The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 “Conquer” Season Finale Review

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Conquer Review

Phew! Talk about an intense season finale. I have to admit I was on pins and needles through-out the hour plus run time.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty details there are several takeaways that made this finale work in terms of capping off the story lines that have been building up. Resolution on the Pete story line not only ended with a bang but it resulted in Deanna and co. getting on board with Rick’s program.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale.

We Still Have Knives

With the two factions seemingly coming together, the timing could not be better. The people of Alexandria can only be lucky for so long. They need to change their ways in order to overcome a current and upcoming threat. The current threat is themselves; their inexperience, their foolishness and opposition to Rick’s point of view. The upcoming threat, of course, are the Wolves who are as intriguing as they are sinister.

The resolutions were tricky to pull off because there is a fine line between events happening too coincidentally, as if you could sense the writer’s hand at work, versus a series of events naturally unfolding. The two scenes that stick out the most in this regard would be Pete severing Reggie’s throat which in turn gave Rick a justified reason for executing him and Gabriel leaving the front gate open which later served to prove Rick’s point on Alexandria’s vulnerability.

Both of these plot devices weren’t an issue for me because of how they were set up. Previous episodes have shown Pete to be a violent and impulsive alcoholic. Add to the fact that Carol emasculated him at knife point and seeing Rick pay a visit to Jessie must have sent him over the edge.

Plus, I assume Pete was sequestered at Michonne’s home which is where he got her Samurai sword. If you’re someone who likes looking for symbolism, it’s interesting that even when Michonne puts her sword away above the mantel it still comes into play, like it’s a part of life in this world that the survivors cannot ever escape from even behind the Alexandria walls. There’s also the scene that had Rick only shown in the reflection of the unbroken window section, which sort of brings to mind a quote earlier this season, “Rick, you may have been wrong but you were right.” 

From the time Rick’s group first entered through the gates, we’ve seen how lax the people of Alexandria are in guard duty and in overly trusting others. So leaving the gate open and unguarded is symptomatic of what’s wrong with Alexandria. Every time Gabriel came on-screen I was filled with frustration. I even said out loud, “I wouldn’t even trust him to close the gate!” just moments before Gabriel left it open behind him.

While there were resolutions, not every loose end got tied up neatly. Somehow, someway both Nicholas and Gabriel managed to live another day. It speaks to Glenn’s humanity to let Nicholas live after given every reason to kill the treacherous coward.  If Rick or Carol were in Glenn’s position, Nicholas would have been a goner. It would have totally sucked if Glenn died because of a loser like Nicholas.

I would have liked to have seen how Glenn survived but I imagine that among the number of scenes that mirrored each other, Glenn probably killed that walker on top of him similar to how Rick did. But I’m not sure how he could have escaped the other walkers coming down on him.

Vast Oceans Of Sh*t! 

We seen the handy work of the wolves in the mutilated corpses they’ve been leaving behind, but to see the Wolves in the flesh was creepy as hell. The opening scene had a great mixture of suspense that disguised a lot of exposition on who the wolves are while showcasing what a bad-ass Morgan is. As mentioned by the friend I was watching this with, Morgan in these scene is reminiscent of Denzel Washington’s character in Book of Eli, especially with the way he’s using his ears more than his eyes to anticipate the Wolves next move during the fight. 

The Wolves’ booby trap that Daryl and Aaron sprung is pretty ingenious. I expected a bunch of walkers to be inside the trailer but it was freaky scary how it triggered all of the other doors to open too.  My kill of the week is Daryl chain whipping the top of three walker’s heads off in a single swipe. Once again The Walking Dead comes up with clever and deadly scenarios for our survivors to escape from. Morgan may have easily dispatched of two wolf pups which in some ways may have negated their level of threat but this inventive booby trap puts them back up there. And who knows how many more Wolves there are and what other devious tricks they have in store?

Last episode ended with Michonne knocking Rick unconscious which led many viewers to question who’s side she’s on. The writers did a good job of explaining Michonne’s position. She’s the voice of reason whom Rick should have confided in from the start; however, the last few episodes would have been a lot less dramatic if Michonne was there to offer Rick another path to the same goal.

