The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 “Forget” Review


A cocktail party, exchanging recipe ideas and moving in on the neighbor’s hot wife, just another day in the zombie post-apocalyptic world.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13

Forget Me Not

Arriving at the Alexandria safe zone opens up a number of possible story lines for Rick and company. While some seeds for things to come are being planted, the focal point of “Forget” picks up where the last episode left off; centered on the survivors adapting to their new surroundings and taking steps for a possible take over.

With a couple of episodes to go before the 90 minute season finale, “Forget” is not so much spinning its wheels as much as taking the time to set the table before shifting gears for the home stretch. All in all, a couple of key moments carried an otherwise quieter, less eventful hour of The Walking Dead.

Invisible Woman

Carol’s strategy to blend in with the people of Alexandria has already started to pay dividends.  Alexandrians are way too trusting of virtual strangers or maybe it’s the grandma sweater that’s throwing them off. Whatever the case, unlatching the lock to the armory’s window beneath their very nose is pretty brazen of Carol and is likely the tip of the iceberg on how unsecure Alexandria really is.

From a mousy den mother to a child’s worst nightmare, Carol is whatever she needs to be in any given moment. After getting caught in the weapon’s room, one of the episode’s highlight is Carol scaring Sam in order to keep it a secret. She played on so many fears in her threat: the fear of abandonment, the fear of being eaten alive etc. Carol wouldn’t follow through on her threat but she had to be convincing to save her bacon.   

Hardest Button To Button

Aside from Carol’s scene stealer, Daryl’s story line is the most memorable part of “Forget”. Daryl may have been referring to his old group when he said “the longer they are out the more they become what they really are” but it could be said of any survivor including himself. Surviving in the post-apocalypse has brought out Daryl’s true potential and beneath that gruff & tough exterior is a good-hearted man.

Aaron may have already recruited Rick and company but his specific goal here is to recruit Daryl who wasn’t fitting in as seen last episode and partly to test how they would work together out there. There’s something compelling about the image of Daryl attempting to wrangle Buttons the horse. Without reading into it too much, if there’s a parallel to be drawn between Buttons and Daryl, both are untamed at heart. The look in Daryl’s eyes when seeing the devoured horse is as one of shock but also coming to some sort of realization that he should take a different path.

Deanna considers herself a good judge of character but perhaps Aaron is even better at it. Aaron identified what Daryl needed in order to have a sense of purpose in Alexandria without actually having to stay confined there for long periods of time. By balancing each other’s strengths, Aaron and Daryl could make for good partners as recruiters, a job that perfectly fits Daryl’s skills set and disposition as an outsider.

the-walking-dead-forget 5x13

Wine & Dine

The cocktail party are the least engaging scenes but works as a device to introduce some new characters all in one spot and for our core survivors to interact with them. It’s pretty odd that these people are still living life as if the zombie outbreak didn’t happen which only added to Sasha’s post traumatic meltdown. It also served as a cover for Carol to get guns in case they should need them.

Earlier in the episode, the way Deanna  brushed off Rick’s warning that people are the greatest threat now doesn’t bode well. Rick previously said he’d take over if things didn’t work out. He’s seems to be taking this idea in a more personal direction by making a play for Jessie’s affections.

Overall, “Forget” is a pretty decent episode though less enjoyable than “Remember”. The character moments with Daryl and Carol are well done. While we didn’t get a good sense of what the next big threat is, hints like the “W” carved in the walker’s forehead means Sasha’s idea to have a lookout at all times in the clock tower is a no brainer

Do you think Rick crossed the line by kissing Jessie, a married woman? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 

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  1. This place looks nice and somewhat promising. However, only time will tell. Which, yes, is disappointing. Nice review.

  2. Another enjoyable episode. The last two episodes have done a good job of moving the story along at a decent pace. I could have gone without the Sasha scenes at the beginning – she’s always seemed a bit unhinged and her shooting the photos didn’t offer any new insight into her character.
    Carol scared me with that speech. She will do what it takes to survive even if it means traumatizing a child. I loved the Aaron/Daryl scenes. While a bit obvious in terms of symbolism, Daryl connecting with someone and being willing to trust that person was nice to watch. I liked how they found a way to have Daryl fit into the place while being true to his character.
    Rick was so crazy for hitting on what’s her name. Obvious trouble and shows how far Rick has been removed from who he was.
    Reading the comics I know what might be in store and am looking forward to how the show plays things out.

