The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 7 “Heads Up” Review

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Did The Walking Dead’s Twist Backfire? (Spoilers)

Well, well, well … look who’s back? You don’t realize how much you love a character until they’re gone. The longer the show avoided addressing this season’s most talked about event, it seemed the more likely that the fan theories would be correct. This is the part where you can say “I told you so” and pat yourself on the back.

Glenn is alive and well! The opening scene showing that Glenn survived got me very excited. I’m just happy that he survived what is the closest call ever on the show.

However, there’s a lot backlash on how Glenn’s fake out death was mishandled in many different ways. There is a long list of reasons on why Glenn’s supposed death and survival doesn’t add up. It it a case of sloppy writing and the show runner underestimating their fans? I won’t breakdown all of the issues, many of which are valid points. I’ll just focus on the ones I’m most interested in talking about.

the-walking-dead-episode-607-spencer monroe austin nichols

The biggest hurdle for me to get over is that it stretches beyond belief how Glenn could crawl away and hide beneath a dumpster virtually untouched with hundreds of hungry walkers around him. There have been a lot of implausible stuff  happen in the past, this is just another one to add the list. This is TV entertainment after all.

Does Glenn surviving take away from the life and death stakes of the show? There are only a few characters who I think are relatively untouchable at this point. It’s possible that a major character will die later this season. Unless we see a character die on-screen beyond a doubt and another characters sees that person die, they aren’t necessarily dead.

Because of social media and recap shows, fans are going to put their heads together and build theories. Fans didn’t like having to wait a few weeks to confirm what they already figured out. Viewers who binge watch this on home video or streaming services after the season has aired and don’t keep up with the online talk will probably have a less stronger reaction. 

the-walking-dead-episode-607-enid-katelyn nacon

Glenn’s return in the opening scene is a highlight, the rest of the episode is plodding. The biggest takeaways is that a number of possible events are set up for the mid-season finale. Morgan is going to have to decide whether he can hold onto his no kill policy. Although he made some good points at the meeting, secretly keeping prisoner a wolf may come back to haunt him. Ron getting a loaded gun is not going to end well, the question is who’s going to get maimed or worse by his actions? As for Rick, he going to have to accept that Alexandrians are part of his group, he can longer keep the “us versus them” mentality.

One of the more frustrating parts of “Heads Up” is that it’s a missed opportunity to develop Enid and learn something insightful about her. She was very annoying. Talk about a high threshold for stupidity, only Glenn could put up with her antics instead of ditching her. The two make for an odd pairing, unfortunately they didn’t develop any type of emotional bond that’ll be interesting to watch moving forward unlike Aaron and Maggie’s time together.

As annoying as Enid is, the award for most stupid character of the week is Spencer. What on earth was he ninja climbing his way out over the wall? It also didn’t really make sense for his character because of what we learned about him in “Now“. Although we learned something more about Rick’s mentality, it mostly felt like the writers needed something exciting to happen to fill out the hour.

These past few episodes haven’t risen to the quality of first part of the season. It’s been a while since we got an episode that featured most of the cast, but “Heads Up” fell pretty flat. This episode was book ended by two really good moments, the stuff in between spun it’s wheel until the final moment when the watchtower collapsed.  The wall breaking down should hopefully set up an intense mid-season finale.

How do you think Glenn’s fake out death was handled? What are your predictions for the mid-season finale?

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  1. I liked the episode, but I’m really curious to see what will happen next week now that the tower fell

  2. Guess I was wrong about Enid. I thought she was going to be some kind of mastermind. She’s just a punk kid who doesn’t trust anyone. That’s boring. This episode wasn’t that great but I did like the little everyday touches. The doctor with Morgan was cute. Carol and that scared little boy was dark. The kid getting bullets is not as foreboding as I think they’re trying to make us believe. I think he just wants protection and not retribution. I could be wrong. Enid reminded me of Nute from Aliens. She doesn’t think she’s better off with a group and she may be right. Still don’t know who that was on the walkie. It wasn’t Glenn after all. And Alexandria is over I think.

    On an unrelated note. After two episodes, I’m thinking about dropping Into The Badlands from my TV rotation, and believe it or not, it’s mostly because of the costumes. The costumes suck so bad it takes me right out of the show. What the hell are they wearing? Somebody thinks it looks cool. It looks awful. Otherwise it plays like a mediocre SyFy channel show with a large fight choreography budget.

    • I liked your theory about Enid, it would have made things more interesting. I thought there were markings in and around Alexandria? I guess it was the bag and photos that Aaron left behind that allowed the wolves to discover Alexandria. Seems like a big of enough place that the wolves would have found it anyways. I liked how nosy/suspicious Carol was, she keeps an eye out for everything that’s going on there. And she reported to Rick that Morgan let those wolves leave alive. As for the kid getting bullets, you may be on to something. It’s seems like such an obvious build up that the writers might swerve in another direction. I think we’ll find out who’s on the walkie next episode.

      When I first read the premise to Badlands and that it was on AMC I got excited. Then I saw the trailer which wasn’t that good and found out who the producers were. I haven’t checked it out yet, the fight scenes I hear are good. When I look at other show’s costumes, I can’t help but to compare them to Game Of Thrones, often these other shows look cheap. There’s only 6 eps so I might just watch them when I get some free time. Another show I’m hearing good things about is Man in the High Castle. I might check that one and The Expanse.

      • Man in the High Castle is insanely good. They’re going to win many Emmys. Fantastic show. Speaking of wardrobe and production design. Gorgeous. I have The Expanse recorded and I’m going to watch it tomorrow.

        I might be wrong about being wrong about Enid. She said some things in an interview that make me doubt my doubt. I hope we get some answers next week.

        Didn’t know Badlands was just 6 episodes maybe I’ll keep watching.

  3. Ugh to the fake out death. It was a bad attempt from the writers to convey uncertainty. Then to make viewers wait so long to reveal the bad fakery? Plain dumb. Agree about Enid, too annoying to care about. I guess the frantic pace and the quality of the first few episodes couldn’t be continued. Let’s hope the mid-season finale doesn’t disappoint.

    • Just glad that the fake out death is behind us now. The thing about these past couple of episodes is that if they made me like some of the secondary characters more (eg. Sasha, Enid etc) maybe I’d enjoy them a little more. But the quality isn’t at the level of the first few episodes. I’m hoping the mid-season finale can wrap up some storylines and also make us anticipate bigger and scarier things to come.

  4. Kind of a meh episode. I like the setup for the finale. And seeing Maggie get excited about the balloons was great. I want to see Maggie and Glenn reunited. Glenn surviving that situation was super ridiculous, but I guess after expecting it for a few weeks I was sort of prepared for it.

    It is too bad that sequence with Spencer came about because he is a moron. Looking back at it, I think that setpiece could have been a really exciting sequence if they had come up with a good reason for it to exist, just not in this situation. Like a scenario where someone had to climb a line like that over a sea of zombies and it snaps should be really exciting. Maybe if a group was traversing an overrun city or something. I don’t know… I’m not a writer… haha. Here I just kept thinking “What the crap Spencer!?” Oh well! Looking forward to the midseason finale!

    • At least they didn’t wait to reveal Glenn in the mid-season finale. Nice to see Maggie’s hope pay off and all the characters are set up to be in or around Alexandria for next ep.

      The Spencer scene came out of nowhere haha, I don’t even remember seeing him earlier in the episode. It could have worked in another situation with a better set up and with characters we cared more about. If died that would be one of the most moronic deaths on the show … so preventable. I’m looking forward the mid-season finale too! If the mid-season finale is great, maybe this weaker episode will be more easily forgotten. Thanks for the comment!

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