t lived outside the walls and that they need to bring in new blood; proven survivors who know and can do what it takes to keep Alexandria safe and thriving.

However, even with her ability to read people, she seems a little too trusting. What she may not fully realize is that as much as Rick’s group could be their saving grace they could also be like wolves at the gate. Rick had warned Deanna about keeping that gate closed because people out there prey on weakness, using others for their own end. Yet ironically, Rick may potentially be referring to himself, declaring “If they can’t make it work, then we’ll just take this place.” It’s not that Rick are the predators or bad guys here, but they are stronger than Alexandrians and will need to take charge when inevitably something terrible happens.

As much as this episode focused on our survivors, there’s a lot of set up going on with the new characters. Deanna’s annoying son and Jessie’s husband, introduced while cloaked in a dark shadow, are going to be trouble. Then Deanna mentioned there were three people she exiled. If they survived they could come back with a larger group to take over Alexandria. Enid, the emo girl, is an engima. Is she some spy from another group? What is she doing going off on her own outside the gate? And is she connected with the missing gun that Rick hid?

Overall, “Remember” is an enjoyable episode that did a good job of balancing our survivors point of view while setting up Alexandria and a new bunch of people.  The weakest part are the scenes with Deanna’s son outside Alexandria which felt too contrived. It’s like it wouldn’t be an episode of The Walking Dead if at least one person’s life wasn’t at risk. However, it led to a solid moment for Glenn standing up to him, then a punch to the face. Well done Glenn!

Do you think Rick is right that they won’t grow soft living in Alexandria? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 

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  1. This episode was definitely ace. I had the same thoughts on Carol presenting hetself as weak to those in Alexandria. This was a lady that smeared zombie blood on herself and assaulted Terminus all by herself. The same goes with the girl; I’m almost certain she’s a spy for “The Wolves” or whatever. That’s probably how Noah’s settlement was brought down as well; from the inside.

    Glenn knocking the douchebag on his ass effortlessly is without a doubt one of the best moments in TWD history. And with how fast Daryl took the other guy down, its more than apparent everyone in Alexandria are weak while Rick and co. are superior.

    • This episode had a lot of little moments that made it very enjoyable. One of those moments is Carol dressed like a soccer mom, if only those in Alexandria knew that she was smeared in zombie blood and killed Terminus people not too long ago haha. I like your theory about how Noah’s settlement got brought down, could be happening soon to Alexandria. Maybe the girl doesn’t want to get too attached to anyone, especially Carl, because she knows something bad is coming their way?

      That guy was so irritating, bossing around Glenn and pushing the walker on to Tara. So sweet when Glenn clocked him haha! So far a good start to the Alexandria story line let’s hope the writers can keep it up.

  2. Did you see the look Maggie give Glen after he knocked that guy on his ass? You could almost see her panties moistening.

  3. For me this was a fun episode to watch. From Rick walking in holding a baby and a pistol to the “interviews” with Carol (such an act!), Daryl (he was still holding that opossum, which is straight up crazy) to Glenn punching that dude, I laughed way more than ever expected. Carl is clearly not going to fit in with the two other boys. He was on the brink of being a sociopath so finding common ground with kids who play video games will be hard.

    The Grimes gang is clearly shell shocked and seeing them in an environment that didn’t present an immediate threat was so strange. Agree about Daryl – I kept yelling “take a shower!” He may have the hardest time adjusting since he’s always been an outsider. Living in the walker world was perfect for him and now he has to find a way to fit in.

    What happened to Father Gabriel? Was he even with the group when they walked into the compound? I don’t recall seeing him.

    • Oh I didn’t even notice Daryl was still holding that opossum haha. When he was gutting it on the front porch I was thinking isn’t there another place he could be doing that lol. That’s a great point about Daryl always been an outsider, sometimes I forget that about him. He’s really out of his element here which makes for fun TV, because were used to seeing him as this bad-ass survivor and fitting into this community is a new type of challenge for him.

