The Flash: Season 2, Episode 3 “Family of Rogues” Review

the-flash-203-recap family of rogues

The Flash Season 2, Episode 3 – Quick Impressions (Spoilers)

Both The Flash and Arrow have a lot on their plate as they start off their seasons. In addition to setting up their own overarching story lines, the early episodes of both shows are developing characters, or in Arrow’s case resurrecting one, who will form a new team of heroes and villains in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

One of the challenges in developing Leonard Snart is that he wasn’t initially designed to be a regular main character on a spin-off show. Sure, actor Wentworth Miller’s performance is consistently strong, he conveys a sharp intellect behind his eyes which lends well to Snart as a cerebral threat, not just a man with a cold gun. But if you chip away beneath Snart’s icy cool exterior and look beyond his campy flair, it’s evident that the writers could afford to flesh him out more before Legends of Tomorrow debuts.

“Family of Rogues” is a small step in the right direction for Leonard Snart. For starters, Miller dialed back the campiness. Snart’s dialogue is mostly fun as a reoccurring foil for the Flash but even in a wild sci-fi toned show which Legends is likely going for, the occasional campy delivery would need to be one aspect of a multi-dimensional lead character.

With that in mind, “Family of Rogues” is trying to develop Leonard Snart. It’s often a device to add facets to a character by showing several personality traits pointing in one direction, but then have certain traits that go against the grain.  So this means that while Snart is a criminal at heart, he does have a code in not killing people which as it turns out has a fine print when he permanently iced his father Lewis. 

It’s hard to not to see things from Leonard’s view. His dad’s reign of terror needed to be stopped. Michael Ironside did a good job as a heartless child abuser who wouldn’t hesitate to kill his daughter, shoot Barry or those security guards. Also having Barry accept and understand Leonard’s cold-blooded kill at the end is proxy for the audience. Besides, Barry turned last week’s Sand Demon into shattered glass and nuked Atom Smasher. Apparently this no kill rule has lots of wriggle room.


Snart is a little more compelling when he walks the moral grey line. He isn’t an arch-villain, he showed under the right set of circumstances he can work with The Flash. Teaming up with heroes and at the same time staying true to his criminal inclinations is likely how he’ll be best utilized in Legends. Snart also gains some empathy by showing first hand his redeeming quality (and Achilles heel which his dad exploited) is his love for his sister. 

Although Lisa didn’t share a scene with her brother or father, the connective theme for this episode revolved around characters protecting their family members. Leonard went to the extremes in preventing his father from ever hurting Lisa again and Lisa tried to help Leonard when she thought he was captured.

Last season’s introduction of Lisa Snart was on the cartoony side; here the more grounded approach added some emotional weight when she described her father’s abuse. The more mature side to her also helps to build her as a potential love interest for Cisco. Feeling good vibrations Cisco? Lisa Snart isn’t the airhead we thought she was. Peyton List brought her A-game and actually had the stronger scenes over her brother.

Besides the Snarts, the West family had their own issues to sort out. It’s one thing if the return of Iris’ mom leads to some emotional heartfelt scenes for the next few episodes, but she could over stay her welcome if there’s more to her line about “coming back different”. There’s already so many characters who need screen time, she’s not compelling enough at this point to develop her into a more significant role.  

For now, as the catalyst to build the bond between Iris and Joe the family drama is handled better than expected. Lying to protect Iris would only do more damage than good which thankfully did not happen. Joe came clean with the truth and surprisingly drama queen Iris didn’t blow her lid, but not literally like what Lewis was about to do to Lisa. It’s also a nice flip in dynamic where Barry was the one giving fatherly advice to Joe.

With everything else going on, the multi-verse story wasn’t the main focus but still had some development. Harrison Wells coming through the speed cannon is sooner than expected but it’s more intriguing than a shocking moment. This is mainly because it’s unlikely that the writers are going for the obvious or showing their cards so early in the game. 