The town meeting turned out to be a better conclusion than I anticipated. Both Abraham, for bluntly speaking why he believes in Rick, and Carol for continuing her charade as Ms. Mom are amusing to watch. It was also a great moment when Deanna said “Rick, do it!”. For Deanna to finally see eye to eye with Rick on this issue is a right step for them moving forward as co-leaders but unfortunately she’s had to lose a couple of her family members to realize it.

In most episodes there is a memorable line or two. In this finale, the writers are on fire with the number of great quotable lines. Here’s a couple of them. Carol: “I want my dish back clean when you’re done.” Rick: “I was thinking how many of you do I have to kill to save your lives. But I’m not going to do that. You’re gonna change.”

“Conquer” is a great, satisfying finale aside from a couple of characters getting a stay of execution. This wasn’t exactly the tear-jerker that I was led to believe which isn’t a bad thing at all. Had Glenn died I would have been more angry than sad. Because of the extra long finale, I was expecting something bigger or crazier to happen but I can’t say I wasn’t thoroughly entertained.

The Alexandria story arc brings about a resurgence to The Walking Dead. Great to see the gang will be sticking around this place for next season. I feel like I’m scratching the surface of the finale in this post, so feel free to comment below and I’ll discuss with you further.  Last but not least, BIG thanks to YOU for supporting these recaps with your views, likes and great comments all season long!

Are you disappointed that Glenn let Nicholas live? What do you like or dislike about this finale? 

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  1. The role reversal in the ending was just perfect. Before, Rick – a pacifist – walked into a town guarded by an unhinged Morgan.

    Now, Morgan – a pacifist – walks into a town guarded by an unhinged Rick.

    The look on Morgan’s face says it all; it’s like a kid walking in on his favourite superhero doing cocaine. And the look on Rick’s face, that cocktail of realization and shame, is priceless.

    • That’s a great point on how Rick and Morgan’s roles are reserved from the last time they saw each other.

      Earlier in the episode Morgan said that all life was precious so when he saw Rick kill a man execution style without hesitation I could only imagine what’s he’s thinking.

      I hope that Morgan as a pacifist will go a different direction than Tyreese, Lennie James is fantastic actor and I’m looking forward to see if he joins the regular main cast next season.

  2. While the whole 2nd half of Season 5 seemed to be a bit sluggish (despite all the killing), we saw the results of keeping several themes and conflicts afloat for many weeks – They all converged and crashed at the exact same time, making for a powerful season finale!

    • The conflicts this season came together nicely. I like when a season finale provides resolution to the story arcs built up in the previous episodes. I also liked how everything didn’t get too neatly wrapped up. There’s some story strands and a threat that next season can tackle right away. A couple of episodes in this half, especially the second one were slow, overall though I enjoyed it a lot. Great to hear from you Michael! 😀

  3. I would have been disappointed if Glenn killed Nicolas, despite how justified it was. I liked the finale and all the tension, though I felt it played a little too much in putting characters that are too great to be killed (Glenn and Daryl) in harm’s way. I also find it very hard to even stay interested in scenes with Gabriel, despite the good acting. I’m intrigued about where the show is going next, so that means the finale worked pretty well.

    • The actor who plays Daryl said in an previous interview to be prepared to bring tissues for the finale which had fans thinking a major character would die. Some fans even thought Daryl was at risk. But I didn’t believe for a second that Daryl would be harmed. The person I was watching the finale with thought Glenn was a goner however I was pretty sure he’d pull through. Oh man, Gabriel gets on my nerves too. I’m glad to hear the finale worked pretty well for you, yeah let’s see where the show goes next! 😀