      It’s going to be hard for Carl to fit in. In that video interview, he bluntly said he killed his mother, those two kids won’t be able to relate to that. The girl on the other hand is a big mystery, I’m guessing there will be a lot more scenes with her and Carl in episodes to come.

      After the episode I couldn’t recall seeing Gabriel either but I went back to the start of the episode and he was there at the gates. Maggie was quiet in this episode too, all she did was smile at the very end.

  4. Hey man, how’s going, great write up yo. I think we have some very similar opinions on this episode. Before I start talking about this episode I wanted to say that I’m sorry for not talking about the last two, time just got away from me and I wasn’t that interested in those episodes that much.

    With all that being said I thought that was a great episode and the most entertaining since Tyrese kicked the bucket. I think I just liked seeing the group not only in a new location, but just stationary. They haven’t had a place to chill at since the prison, so it was nice for them to have a new home (for however long they choose to stay there).

    I think that there is something legit but also off about the place. The houses, streets and people, it looks so nice and clean, it’s kind of unbelievable considering the messy world we’ve seen outside. I really want this place to be real, kind and normal, but at this point in the show I am as curious as Daryl but as sneaky as Carol. I like how each character is adjusting to the new location differently; Daryl is as cautious as ever, Carl seems dumbfounded, Micchone clearly wants this to work out (which makes me think that she may betray the group if they choose to do something jeopardize their safety). Carol is awesome, so cute and fluffy, especially in her new clothes, but is just putting on a front like a don.

    What I also loved was when Glenn pushed that guy in the face and Daryl took that other guy to the ground and Rick had to hold him back like a unruly guard dog. So hardcore, I love seeing Daryl ready to take someone out, I haven’t seen Daryl looking so cool since he squared up to Bob in season 4. I think the Grimes men are going to be tested, that blonde woman with Rick and the emo girl with Carl. I also hope that Rick is serious about taking the place by force if this don’t work out because if he doesn’t he’ll probably lower his guard, get domesticated and then fall victim to an attack. Oh oh and one more thing seeing Rick shaved and in a police uniform took me right back to season 1, so nostalgic, only a few people know him from those days.

    • Hey there, how you’ve been? Hope your doing well too. No worries about the previous episodes, to be honest the second episode back wasn’t exactly exciting for me either. Whenever you find the time to stop by and chat, it’s always welcome & appreciated my friend!

      I found this episode to be entertaining too. If another show focused so much on a character shaving, showering and cutting their hair I’d probably be bored, but it here it was kind of fascinating. It’s almost like Rick went back in time (he did look ten years younger minus the beard) and by the end of the ep, he’s in a cop uniform like in the pilot.

      Staying in one spot in a new city can open new story line possibilities instead of surviving another day on the road. Who knows what else or who else is in the DC area, that should be fun to find out. There’s still new people to meet in Alexandria too, some I’m sure will be troublemakers. I’ve read some viewer’s comments who also think Alexandria might be up to something. It’s hard to imagine they never faced a horde of walkers that invaded their community, but I guess Deanna mentioned that at the time of the outbreak everyone was told to evacuate north which might be a reason.

      I’m so intrigued about how Daryl is going to adapt or maybe he just doesn’t care. I’ve heard speculation that he might go off on his own for a bit (or an episode). Daryl and the rest of our main crew are men/women of action. I like seeing how they are handling themselves in Alexandria, they may be new to the place but nobody is going to push them around. Loving Carol, I can see her blending in with the town people and learning their secrets. I can’t see Rick answering to a higher authority for a long time especially when he’s the superior leader, it’ll be interesting to see a takeover if that happens.

      • I’ve been good man, just trying to stay active and juggle several TV shows at once lol. And thanks for being so friendly and swift with your responses to my comments, you’re truly a cool dude yo. 🙂

        When you phrase it like that and put it down on paper, it does sound kind of dull, but since it is characters who have been through so much and have a chance to adjust to a cleaner, prettier and simpler kind of life, you can’t help but watch with a great deal of intrigue. Alexandria seems nice, but it does seem a bit off. I can see there being some people being on eitehr side of the fence with some good and some troublesome. Deanna seems legit too, but i wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled a 180 and was lying least of all her.

