The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 “Try” Review

the walking dead season 5 episode 15 Try

In “Try”, Rick confronts Jessie to make a decision about her abusive husband. Meanwhile, Michonne and Rosita reach out to Sasha who’s been taking out her emotional turmoil on walkers.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15.

Try To Conquer

If the aim of the Season 5’s penultimate episode is to build up the story lines to just before a major turning point or an intense culmination of events, the mission is accomplished. That’s not to say that each of this week’s story lines are equally engaging, but that developments have sufficiently escalated to what should be a strong finale.

To get an idea of what the finale might have in store let’s review some of the clues found in this episode. Based on the dismembered body parts and the “W” carved in the woman’s forehead, whoever destroyed Noah’s community is closing in on Alexandria. The scope view from Sasha’s rifle as she picked off the walkers outside of Alexandria also showed that the support beams on are the wrong side of the wall.

Now that it’s revealed Nicholas has the gun that Rick hid, I’m getting nervous for one of our core survivors. Even if Glenn isn’t the one to go in the finale, it’s safe to say that Nicholas is up to no good. Lastly and unfortunately, the people of Alexandria are going to need a very serious wake up call in the form of a disaster before they realize it’s a mistake not having Rick as their leader.

The Walking Dead 5x15 Try

Fight Or Die

The soft cliffhanger from last episode on how to deal with Jessie’s abusive husband formed the central conflict in “Try”. Up until this time, much of Rick’s dissension with how Alexandria runs things has been kept to late night conversations, but now it’s literally spilled out into the streets for the whole community to witness. For better or worse, this is what Rick wanted, to force the issue one way or another.

Rick admitted as much that his responsibility to protect Jessie was motivated by his personal feelings. But Rick also sees the bigger picture of the abusive husband scenario and why it’s important for him to take action. The writer did a good job of conveying Rick’s ideology in the dialogue and why he could not turn a blind eye or do nothing to help Jessie and Sam.

By appearances, Rick looked like a crazed, gun man. Yet what he was saying actually made sense to me. It’s just that the people of Alexandria have been way too sheltered from the post-apocalyptic world to get his point of view. Plus waving a gun around isn’t going to help matters. 

Sick Of Playing Defense

The bright spot in Sasha’s b-storyline is actually Michonne. Those flashes of Michonne remembering who she is worked quite well, it’s more engaging than how Sasha’s turmoil is being handled. It also subtlety says something when we see Michonne wearing the officer’s uniform at the end.  

It wasn’t the brightest of ideas for Enid and Carl to trap themselves in a hollowed tree but I’d chalk that up to the writer wanting to put these characters in an intimate situation. Awww, Carl has a crush!

Another notable is in the economic storytelling approach. The opening montage set to Nine Inch Nail’s “Somewhat Damaged” encapsulated what we needed to know in a short amount of time: that Deanna’s family is in grief, that Nicholas blamed everything on Glenn, Sasha is damaged goods and Carol can make a delicious casserole (we later found out that Sam confirmed the abuse). It’s also fine with me that no one visited Tara, I’m sure she’ll be back next episode. I am surprised that there was no development on Maggie vs Gabriel.

“Try” isn’t as strong of an episode as last week’s but a fairly decent one nonetheless. Rick’s story line was by far the most compelling, while Sasha ruined a perfectly good bonding moment for the ladies. I’m still super excited for the grand finale, let’s hope it’s a great one.

Do you agree with Rick’s point of view or did he take it too far? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 

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  1. Let’s play a game; try to guess who this is.

    This is a man that is put in a environment he isn’t used to and is ‘demoted’ from being a leader to being a follower. So he shaves his head. Now he lusts after another man’s woman and allows it to overpower his ability to make sane choices, but he still wants the best for those around him.

    So, am I talking about Shane… or Rick?

    The parallels between Rick and Shane are strong, and so is the bloodied fight with Pete a parallel to that with The Governor and how Michonne stopped both. And lets not forget ‘the broken window theory’ throwback.

    The episode isn’t as good the previous episode, but it does a good job of balancing, tying up threads and setting up the finale. Great review.

    • Haha, I remember coming across an interview where Andrew Lincolin was asked if Rick was becoming Shane and he agreed. And the interview was from a while back, before this half of the season.

      Now all Rick needs to do is start running his fingers over his shaved head haha.

      By broken window theory do you mean how law and order is maintained through orderly appearances.

      I liked Rick’s story thread the most, can’t wait to see how this plays out in the extra long finale.

      • By broken windows theory, I meant how Rick mentioned it in last week’s episode and this week he throws Pete through a window, which symbolizes what Alexandria is starting to go through.

        • My memory must be failing me because I can’t remember that line from last episode haha. I should rewatch it some time. Good point, I can see the symbolism there and how it relates to what’s going on in Alexandria.

  2. Good review. We’re starting to see the Walking Dead crew shown in a more negative light and it’s working. Even if there are the occasional hiccups in the story department.

    • Thanks Dan! The characters are getting darker, it’s really interesting to see how they differ from the new people. Not the all story lines were strong in this ep, but still excited for the big finale.

  3. Hey man, cool review yo. This episode really annoyed me and just like before I guess that’s a good thing when a show can get under your skin. That being said this is one of those episodes where I see the bigger picture, I know what the deal is both morally and ethically, but the characters on the TV don’t, they make foolish decisions, lie and cheat, and are blind to the truth. *Grumble* I guess these are things that would happen in a situation like that, but I feel like some basic logic is what these people are missing and when shit hits the fan they’ll be sorry.