  4. Good season. Both halves. I didn’t think that was Michonne’s sword that Pete had. I thought that was a big machete. And I thought the wolves at the end were the same ones that Morgan didn’t kill. I knew that was a trap the way all the trucks were lined up but mostly because of the tied up cans making wind chimes. No one in the zombie apocalypse is going to put out wind chimes. Except for the people in Alexandria. One of the first ways I knew the people of Alexandria weren’t zombie smart. They had wind chimes on the porches. I think Glenn let Nicholas live because he remembered Noah as he was listing Nicholas’ crimes. I also like that the last three religious Walking Dead Survivors end up in the church. Maggie and Sasha lost their siblings and Gabriel is still trying to come to grips with his crimes against humanity. But for most of these last few episodes I was thinking about the Governor. He would have let a few walkers into the community to show them what they were up against. So I was happy that Gabriel left the gate open. Except that Rick killed them all. But the new characters. The new love interests (for both Rick and Carl). And the loss of both their surgeon and their architect (Alexandria’s two biggest selling points) is going to make next season in Alexandria interesting. Oh and did you notice that Nicholas was the one holding the gun while Glenn helped him walk back?… I don’t think Glenn survives next season. If they hold to form. But also if they hold to form, the wolves don’t make it out of the first episode. Good season. Thanks for all the recaps.

    • I enjoyed both halves, though I’m far more interested in Alexandria than the Hospital setting. I assumed it was Michonne’s sword by the look of the handle and shape of the blade, but you could be right. Earlier in the ep the wolves mentioned their traps but I didn’t expect it to be so elaborate. Plus it was cool how they reset the trap with a push of a button. I wondering what was with those cans on a string, something was up for sure.

      I remember that quote you explained, it looks like Glenn kept his promise to Noah to hold on to his humanity by sparring Nicholas. Morally grounded characters seem to have a shorter life span on the show, it’ll be interesting how much longer Glenn will stick around. I didn’t notice Nicholas holding the gun on the way back, I wonder if that was the actor’s decision or something written into the script.

      I didn’t care much for the three of them at the Church scene. I was thinking What’s the point of Maggie overhearing Gabriel’s betrayal but not touch on that story line. I guess Deanna told everyone anyways and it adds more weight to Maggie of all people to offer Gabriel some solace. There was more symbolism in Gabriel yanking on that Judas noose to kill that walkers. If this was a two hour episode, it would have been cool to have way more walkers come through the open gate and then Rick command everyone to deal with that threat which would show his point even more. But maybe that’s too cliche.

      My favorite new character is Deanna, even when she’s at odds with Rick I can totally see why she thinks they way she does. I’m looking forward to see how much longer their co-leadership will last. I can see Rick and Carl developing their new romantic relationships, but I can’t say that’s something I’m totally interested in. I really like how the Wolves threat is shaping up, I hope there’s more than a couple of them. They’re nuts! lol. I totally appreciate you stopping by all the time to chat about each ep and how you notice so many things!

      • You’re right that was Michonne’s Katana that Pete was holding. I totally missed that. When Pete is screaming, “This is not my house.” (which totally reminded me of a Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime.” Walking Dead Talking Heads… hmmm) He discovers it. But when he pulls it out I thought it was a machete. Don’t know why.

  5. Good finale. I thought coming in it would be more explosive so to speak. It was a bit more deliberately paced than I expected, but it was still tense and exciting throughout. This episode was just filled with memorable moments. The ending was excellent, Morgan using the staff, Carol threatening Pete, and that crazy cool chain kill by Daryl. I thought we’d get more on The Wolves, but what we got was intriguing and it left the focus on settling the power struggle in Alexandria which was probably the right call.

    There was some stuff I didn’t like. I loathe Gabriel and everything with him just sucked. Glenn getting out of that one scrape off screen was kind of frustrating. Sasha laying in the ditch made me groan. Still those are pretty small issues overall and it was definitely a really entertaining finale.

    I really enjoyed the Alexandria arc so far. Looking forward to seeing where it heads next. Great reviews this season. I always come here right after I watch to see what you had to say about it!

    • I also thought the finale would have been more explosive so to speak. There were some quieter scenes like Eugene and Abraham talking. Overall the tension was really good, the first scene with Morgan and Wolf talking was intense. The staff fight was so cool and a great way to reintroduce Morgan onto the show. The group has so many bad-asses right now with Morgan coming on board.

      I was kind of expecting more on the Wolves too but I agree it was the right call to focus on the power struggle and character stuff. I like the development we got on the Wolves, enough to make them an interesting threat.