        Oh and Daryl, I don’t think he’ll adapt as much as he’ll just deal with it, just tolerate the new enivornment and the inhabitants. But if things go wrong and he’s involved or one oft he crew’s in danger, i think he’ll lose it and that’ll be an episode worth watching. but I can see him going off on his own to sort things out or just separate himself from this new lifestyle. Carol is going to be a good spy, I can feel it! And I can totally see where you’re coming from with Rick, he’s a leader now, has been for quite some time and I don’t see anyone ranking above him for long.

        • Awww, thanks so much man! You’re very cool yourself! 😀 Keeping busy and juggling several TV shows sounds like a great plan! I’ve also been catching up on TV shows myself lately, some are great (Fargo), some are good (The Originals, Black Sails etc ) and some are just there (True Blood) haha.

          Speaking of the fence, the literal kind, some viewers observed that the support beams are on the wrong side which means the people of Alexandria aren’t as safe as it appears (it’s never truly safe on this show haha). Deanna mentioned her husband was the architect, it’ll be interesting to find out more about that and what other stuff might be built wrong.

          Daryl losing it would an epic episode. I’ve heard people refer to him as the Wolverine of the group: an outsider, surly disposition, doesn’t play well with others… I can’t wait to see more of Carol in this town, that story line should hopefully be interesting if the writers follow through on that.

          • Interesting choices for those shows you’re watching, some of which I’m curioys to check out. I have to ask how is Fargo and Black Sails, those are shows I’ve been meaning to check out for a while.

            I never noticed the fence support beams, man that sounds dodgy. So if there’s an invasion of walkers then some people are gonna be fucked I love Daryl, he’s just the best and that Wolverine comparison is spot on. I just want him to get up in someone’s face and intimidate them or just go into berserker mode. I can see Carol being sly, attacking cool and if those people give her problems and things go south then then she’ll switch take someone out. 😀

            • Fargo is one of my favorite new shows I’ve seen in a while! You have to check out! 😀 You don’t have to watch the 1996 movie first but I think it’s better if you do.

              Black Sails is good, the focus of the first half of season one is less about pirating and more about exploring the characters and story. The “sea thriller” part doesn’t kick in until the last several episodes, still very interesting.

  5. This is a good example of how to do a great episode without needing to have any big action scenes. In fact, the little bit they had with the zombie hanging thing was probably the worst part this week (though I loved seeing Glenn punch that guy so it was worth it!). But there was so many interesting interactions between our characters both with each other and the other people. I think it is just fun to see a new location especially one where things seem so nice too. It is a good change from past stops. I like seeing everyone a bit cleaned up as well! I was going to mention how funny I thought Daryl having the opossum in the video interview was, but I see another commenter beat me to it! The video interviews were very interesting in general especially Carol’s. Great review!

    • Such an enjoyable episode and totally agree about this is a good example without the need for big action scenes. I feel the same way about that zombie hanging part too and Deanna’s son was very annoying to me. Glenn’s punch was great and so was Maggie’s non-verbal reaction. Good eye catching the part with Daryl holding the opossum during the video interview! The camera recording perspective was interesting too. I enjoyed the amusing moments like Carol smiling for the camera, if the writers wanted to sprinkle in more humor in other episodes where it fit tonally, it’ll be cool with me. I’m interested in seeing more of the group interacting with the new characters and how each of our survivors are reacting differently to their new home. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Loving alaxadria. Really shaken things up. Loved the on camera interviews from the characters 😀

  7. I’ve really enjoyed this season. It’ll be interesting to see how Rick and co adapt to their new surroundings and if they will take over. I loved Glenn punching that guy too.

    • Great to hear you’re enjoying this season. I’m also interested to see how these characters adapt and what will happen next in in their new surroundings. Solid moment for Glenn and for Daryl providing some quick back up.:D

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