The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3 “Thank You” Review

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Recap (Spoilers)

Boy that was an uneventful episode. Cries. The start of Season 6 is the strongest ever. Period. If last week’s “JSS” left viewers with a triumphant feeling, “Thank you” rips out your heart and stomps on it. This was a powerful episode to say the least. Judging by the online reaction a lot of fans are still in denial on what went down.

As Glenn fell off the dumpster I was in a state of denial too. I was thinking maybe Glenn can crawl away. Maybe it’s Nicholas’ guts getting devoured. Maybe it’s all a dream. But unless the writers pull a deus ex machina, it looks like Glenn took his final breath on the show as a regular character. Or maybe not.

What added to the shock is that this doesn’t happen to Glenn in the comic books. The show swerved off in a surprisingly different direction. His death caught me off guard. In a way strange way, I’m glad that his death was allowed to hit hard and unexpected. Glenn has Maggie to live for and possibly a baby on the way which makes it even more tragic considering some characters like Sasha has at one point given up on life.

On the flip side, I wouldn’t feel cheated if Glenn managed to survive. He evolved into a great character and would love if he remained on the show. He started out as a young man and eventually became a strong leader in his own right. He also had his own perspective on preserving his humanity which is different from the values on which Rick and Carol base their decisions.

Glenn’s evolution goes hand in hand with Steven Yuen’s progression into a great actor. The more challenging the material Yuen was given, he always stepped up his performance accordingly. Credit also goes to the writers and Yuen for a positive portrayal of a young Asian man. Glenn was treated like any other lead character on the show and his race didn’t define him. He also had a healthy sex life, which may be a weird thing to point out, but it’s not often a side shown of Asian male characters on prime time American television.

You can look at Glenn’s death in a few different ways. Glenn’s downfall was literally and symbolically shown when Nicholas took him down with him. If Glenn didn’t hold on to his humanity and instead killed Nicholas in last season’s finale, he probably wouldn’t have gotten trapped on that dumpster in the first place. Glenn put his fate in Nicholas’ hand to lead the way, when he should have trusted in his own proven survival instincts to take charge of the situation as he has done in the past.

Or you can look at it as when Glenn spared Nicholas’ life, he also gave the opportunity for Nicholas to face his mistakes and become a different man than he once was. It would be poetic in a way if Nicholas sacrificed himself so that Glenn could get covered in blood and guts in order to escape; that Glenn’s faith in humanity would be the reason why he was able to crawl away beneath the dumpster as Nicholas got devoured. Or maybe it’s the denial talking.

TWD 603 Glenn Dies in The Walking Dead

Let’s wind things back a bit. When Rick told Glenn and Michonne to keep moving forward no matter what, that they should leave the Alexandrians behind if they had to, it came across as another moment of Rick going too far. But as always is the case, Rick’s approach would have been the right one in keeping Glenn and Nicholas alive.

Michonne just barely escaped herself. The Alexandrians are like deadweight, dragging down Michonne and Glenn. But it’s really the belief that they could all make it back home alive which was the misjudgment. That and it was bad timing when those walkers in the closet started making noise as the herd went by the store.

Michonne gave a great speech to Health, showing how she differs from Rick yet still believes in him. But maybe living in the gated community has soften Michonne a little. The way she rubs off the message on her arm at the end is like she’s snapping back to the reality of living out there. People are going to die but there are choices you can make to keep as many people alive as possible, just not all them. It’s sort of like a self-serving notion in trying to save others as a way to reinforce one’s belief in their own humanity or emotional needs, when in fact making the hard sacrifices can be for the greater good.

Did Rick get bit? It was a little confusing but I think he just cut himself open when slicing the walker. If he was bitten, I believe he wouldn’t hesitate to cut off his hand in the same way he quickly amputated Hershel. Talk about lightening fast, cat-like reflexes when Rick dove out-of-the-way of those bullets and dispatched the wolves.  I really liked Rick’s speech at the end, which summed up the episode, about going forward is for them, going back is for us. I thought Daryl would have raced back to help Rick but he’s understanding the value of Rick’s message and joined back up with Abraham & Sasha. Great ending to a great episode.

Season 6 is a thrilling, adrenaline fueled ride so far. So much has happened and there hasn’t been a moment yet to catch our breath. The premiere started off the season on strong note; the last two follow-up episodes raises the bar to another level. “Thank you” leaves some of us in shock, some of us in mourning and some with a hope that Glenn will pull through somehow. But it’s not just Glenn’s fate that is in question, Rick is in a potentially dire situation, Daryl is leading a horde of zombies away and what’s going on in Alexandria after the attack?

Do you think Glenn could have survived? If he did die, was it a fitting death for his character? What do you think is the lesson learned in this episode?

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  1. Season six is not messing around. Three episodes in and things haven’t slowed down at all. Maybe the actors were speaking the truth when they were saying this is the craziest season yet.