      I never cared much for Sasha and Gabriel for most of the season and this finale didn’t change that. But so many other memorable moments like you mentioned make this finale a strong one for me. Totally appreciate you checking out and commenting on these recaps. Now GOT season is coming very soon. 😀

  6. It’s going to be a very long wait till October! That’s for sure! Nice review.

  7. Great recap! I think the producers/writers were messing with fans since I had heard to expect lots of blood and tears as well. The only people who died were ones hoped for or ones no one cared about. I like the fact the season didn’t end on a cliff hanger. Bad form for a show to always do that and this was a nice clean end.

    Reading the graphic novels I knew Pete would die but I really liked how the show handled it. I was still surprised and the way Rick didn’t miss a beat after Deanna gave him the Okay added to the shock. And the timing with Morgan, et al showing up at that moment was a good call on the writers end.
    I loved Abraham’s bluntness during the meeting. Everyone was trying so hard to be nice and he told it like it was. Deanna couldn’t help but be the politician and bring up what father Gabriel said. Not an objective thing to do since it only offered negative information again.

    I too thought it was Michonne’s sword that Pete used but maybe not. Thought the framing of Rick’s reflection in the window was nicely shot. A good way to get both actors in the scene and see how they react to each other without using typical head on shots.

    Still don’t care about Sasha. Not sure what the deal with her was when she was trying/acting like she was going to kill Gabriel. Not that I would have minded, but it seemed senseless and made the final scene with Maggie seemed a bit forced. Not angry that Glenn let Nicholas live. Stayed true to who Glenn is and who he wants to be.

    Morgan – holy bad-ass! What a way to make a much anticipated longer appearance. Good point about how he was using his ears rather than eyes to anticipate the Wolves’ next moves. Added another element of coolness to Morgan. Will be great if they are able get him to be in a few episodes next season. Will also be interesting to see how the Aaron / Daryl relationship continues. Aaron wasn’t afraid to admit he made a mistake, even though it turned out better they didn’t pursue the guy in the poncho.

    As always, enjoyed reading your recaps and looking forward to next season!

    • The producers pulled one on the fans haha, I don’t follow their interviews but I’ve heard from other people some of things they were teasing. I liked that this finale offered resolution on the big conflicts of the season, adding to a sense of satisfaction with how it all came together. I also liked that the wolves were developed more so that next season can come out of the gates strong.

      After getting the words from Deanna, it was great how Rick didn’t hesitate. And I liked how having Morgan witness the execution offers another perspective on what Rick did.
      I think it’s Michonne’s sword too, I liked the non-reaction from our core survivors when Reggie’s throat got slashed, they’ve seen it all before and there was nothing they could do. Abraham’s quick reaction to hold down Pete was good too.

      I liked how Rick’s reflection in the window was shot, very different & artistic at the same time I think there was a meaning behind why they decided to frame it like that.

      The confrontation between Sasha and Gabriel didn’t work for me either. I was just waiting for it to cut back to another scenes that I cared for. Good point about Glenn, it’s interesting how several characters in this ep were put in positions to point blank execute people or not.

      The great way Morgan is reintroduced here, fans can’t help but to love the idea of him joining the group. The staff fight was cool too because this is a whole other side to him that we never knew about. I iike how Aaron respects Daryl’s instincts, they have a interesting working partnership I hope to see more of it next season.

      Same here, always enjoy reading your thoughts on each episode. I’m curious about the TWD spin off, coming later in the summer I believe. Thanks so much!

      • Ahh – the spin-off! When I first heard about it I didn’t like the idea, seemed like zombie overkill and how much different could it be from TWD. But the brief glimpse offered on Sunday seemed interesting. I like the idea of a pre-walker apocalypse and getting some info about how it happened. Wonder how much of that will be in this series. The name though – Fear the Walking Dead – could have came up with something better.

        • I was a little skeptical of the spin-off. The network wanted another money making hit TV series with a built in fan base. The fresh idea or compelling reason for making a spin-off seemed to come after the fact and the producers have kept a tight lid on the details. There’s also a risk of zombie overkill as you mentioned, especially since the original show is still going on strong. I do like a number of things: it’s a prequel that might touch on the origin of the outbreak, Kirkman is involved/ producing this, and Kim Dickens is cast as the lead character. Yeah, that name isn’t all that inspiring. I will definitely give it a chance, I’m both curious and hopeful it won’t suck haha.

