The Flash: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Fury of Firestorm” Review

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The Flash Season 2, Episode 4 – Quick Impressions (Spoilers)

Hello The Flash fans! “The Fury of Firestorm” directly answers a big question when the cast of Legends of Tomorrow was announced with Martin Stein (Victor Garber) but without his other half Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). Having a different character take up the same superhero mantle is not uncommon in comic books, yet after carefully laying the groundwork last year we are treated to a second Firestorm origin story in as many seasons.

There is speculation that losing Ronnie again could be a reason why Caitlin may turn cold sooner than later. Perhaps it’s a case of Robbie Amell wanting to pursue other roles, including a movie career. Or according to the producers, Firestorm 2.0 offers a dynamic that is closer to the comics and diversity to Legends’ superhero line up. Let’s recap what went down!

Bring on the Drameh

The opening flashback featuring Jay “Jax”Jackson (Franz Drameh) made it pretty clear that he’d be the other half of Firestorm barring a major bait and switch. That and Franz Drameh was already announced as a leading cast member in Legends of Tomorrow, albeit in an unspecified role. It’s a classic superhero set up to show that before Jax even got his powers, he already had heroes qualities when he saved his teammate from the particular accelerator blast.

Jax is very different from Professor Stein and that’s one of the reasons he makes for a good fit, sort of like the opposites attract type rule.  Jax brings a fresh, young energy and he’ll offer more comedic possibilities than the more mature Ronnie. I like that Jax is going to embrace his second chance at doing something amazing with his life. Overall, the dynamic between Jax and Stein is promising.

Go West Momma 

So far I don’t dislike the West family drama as much as other viewers but it’s not the reason why I tune in each week. The positives, if I’m forced to think of one, is that Iris is not being defined by a romantic interest. This is her own story line where she’s making her own decisions. Iris has some semblance of agency because Joe West is not holding back any secrets from her and doesn’t interfere with her choices. Unlike Francine, Joe knows better than to keep the truth from Iris after all the lies she’s been told last season. But why is Joe not telling the truth to Barry about Harrison Wells and will Iris tell Joe he might have son? Drama much.

This is all a soap opera story line. It sounds really bad if said out loud: A former drug addict mother who was believed to be dead is actually alive but is now dying and by the way had a secret baby 20 years ago. There’s also a disconnect between Iris’ B plot with everything that’s going on in the main story. Until we see how the West family drama fits into the bigger picture it’ll be hard to judge it fairly (I won’t spoil it for you if haven’t heard the news).

Icy Cold Caitlin 


The first few episodes of this season Caitlin hasn’t had that much to do, other than flirt with Jay Garrick. We are seeing how Ronnie’s death is effecting her. For example, she immediately gravitated towards Henry Hewitt as the Firestorm candidate because his scientific background and making something of his life has direct parallels with Ronnie. Ronnie was a hero in her eyes but she couldn’t see the hero within Jax at first. This showed us a less empathetic side to Caitlin when she took out her frustrations on Jax but still felt like something could be within her character, post Ronnie 2.0, even if we haven’t seen this darker side to her before.

Enter King Shark

Patty Spivot is sweet and likeable, so I’m probably in the minority in that I’m not terribly interested in the will they or won’t they scenes. My inner Giles (from Buffy) is saying “For God’s sake, man, …  Just have at it, would you, and stop fluttering about.”

So the thematic thread linking all the story lines about opening yourself to new possibilities leads to Barry about to ask Patty out. Then out of nowhere Shark Man grabs Barry. My reaction to the final scene started out as “What The F … and then “Come on” when the episode ended on Harrison Wells revealing himself to Barry.  I didn’t want the episode to end!

I don’t know what to make of King Shark. He looks weird, a little out-of-place, but could be potentially cool. I definitely want to see more King Shark. Gorilla Grodd was slowly introduced to us, first with an empty cage then gradually seeing more of him over time. Being the second season and in the thick of meta-human mayhem, throwing King Shark at us shouldn’t be that jarring I guess. 

The Firestorm episodes in the first season were a consistent highlight. “The Fury of Firestorm” didn’t hit those same highs and had some difficulty in moving the pieces around, though we got a promising new Firestorm.  Some of the issues had to do with essentially redoing an origin story in a short amount of time in order to help launch a spin-off show while juggling other story lines. Unfortunately, the West family drama is not allowing these reveals to sink in, but knowing that this drama will lead to something more is intriguing. The ending is terrific, hopefully we’ll get to see more of King Shark and of course how Team Flash will react to Earth 2 Harrison Wells. 