    • I wasn’t a huge fan Sasha scenes either. She really needs someone to talk to. Most of the episode she’s bottling everything up inside and exploded at the end. Looks like she’ll take the place of Andrea in the comics as the group’s sniper.

      When Carol was discovered in the weapon’s room, I instantly started to worry for the kid because of what she’s capable of. The Aaron/Daryl scenes worked really well for me. Developing the trust between them was nice and I liked how Aaron pointed out that Daryl can identify the good people from the bad, another great fit for being a recruiter.

      I was surprised when Rick leaned in for the kiss. Lots of drama is coming his way. That’s a good point that he’s far removed from who he was.

      I like seeing what things they follow in the comics and the new stuff that is added for the show. I’m also pretty excited for the finale which is going to be an extra long episode. The actor who plays Daryl said to bring tissues, it’s going to be a tearjerker.

  3. I thought it was a great ep. Setting the table is the perfect analogy for it. Potentially I think the coming episodes and the season finale could be a very, very interesting one. Carol’s scenes, holy crap. I was actually surprised the camera didn’t pan back to reveal that the kid had peed himself. I just love the development of Carol as a character, and as you say, she’s willing and able to be whatever she needs to be to survive. As for Rick, well, he’s been out there for so long, taking what he needed when he could get it, all in the name of survival, I think I can give him a pass for kissing a married lady on the cheek. He either needs time to readjust to life in Alexandria, or he has no plans to readjust at all. Either way, I’m curious to see how that one pans out.

    • These episodes feel like they are building towards something very interesting. There’s little hints and clues that will likely come together in the finale in a big way. Haha, I wouldn’t blame the kid if he peed himself, Carol is pretty scary when she needs to be. I like how she ended her threat with … or you could have cookies hehe. I’m so glad that she didn’t get killed off when the car ran her over earlier this season.

      I think Rick seeing Jessie carry baby Judith warmed his heart. He wants a family like in the old days, a mother for his children and a wife for himself. Like you said he’s been out there so long and he’s adapted to taking what needs or wants. For me, I’m not super excited for this direction for Rick but I’m open-minded to see how the show plays this out. Great to hear you liked this episode, lots of viewers are enjoying this season a lot. 😀

  4. I have a feeling Carol’s facade is going to be her downfall with how the writers are relying on it increasingly in each episode.

    • I can see Carol’s facade coming into play again in next episodes. If you can explain a bit more I can see better where you’re coming from.

      • Well, I think the writers are playing really fast and loose with Carol’s intentional timid behaviour, as it has gone from her fumbling with her rifle to now threatening a kid all due to self-preservation. In other words, it’s escalating. Fast.

        I too think that it’ll play a big part in the coming episodes and I like what they’re doing with the character, but at the back of my head, alarm bells are ringing. I won’t be surprised if she’s the major death for the end of this season.

        Also, any idea where Gabriel is? Haha, it’s like he walked into the Twilight Zone with how he’s disappeared and no one realizing it.

        • I see what you mean now. I agree it’s escalating and it might come back to bite her if someone catches her in a lie or realize they are being deceived. Her other possible downfall could be that she seems to be the person most prepared or willing to takeover this place. Daryl has a reason to stay now and Rick is hot for Jessie, he just needs to get her to break up with the husband.

          If the writers wanted to end this season with a major death, I think Carol could be the one. Her or Carl. The only thing is that Carol came pretty close to death earlier this season when she got hit by the car, I’m not sure that the writers are done with her. I do think that a core survivor will die in the extra long finale.

          I’m not missing Gabriel haha. I noticed that both Gabriel and Tara were missing from the episode/welcoming party. I wonder what these two are up to? Alexandria feels a bit like a Twilight Zone, kind of a strange place even when everything on the surface looks so normal.

  5. Hello again good sir, I finally got to see this episode last night so I can talk about it. Overall I thought it was a good episode, not the best, but it had some pretty awesome highlights.