    The Glenn thing caught me off guard. I knew he’d eventually bite it (ha!) but to stray so far from the comic books doesn’t seem right. And then the ambiguity of “is he really dead or not” and they way the show didn’t really treat a major character death as it has all others (by giving ample time to that character in the death episode) makes his death questionable. Plus The Talking Dead didn’t treat it as a real death either, which was odd as well. But seriously, how could he survive under a herd of walkers? Even if Nicholas was on top of him, wouldn’t the walkers eventually make their way to Glenn? It appears we may have to wait two episodes to get confirmation (while I love Morgan, having what appears to be a 90 min episode solely about him, based on the previews, is bad timing).

    I’m fairly certain that Rick just cut his hand and wasn’t bitten. Maybe it’s the writers way of getting Rick to be sort of one handed in the show as a slight nod to the comics. I’m loving Michonne so far. She does seemed to have gained a bit of Alexandria-ness in terms of being soft, but appears to be able to get back to her brutal ways quickly.

    Good question about what the lesson learned in this episode was. I don’t know – maybe to not take things for granted even if you think you are relatively safe, like the Alexandrians. Or to be grateful that your past doesn’t define your present/future.

    Like finding out Jon Snow’s fate, having to wait to find out Glenn’s ultimate fate is painful. While I wouldn’t mind a bit of a fake out, it is frustrating to have to wait.

    • What’s also impressive is that it takes a lot of special effects and time to do a big zombie horde and it looks like it’s going to continue. I think the start of Season 6 got around that because the second episode actually didn’t feature much zombies but had human vs human action. Things are crazy, yeah the actors weren’t fibbing haha.

      I’m lucky I didn’t get spoiled. My friend who I watched the episode with made the mistake of going on Facebook and somebody spoiled it. I was in the dark though :). Turns out the writers/producers are intentionally making Glenn Lives or Glenn Dies a question mark. Seems like a lot of sites are believing it’s a fake out. I think if I look closely I see some movement beneath the horde of zombies. Could it be Glenn crawling away? But like you said, even if Glenn is covered in guts is it really possible for him to escape that herd?

      I didn’t know about a 90 min Morgan ep. Yeah it’s bad timing, I mean I’m interested in his flashback but they are leaving us hanging about Glenn’s fate. With Rick, a slight nod to the comics is nice without having to actually follow through. Or maybe it’ll get infected by bacteria (not zombie germs) and he’ll have to cut it off. Michonne kicks ass, but it seems like for brief moment she went soft. Probably the two Alexandrians with the injured legs could have left behind and the rest made it back home, even the guy who got bit in the shoulder.

      I really like the point about grateful that your past doesn’t define your present/future. I think that applies here.

      I also thought it was great that those Alexandrian that said or done something stupid got killed off pretty quicky lol. Hopefully we’ll find out about Glenn soon enough. But if he’s really dead what will be left of him? His gun or watch?

  2. Glenn’s alive, and it was a red herring. Unless his guts are somehow located in his chest. Killing him would be bad writing, through and through.

    So far this season, Glenn hasn’t had an arc of his own; he’s been an element in Nicholas’ arc this season. Last season saw Glenn truly handling himself as a central, leading man-esque character, Noah’s death and him forgiving Nicholas. But this season? Nothing so far other than tying up Nicholas’ arc. His relationship with Maggie hasn’t moved anywhere, nor has he done anything significant this season to merit a goodbye.

    Killing a central character from the first season in a shoddy manner would be the writers taking 100 steps back after all the great work they’ve done in the past seasons.

    • From what I’ve heard, a lot of people are also confident Glenn is alive. The producers aren’t confirming it either which is another big sign it’s a fake out.

      I agree it would be horrible way for him to go out like that but to play devil’s advocate, I think the randomness and senselessness of it would add to the tragedy. In real life not everybody gets the chance to say their farewells and die in a deserving way. That’s a good point about this being the end to Nicholas’ arc, not Glenn’s. Usually the episode and the season leading up to it, would be built around a major character’s death. Here it happened early in the season and not at the end of the episode to give it a proper impact.

  3. Glenn’s not dead. For one, it’s obvious that it’s not his guts being ripped out. Another thing we know is the dead don’t eat people covered in gore and since he’s underneath Nicholas he will be covered in gore. And lastly, there isn’t a writer worth a damn that kills Glenn without making the audience cry about it… that doesn’t kill Glenn on camera. I would be disappointed if he doesn’t get out of this impossible situation just like we have seen him survive ridiculously impossible situations in previous seasons. I am not in denial (and I know that’s just what someone in denial would say). I am quite certain Glenn survives. However what that scene does make me believe is that Glenn is gonna die later in the season. (also it’s fare to say that we go the entire next episode without Glenn in it at all).

    • I’m okay with the fake out as long as they don’t do it again. A show like this can only cry wolf so many times. Yeah, the scene was written and shot to be intentionally misleading. I get that he’s covered in gore, I just hope we get to see how exactly he evaded the herd. Just crawl past all of them? Mmm, I would have thought if he survives this time they would spare his death for the rest of the season. I guess it depends on how they handle these next follow up episodes. I heard next episode will be about Morgan, so I think you’re right about not seeing Glenn next week (or longer).