  8. Hi friend! I hope you don’t mind me referring to you in just a casual manner but I’m feeling rather chipper at this current point in time.

    TWD finale was pretty satisfying as a lot of the plot points came to a head and things transpired in a dramatic, chaotic and messy manner. That being said there were some things I wasn’t happy with and other aspects that made me shake my head in disbelief.

    Like you said there was so much that happened in the episode to cover in written conversation, so what I’ll do is highlight the things that stood out to me. Firstly Gabriel, that useless piece of shit. Seeing him go out and kill, and break down in the street, I guess I was meant to feel bad for him or something? But no, I was like, “Fool, get off the damn screen, I don’t care for your tears!” And then when he left the gate open when he came back into the town, I was like “Oh son, you done fucked up now.” And then to add just extra level of hate towards him, he start giving Sasha grief, trying to make her feel guilty for the deaths of Bob and Tyreese, I was so pissed. I was saying in my head, “I swear you are gonna get yours!” Sasha had him at gunpoint (as far as I can recall), Maggie was even there, she’d heard his vile words, AND YET HE LIVED! He lived. These people must be capable of extraordinary levels of forgiveness as this man, were he in my space and I had known of all his underhanded deeds and overall foolish, he would not see the next day. I’d dig a large pit, leave me there and drop a few walkers in there to take him out.

    And speaking of people who lived. Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas. How the hell did he survive? I understand that it is a better to show mercy to your enemy because it shows that you are a stronger individual, but hell sometimes some good old fashioned revenger would not go a miss. Nicholas, he killed a member of our team and left not only his own friend but our heroes in dangerous territory. He desevered death. I feared that Glenn would show him mercy and I knew after seeing how long Nicholas had the gun in his face that he wouldn’t die. I actually thought that he may grab the gun and attempt to kill Glenn again. Luckily that didn’t come to pass and Glenn lived, hooray!

    As for other cool moments, seeing Daryl and Aaron in that situation with all the walkers around, I seriously though that they were done for when they got cornered into the car. I too knew that there would be walkers in the back of the trucks, I just didn’t expect them to be in several of them and appear so reapidly out of nowhere. Thanks god for Morgan. I’m glad that he’s finally got to do something rather than walk around in the woods. I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but Morgan was totally in The Book of Eli kind of groove, very slick and cool. All he needed was a pair of sunglasses haha.

    I have to say again that Carol is amazing, I adore her when she is mean, sinister and basically making other people look so small. She has become such a force in the group. Just seeing her talk down to Pete with the knife to his throat, she was so cool (and again very hot for some reason haha). And then for Pete to experience such a moment of weakness and then come back group in the group meeting was fun, but what I didn’t expect was for him to slice the throat of Deanna’s hubbie. That was unexpected for sure, but it was the shock that was necessary. And then for Deanna to give him the go ahead to take him down, SATISFACTION. That was the word to describe that moment. She says teh word, Rick does the deed straight after, like clockwork, it was gorgeous. You could tell he wanted to do it and he finally had a legit reason.

    With the end of this season, it leaves so many questions and room for new possiblities. I’m curious to see what Morgan thinks of what Rick’s done to Pete, I also want to see what becomes of Nicholas and how life continues for Gabriel, Sasha and Maggie. I also want to see what happens to the people of the town, will they step up, run away, trun against Rick or fall under the pressure? And now that the show’s over, this wait until the next season feels like an enternity away. 😦 Lucky for me I still have so much other shows to watch. 🙂

    Finally I want to say a big thank you to you for doing all of these episode reviews, it feels like a long time since this season begun and we got back into that discussion groove. I don’t discuss many shows with people these days because I don’t like with TV junkies at uni anymore, so it has been great to have these weekly reviews so that I had something entertaining and informative to read so that it would spark up some great conversation. Anyways I can’t wait to see what you decide to review TV-wise. 😀

    • Hello my friend! The casual manner is great, feel free to always speak your mind, I expect nothing less. 😀

      You totally captured my feelings about Gabriel, I could feel my blood pressure rising whenever Gabriel did or said something. He’s so unsympathetic, cry me a river Gabby! haha.