    I think I’m just going to skip to my favourite part; Carol and her fearsome words of terror. My god Carol, so cool. I love how she can be so nice and light-hearted, but then switch to be being cold and cruel. That monologue she gave to that boy was brilliant and just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, she just kept going (talking about not only being outside, but being tied to a tree and being eaten by zombies). It was beastly and I’m not sure if I was the only one but I got some serious Jurassic Park vibes when Alan Grant was talking to that kid about the Velociraptors. Also is it wrong I find Carol kind of attractive when she’s being evil? (probably is haha)

    As for the rest of the episode I couldn’t care much for Sasha’s detacthed nature from Alexandria, I understand that she can’t adjust, but I do care about her character enough to see her freaking out and stuff. One thing that surprised me was at the party when Rick went in to kiss Jessica, I was like “Damn dude, slow down! I know Lori’s been gone for a while but don’t commit adultery just yet!” Though she didn’t look like she was totally against it, her facial expression as she stepped away seemed to like idea of what he was trying to do. And then there’s Daryl, I did not expect him and Aaron to be so chummy, but I guess he does have a heart underneath the rough exterior. I just hope that he’s not going to lose his edge and become tame.

    • Hello to you my friend! I really liked the awesome highlights too. Carol had the most talked about scene this ep. That monologue was brilliant. Instead of jumping to the point, she told this vivid story that kept getting scarier and scarier. That’s a great comparison about that Velociraptor talk in Jurassic Park! That scene is so memorable, showing how the claw could disembowel the kid haha.

      I guess it’s understandable and realistic how Sasha is unable to cope, but I didn’t care for it either. I heard some people compared Rick to Shane when Rick kissed a married lady and then later when he reached for his gun behind his back haha. I like how the writers found a way to have Daryl fit in and still be himself. It would be disappointing if Daryl lost his edge, I’m pretty hopeful they won’t go in that direction.

  6. A pretty solid episode. Daryl’s plot was probably my favorite. I liked how Aaron found a way to reach out to him and seeing Daryl come around a bit as well. Not big on Rick moving in on someone else’s lady either, but eh. I will have to see how that goes. Not as interesting as last week’s, but I’m still enjoying seeing our characters interact with these new ones. Great review!

    • Daryl’s story throughout the episode was probably my favorite too, aside from Carol’s moment. I like how the writers handled Daryl coming around a bit in way that makes sense and still is true to his character. I’m glad to get your thoughts on Rick’s new lady interest and that were on the same page there. We’ll see how this plays out. Some parts of this episode I didn’t find as interesting as last week’s, but I’m liking things overall so far. Thanks man!

  7. I really enjoyed the review Nuggie. One area I disagree with you is Carol. I think she would follow through with her threat on that kid. It’s the brilliance of Carols growth up to this point in the show. That like Rick, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. One thing that really bothered me about this episode and a commenter has already mentioned it was Rick and that kiss! If somebody kissed my wife like that, unless your family, expect to be punched right in the mouth. Big no no with me and a big reason I never warmed up to Lorie. At least Rick was presumed dead, my god lol.

    • Thanks bud, it’s great whenever you find the time to stop by and comment! I think Carol made the threat so she wouldn’t have to dispatch the kid. Even if the kid says something, I think Carol would play it off as child non-sense talk if there was no evidence to prove she did anything wrong; the word of a harmless, respectable lady versus a little kid crying wolf. It would draw too much suspicion on her if the kid went missing after accusing her. Either way, the cookie bribes would stop haha. 😀

      I totally get what you’re saying (don’t mess with wifey right? heheh) I didn’t put my thoughts on Rick’s kiss in the write up, mainly because I want to see how things play out a little first. I can see him taking this further, I mean he barley restrained himself from taking out the gun. I think it goes to show how living out there has affected Rick and he’s losing touch with what’s right and wrong. I’ll go into more details on what I think is going on in Rick’s head at a later point.

  8. I’m starting to wonder if Rick is hoping to create a conflict because part of him can’t stand the idea of them actually finding a safe place. He’s spent too much time fighting everyone (for good reason), and this is heading towards a battle created by them. That would be fascinating, though it probably won’t happen.

    • I think your onto something Dan

    • Hello Dan, hope all is well with you! I think it would be a fascinating turn of events if Rick becomes the primary threat to Alexandria by the end of this season. Lots more conflict and drama is going to be caused by Rick if he keeps going in this direction. It’ll be interesting to see how the show handles all of this.

  9. Sorry dumb question, but is this the episode where Rick shaved his beard? I saw a pic of him sans beard, just a five o’clock shadow, and I was like WHOA! 😉

    • haha, Andrew Lincoln looks so much younger without the grizzly beard. Last ep, there was a scene of him getting cleaned up, shaving, a haircut … he looked like he did from the pilot episode hehe.

  10. COOKIES! I’ll take the cookies.

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