      • I think he would have to not move at all (or move very slow) and wait until they stop eating Nicholas and for something else to attract them and then kill the stragglers. I was just saying that Fake kill them, Save them and then Really kill them later is a TV writing pattern. I don’t know for sure. But I know Glenn is not dead for sure.

        • That’s sounds better than hiding underneath the dumpster. I find it too convenient when TV shows or movies have a character hide underneath a car or something, when in reality I don’t see many cars or dumpsters that have enough room underneath. Come to think of it, Noah and Tyreese are examples of characters that got spared then killed in the same season. Hope that doesn’t happen to Glenn.

  4. Yooooooo man! I’m finally available to talk to you about TWD again. Sorry about missing your first two reviews, but I had to wait for my family like last season. Anyway, prior to this episode for me I wasn’t too keen on the first episode. I found it to be a little too dull with a lot of talking and time jumping that had me a little lost. Last week’s episode was MUCH better, there was more action, better character moments for Morgan and Carol and a few others. But this episode, damn, I kind of new something would go down, but darn it I wish it hadn’t.

    Let’s talk about that Glenn thing shall we? For me I had guessed something bad would befall him, I mean that Nicholas kid was around, he was far too twitchy and unstable for him not to be become an issue for Glenn later on. I’ve seen every one hoping that Glenn wasn’t ripped open and that it was Nicholas’ body there, but I kind of hope that they commit to his death as it would have greater emotional impact. I mean I wasn’t overly fussed about Glenn from season 4 onwards because of his absurdly lovey dovey relationship with Maggie, however after he got back into the action side of things last season he was in my good books, but more so than that he’s been around since the beginning and has been one of my favourites, so for him to be potentially gone sucks beyond belief. Damn it Nicholas, you should have been taken out ages ago.

    As for the other characters, Micchone’s speech to Heath was badass and it was about time someone shut him down to give him perspective on the current situation and how insignificant he is. As for the Alexandrian’s those lot have always been useless in my eyes (besides a certain few that have gotten with Rick’s program), and whether its that stupid hat kid who shot that black guy or David and Annie’s limped legs, I knew that some of them wouldn’t make it out alive. As for Rick, he’s still such a badass, the way he’s committed to his plans, dispatching dudes left, right and center and even getting injured by still continuing to move, true badassery there. Though I thought he’d be fucked when he was attacked so soon after Glenn’s moment earlier, but all it did was allow time for the true despair to begin when the RV won’t start and there’s a ton of walkers headin his way.

    By the end of this episode I was just like “Fuck me, no one is safe in this show, this world’s fucked up and how is there anyone meant to live/survive now?” So much death, loss, danger and amassing amounts of walkers, I can’t see things progressing well especially not for Rick with him stuck in that RV.

    Well that’s me done, looking foward to more convos on TWD in the future dude! 😀

    • Hey there! No worries at all about missing reviews. It’s cool that TWD is a show you can watch with your family. It has it’s share of violence and horror yet seems to appeal to a wide audience. Last week was a great one for Morgan and Carol. I didn’t think this episode would come close to matching last week’s intensity, often the middle episodes of the season seem to slow down a bit, but that wasn’t the case here.

      Anytime Nicholas joins a mission there’s going to trouble haha. It didn’t look good when Glenn agreed to bring Nick with him. I really like your point of view about what happened to Glenn. He always finds a way to get out of sticky situations, I’d thought he’d do the same here. Or that Rick would rescue him in the RV. It was very expected for me. At the same time, I really like Glenn so I’d okay if he manged to escape.

      It’s always good to see Michonne kick ass and use her katana. It feels like a while since she sliced and diced. As for the useless Alexandrians, I liked that the most annoying ones got picked off super quickly haha. In my last review, I mentioned that if the wolves can’t take the town with only Carol and Morgan protecting, what chances do they have if they have to go up against the rest of Rick’s gang. Well this time, Rick is a one man army … very badass. Those wolves that tried to sneak up on him got smoked heheh. As much trouble as he got out of quickly, he finds himself in even more trouble with all those zombies. Crazy stuff!

      I’m looking forward to whatever happens next. Cheers! 😀

  5. This season has been great so far. I like the slightly non-linear storytelling and the way we are seeing how the pieces sort of connect together as it rolls on. While I thought Glenn’s death was kind of odd, I didn’t see him getting out of that mess, but now reading your review and the comments I think he will. I will be happy if he is still alive because I like him, but it seems a bit ridiculous maybe. I don’t know. I guess I have to see how all of this plays out. This show has been on a roll. Hopefully they can keep it up. Great review!

    • Hey there. I also like the non-linear storytelling myself. When we hear the gunshots in the distance, I’m thinking that’s probably Carol kicking ass lol which we saw the episode before. I’m not sure how Morgan got back so fast when we saw the others take a long time. Yeah Glenn’s death was odd and depending on the viewer can be seen in different ways. Also the camera angles and the horde of zombies obscuring the view made things unclear. It’s hard to believe that he could escape unscathed, that not one zombie would bite him in the feeding frenzy but then again it’s a TV show. I like the character so I would like to see him survive. Great to hear you’ve been enjoying this season so far and thanks!

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