“Family of Rogues” is another solid episode which focused more on some character’s daddy issues than the overarching story arc. The flirty moments between a few potential couples are fun and lighthearted without going overboard on the romance. Besides Captain Cold, Stein and his other half will be getting further development before joining Legends of Tomorrow. With the focus on Firestorm next week, if this episode didn’t work for you, things should heat up again quickly.

Will you be watching Legends of Tomorrow? What do you think about the ending when Harrison Wells came through the wormhole?

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  1. Another great Flash episode! I really enjoyed Barry and Snart’s interactions. They play off of each other well and the “good” bad guy Snart is excellent. And how awesome was ‘gangster’ Barry. The fact that Grant Gustin won’t be playing The Flash in the movie version is beyond sad.
    The scene with Joe and Iris was wonderfully acted (Jesse L Martin kills it as Joe) and if they keep the West family drama to a minimum like this, it will be tolerable. Though I do fear a plot of momma West being in peril and Joe, Iris, et al have to save her (please don’t let that ever come true).
    Cisco and Lisa Snart scenes were fun to watch and the Caitlin/other Flash guy (can’t remember his name) is a good dynamic too. Seeing Wells at the end was a bit of a surprise but I’m happy he’s back and looking forward to see what happens. All in all The Flash is doing very well with the second season so far!

    As for Legends of Tomorrow – I think I missed the news here. When does this start? I don’t even remember seeing ads for this. Another show I’ll have to watch!

    • Totally agree about Barry and Snart’s interaction. It isn’t a typical hero versus villain setup. It was so funny when Snart stuck Barry with the restaurant bill. It’s also funny when Barry tried every combination to open the door. Yeah, it’s also too bad that even though The Flash is a popular show, it’s on the CW so it won’t reach the kind of audience that the movie will. Those people who’d only watch the movie version won’t know what their missing.

      I hope that momma West is not connected to meta humans or multi verse story line. Jesse L Martin did a great job in that scene with Iris, I’m glad it drove them closer together than pull them apart.

      The chemistry between Cisco and Lisa was fun, especially when trying to get the bomb out she makes a joke about putting out the plastic wrap. I’m also glad that Lisa was telling the truth about everything, I would have been disappointed if she was lying or playing a trick on Team Flash. I’m glad Wells is back, there’s going to be fireworks when Team Flash sees him again. He might not even know why they are hating on him. Because he came through the speed cannon does that confirm he’s a Speedster? I’m not sure, I guess will find out soon enough. Things are moving fast.

      The CW will probably start promoting Legends of Tomorrow towards the end of the year. I heard it will debut in Jan 2016, but I don’t know if there is an exact date set. There’s a trailer on youtube, this was probably what the producers showed to the CW to convince them to make a pilot. Haha, yeah another show to add to our long list of shows!

  2. really enjoying this season!

  3. Working on catching up on this and watched a couple these past two days. I never tire of Miller’s Captain Cold. He was great here as usual. As you mentioned, you can see them setting up the Legends of Tomorrow spin-off with some of these characters here. Also jumping back to the last episode, I loved that look at the other universe. Had a super cool look and seemed to fit with Garrick’s helmet. I look forward to seeing more of that universe at some point.

    I’m kind of expecting to hate this Iris’ mom plotline (maybe not fair, but I got a bad feeling about this one… haha), but I was happy Iris wasn’t mad at Joe for keeping that from her. That would have been a bit of a downer for the show, so the way it was handled was definitely a plus.

    Anyway, great reviews!

    • Sometimes it’s nice to have a couple of episodes in a row to quickly catch up on. Last week I double dosed on two eps of Agents of SHIELD after falling behind.

      All the set up on The Flash and Arrow should help Legends Of Tomorrow hit the ground running and it already has a built in fan base if people are digging these characters. I personally think Capt. Cold is great and the actor too. That’s a good point about Garrick’s helmet, … this isn’t a big spoiler … when you get to see him wear it in his own universe it fits in even more nicely to me, color wise.

      I skimmed a brief interview with the producers about Iris’ mom plotline and it helped knowing where they are taking this. But I usually try to stay relatively spoiler free. I liked how it’s been handled so far, better than I thought.

      Thanks man!

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