Do you like the new Firestorm? What did you like or dislike about this episode?

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  1. I like Jax and the new Firestorm. Jax and Martin do blend well and Jax was clearly the better choice over that other dude. I agree that the West drama hasn’t been as horrible as I feared, thought it feels very isolated from everything else. That is cramming a lot of backstory into Iris’ mom. The baby thing was shocking so will be interesting to see where the show takes things. Would be ideal if they tied it up sooner rather than later.

    I felt the same about the ending – so much so fast and right at the end! King Shark was odd looking in terms of special effects, so it was hard to get a good idea if he’ll fit well or not. Looking forward to how this iteration of Wells works since the previews made it seem like he may be a good guy.So many shows are have a solid season so far and it’s been fun to watch for the viewers. I don’t think I can recall a time when there’s be so many consecutive weeks of good episodes from so many shows (TWD, AoS, Flash, etc.). T.V. bliss for certain 🙂

    On a side note – did you see S.H.I.E.L.D. last night? Absolutely phenomenal episode. It’s probably the best episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve seen.

    • The general online reaction is very positive to Jax and new Firestorm, nice to see people are open minded and open to change (sort of like what this episode was about). Iris’ mom back story is convoluted considering she was only introduced recently, but at least they aren’t dragging it out. I think the Mom won’t stay in the picture for long but is introduced so they can do the story on the secret son.

      The special effect look of the King Shark took me out of the moment, but it’s kind of cool and I would like to see what they do with him. Wells 2.0 should be a lot fun, he gained some trust points for saving Barry’s life. This show has so many twists up it’s sleeve …

      Doing these recaps is fun but it’s been taking time away from keeping up with other shows. I always look to forward to your thoughts and it adds to the fun to discuss the shows with you. I’ll still do the TWD recaps but I think I’ll take a break from The Flash. Tuesdays is a busy TV day! 😀 I caught up on the last two AOS eps tonight! Loved Simmons in her episode, so glad it all focused on her on that alien planet. Considering we can forsee the story beats and of course knows she gets rescued it came together really well. Fitz’s reaction at the end is great too.

  2. HEY MAN! I’m finally getting around to talking about The Flash with you as I finally finished the episode earlier today. I will say that this was my least favourite episode so far, I guess I wasn’t as invested or as interested in the whole Firestorm story as the stuff that’s gone down in previous episodes, though there were interesting aspects with the candidates for Professor Stein’s merger and how they turned out to be very different people after being approached about it. The whole thing with Iris’ mother, I understand it but I don’t think its entirely necessary and the more time that’s spent with it, I feel like we’re going in circles. First Francine shows up and Joe tells her to go away, then she tries again with Iris and gets dismissed, Joe meets with her two more times and it amounts to nothing and then iris meets with Francine again just to tell her that she knows about her mother’s secrets and wants her to get lost, again. How much longer can this go on for? The same can be said for Patty and Barry, I like how cute they are together but hell like you I want them to get it on or dismiss these thing altogether.

    But damn that shark man thing, what the hell man? He literally came out of nowhere and I was shocked. I hope he’s not dead because I want to see more of him, sure his CGI looked pretty low in quality and not as refined as Grodd but I think the sheer fact that he exists just fascinates me. But then Wells shoots the guy! I want to see what this version of Well is gonna say to Barry.

    Great review as always dude and I look forward to the next one yo. 🙂

    • Cool man, very nice of you to check in on the post after watching the episode! I’m with you, this was my least fave ep of the season so far. I guess they needed to do this episode to set up the spin off. It wasn’t as strong of a story as it could have been. I thought this was going to be a two part origin story, but I guess they crammed everything into one ep. as well as they could. That’s a good point about Francine. It doesn’t help that none of the characters want her there so as an audience we’re also left thinking the same thing.

      I guess there were hints when Patty had the shark nail but It was still a surprise to see King Shark in the flesh. I’m also guessing that they would introduce this villain at the end of this episode to hopefully explore more of him in the future. Or it could be like here’s a cool, crazy villain then another thing comes along that trumps it ie. Harrison Wells.

      I’m not sure if I’ll be doing more recaps on the Flash, if I do they’d be super short and to the point. Appreciate you always commenting on them!

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