Question Of The Month: Make A Movie A TV Show

Star Wars Force Awakens Storm Trooper

Oracle Of Film has a brand new Question Of The Month: What movie should be reworked into a TV show? This could be a film that struggled to fit all of its ideas into a two hour movie. Or perhaps a film that would have been better if the two characters had an entire series spent on developing them before the big pay-off at the end. Take a look at all the great answers from many movie bloggers, including my choice by clicking on the above link.

This is such a great topic I thought it would be fun to come up with some other possibilities I’d like to see:

Star Wars

Lego Star Wars? Nah, besides it’s been done.  How about a live-action Star Wars television series? It’s an obvious choice but one that I think could work. It already has a built-in fan base and with The Force Awakens coming out later this year, perhaps there will be an awe-inspiring new world or intriguing side character that deserves to be fleshed out. I guess this would be a spin-off rather than a reworking of a movie.

Marvel’s Daredevil is a good example of creating a show that is part of an ever-expanding cinematic universe yet works as a stand alone entity. With strong characters, a well told story and a fresh take on the universe, the show doesn’t necessarily need to rely on CGI or special effects.  Also, a darker tone geared towards an adult audience could go places that PG-13 rated The Force Awakens and Rogue One cannot. At the same time, characters from the show could pop up in the movies and wouldn’t look out of place.

John Wick

John Wick Keanu Reeves Puppy

The first thing that grabbed me about John Wick is the mix between intense close quarters combat and inventive gun play. You gotta respect the trademark two taps to the chest and one to the head, you know … because it’s the only way to be sure. The action alone wouldn’t be an interesting angle to base a TV series on. What’s interesting to me is exploring the underworld of assassins that the movie introduces us to. These assassins are above society’s laws but are bound by the underworld’s protocols and rules. A part of the appeal of John Wick is that his motivation and the story itself is very simple: revenge. The TV show could dive into a deeper story arc. Perhaps follow a new assassin recruit or a war between rival factions that John Wick is caught in the middle of.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Cast Poster

An episode of The Grand Budapest Hotel television show would be a pure hour of escapism. Tune in to see what crazy hi-jinx and outlandish scenarios these characters get in and out of each week. In the movie, many of the side characters were only in brief cameos which leaves a lot of room for the TV show to explore who they are and their back story. The flashback device would be a great way to quickly get to know new hotel guests and reveal secrets about established characters. The story within a story concept could be another interesting angle the show could explore.

Is there a movie you’d love to see as a TV show? What are your favorite TV shows based on a movie?

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  1. Man I could get behind a Grand Budapest Hotel tv show! Nice idea Eddie, esp bc I also felt there were so many side characters (played by actors/actresses I was so excited to see overhauled in the Wes Anderson style) that could have been used more extensively. I’d be one of that show’s most dedicated viewers, too!

    • Thanks Tom! A Wes Anderson style TV show would be so much fun and would feel fresh compared to what’s on the air currently. The cast of side characters getting more screen time would be a big draw for me, I can imagine the quirky adventures they could get into. 😀

  2. Love the idea of a Grand Budapest Hotel show. That would be pretty entertaining!

  3. Dude I LOVE your choice about the Grand Budapest Hotel, that would be awesome. I feel like it would suit TV perfectly considering how many characters there are and what crazy situations they could get into. I reckon John Carter would suit TV if the right team was behind it, my problem with the 2012 film was that it felt like it was trying to cram too much into one film, clearly that film should have been split in two or take out certain elements to streamline the experience. Whereas on TV you’d have plenty of time to tell many stories of several seasons like the number of books its based on.

    • Thanks man! So many possibilities with all those characters, the writers could really have a lot fun coming up with far out there and funny ideas. I actually haven’t watched John Carter but I’ve heard it’s underrated. I totally agree, TV is a great way to tell a long running story especially if it’s based on a series of books rather than one movie trying to cram too much stuff in. 🙂

  4. Interesting question!

    I would love to see John Wick series…but of course the cast have to be Keanu.

    I couldn’t think any movie I want to see as a series.

  5. “Is there a movie you’d love to see as a TV show?”

    One word: Hellboy. I think a live-action Hellboy TV series could be perfect on television. You could even do a mini-series of the BPRD to bridge the gap between the mid-season repeats.

    • I’d be excited for a live-action Hellboy TV series, I’d actually think that would work better than some of the other upcoming comic based TV shows (sorry AOS spin off lol). Yeah a BPRD mini-series would be cool too, like how Agent Carter bridged the mid-season break.

      • An AOS spin-off seems pointless. Why divide the cast up like that? I like the new team dynamic and would much prefer another round of Agent Carter which was a simply awesome and concise show that left me wanting more seasons to come.

        • I was thinking the same thing too about why divide the cast like that. Bobbi and Hunter adds a lot to the team dynamic, something that was improved upon from season 1. If it was an Inhumans centric show I’d be interested but since there’s a movie coming that won’t happen.

  6. I seems like an obvious choice, but I’d go with “Blade Runner.” It has a fully realized universe with amazing characters and a unique aesthetic vibe. It could be a great TV series. I’d rather have that than a sequel movie.

    • Great choice Brik, I’d totally be into a Blade Runner series. The aesthetic vibe would set it apart from what’s on TV and that universe & those characters would have so many stories to tell.

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