    My main interest was in Rick’s story, while I see he has feeling for Jessie which is clouding his judgement a little, he does have good intentions. And while he did look a little crazy, chocking a man while knocking people away, waving the gun around and ranting about safety and changing the rules to stay alive, I couldn’t help but side with him. While he didn’t go about it the wrong way, Rick is right, these people are feeble and don’t know how to do what is necessary to survive and they’ve already had casualities because of it. Oh and that Nicholas, he better get his, I don’t like him with that gun, he better stay away from my man Glenn or I swear I’m gonna flip out. As for the Sasha drama, again I don’t care, she’s bitter and broken and just hunts for walkers, I’m so uncaring for her character it is unreal. I do miss katana-wielding Micchone and that’s flashes into the past made me want her to get back in the game.

    As for Carl and that girl in the woods, all I can say is I knew it. From the time Rick and Carl entered that place I said to myself that they would be tested by the females they interacted with and it is coming to pass as I predicted. Also what was Daryl doing this entire time? Does he not car about Noah’s death or is he not aware or is hunting in the woods with Aaron his way of dealing or something? I’m surprised he’s not in the thick of this dispute. I want to see our man flip out and go into war mode. I too wondered where Maggie was this entire episode, why she hadn’t brought up what that asshole said in the last episode.

    • Hello there! Hope you had a great week! I think the people of Alexandria need to wake up, until then they’ll continue to make weak or non-decisions. I can totally see how they can be frustrating for some viewers. By the time Alexandrians get with the program, it’ll be too late for some of them.

      Glad to hear were on the same page with Rick, I wasn’t sure which side viewers would be taking. I think some believe Rick has lost it, but he was making sense to me. We’ve seen what Rick’s been through and the real, potential dangers that Alexandria is oblivious to. The thing that I find extreme is what he’ll do if Pete didn’t fall in line. I think there needs to be some sort of alternative option to exile or execution. Perhaps conditional house arrest and a restraining order or something.

      Glenn had more solid scenes again. This makes me nervous because I remember before Hershel got killed the writers spent time building him up. Same with Beth. It would suck if Nicholas of all people would be the one to end Glenn. I hope that the finale will be a turning point for Sasha because the damaged psyche and rage scenes are repetitive.

      I guess Carl is going through normal teenager stuff, something we didn’t expect after growing up so fast. That’s a good point how Enid and Deanna are testing father and son. I thought Enid was going to be spy for the Wolves, maybe not.

      I thought Daryl left Alexandria at the beginning of last episode to go on recruiting duty. He probably doesn’t know what’s going on back home. I was hoping they’d find Morgan. I think the writers purposely had Daryl, the voice of reason, out of town so that Rick didn’t have anyone to hold him back. Michonne also hasn’t had much contact with Rick since they arrived in Alexandria, she could have been the other voice of reason if she was in on what’s going on. It was noticeable how Maggie was absent. No scene of her talking about Gabby’s betrayal or even talking to Glenn about what happened to Noah. Strange.

      Thanks again! I can’t wait for this finale to come already. 😀

  4. This sounds like a VERY intense episode. I saw some pics of bloody Rick and I thought, did he get killed off??

  5. Kind of a mixed bag this episode. I like the stuff with Rick and the teases about this outside presence. I definitely like the points Rick was making at the end. I just wish he wasn’t doing so in such a crazy manner because I knew that wasn’t going to make the people of Alexandria particularly receptive. I’m excited to see what is with this other force marking and chopping up zombies too. I didn’t care much for the Sasha and Carl stuff, but things seem well set up for a big finale, so pretty good overall. Great review! Excited for next week!

    • This episode was unbalanced for me but still pretty decent. Rick’s scenes carried the most weight while Sasha and Carl’s scenes weren’t as strong. It didn’t help that Rick was acting in a crazy manner, his message will undoubtedly get lost in the mayhem. I’m excited too about this new threat, I hope we’ll learn more about that in the finale. Thanks Matthew, always great to get your thoughts on each ep! I’m looking forward to the big finale!

  6. I was really bored by the domestic violence story line since Pete was just so obvious as a bad guy. That nearly killed the episode, but the acting from Andrew Lincoln really sold the final scene with Rick. I also enjoyed the ominous hints about the Wolves’ arrival. I’m not sure how much we’ll see of them next week, but they’re setting up their appearance very well.

    • From the moment Pete was introduced in the dark on the front porch, it was kind of creepy and didn’t leave much doubt that he’d be trouble. He put up a good fight for supposedly soft Alexandrians haha. I really liked Andrew Lincolns performance too in that final scene. It”ll be interesting to see what happens with the Wolves. I’m hoping for a major shake up in the finale, something that’ll leave me both immensely satisfied in capping off this arc and excited for where the story might go next season.

  7. Thought this episode was a bit on the blah side even though it did move things along. Favorite part was Michonne knocking Rick out. Didn’t like the Carl/emo girl scenes either. Teenagers can be stupid and Carl was definitely behaving stupidly. Not really an interesting story to see play out.
    Kind of sad the season finale is next week but the second half of the season has been a good one.

    • This episode wasn’t all that special especially compared to last week’s. I liked Rick’s tirade though. I guess it was enough to set up the finale which hopefully will be great. I was expecting the Carl/emo girl stuff to go in another direction.

      This half of the season has been a good run. I know some people who have thought about giving up on the show but these episodes have got them back right in it.

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