      Glenn lives! I’m so relieved this wasn’t the way he got killed off. At least Glenn got to punch out Nicholas in the previous ep and that stomp on his knee was so satisfying. I guess it’s says a lot about Glenn for letting Nicholas live. Based on Pete’s execution, I would think the people of Alexandria would want to punish Nicholas to a certain extent, assuming they are told the truth. They need to build a jail or something.

      I also expected walkers to be in the truck, it was just crazy scary how quickly Daryl and Aaron got surrounded. I liked Daryl’s idea to cover up the car windows and wait for the walkers to forget about them, but they couldn’t wait because of that warning note. They were very calm trapped in that car.

      I hope Morgan sticks around for a while and that the writers have quality stories planned for him. No more wandering through the woods haha. Sunglasses would be cool, I also liked that mask he wore before, I wonder what happened to that.

      Great moment when Carol washed her hands clean of stealing the guns, putting it all on Rick. She certainly has her share of admirers haha ;). Everything came together well in the climatic execution, I also like that Deanna is on the same page now as Rick. Plus how awesome was Rick’s speech!

      This season hit a lot of highs. Based on the comics, I can tell you that it gets even better. :D. I love being able to discuss shows with you and other fans in this detail. I’m glad to hear you find these posts entertaining and informative. I don’t get that much views on these posts so knowing that a handful of people that read and find these posts worthwhile of their time is rewarding. Thanks so much!

      • Totally man, I am with you with Gabriel haha, that guy deserves none of my sympathy. As for Morgan, I pray that he gets more screen time, he looks like a guy who deserves some love. And I think your idea of having a jail would not go a miss, it really should be done. Though I think it should be a pit and they stick walkers in there for really douchey people, like Gabriel! XD Oh Carol she’s so crafty, makes her hard to trust, but maye I would risk it because she would be worth the investment haha.

        Rick’s speech was pretty kick ass, it was true, well-worded and calm. I was wondered that he may have come across a little crazy again, but he said everything in a very cool and logical manner.

        I’m also surprised that these posts aren’t giving up some high viewership considering how many peopele comment and how well written your stuff is. I hope your viewership builds because it deserves to be seen.

        • A quick painless death would be too kind for Gabby, I mean look at what happened to Noah and he was mostly likeable lol. Send Gabby to the pits! haha.

          Carol is someone I’d want on my side, she knows how to play the game and gets the job done. I wouldn’t want to cross her through haha.

          I thinking Rick might come across a little crazy to Morgan. I mean Rick was covered in blood and looked on edge. Andrew Lincoln did a great job with that speech.

          I think something happened to my search engine rankings or something, this season finale post got only 1 view today. This makes me truly grateful for all the people like you who support them. 😀

  9. I really enjoyed this episode and the season as a whole. I think it was the right choice for Glenn to let Nicholas live, not sure if it was the best decision though. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept but have a look at the link if you’re interested.

  10. Great that you enjoyed this episode like I did. That a good way to think about Glenn’s decision, let’s hope it doesn’t come back to bite him again. Thanks again for the nomination! 😀

  11. You’ve done a great job reviewing these TV episodes! Even though I don’t watch this show, I still enjoy reading ’em. Interesting that you pointed out the similarity to Denzel Washington’s character in Book of Eli. It’s not a perfect film but I enjoyed his performance as the blind hero.

    • Thanks so much! It’s really is amazing of you to check out these posts even though you’re not watching the show! 😀 The twist ending to Book of Eli is memorable and a good role for Denzel.

  12. You’ve got Gabriel nailed down perfectly. You know, after the season opener, I thought the finale would equal, if not, top it without a problem. Boy, but this was really well done. Many of the plot tails had resolved, and the characters saw an extra push with development. Great, great, great writing. Loved this review as well!

    • I really liked the journey from the season opener to this finale. A great, exciting way to end the season that resolves many story arcs and on-going themes. We also got characters going down interesting paths, making tough decisions. And then there is Gabriel. oh man he was getting on my nerves haha. Appreciate the kind words, thank you!

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