What are Tom Cruise’s Riskiest Roles?

What do you think are Tom Cruise’s most riskiest acting roles? While watching the trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout I was thinking a few things – one of which is Tom Cruise’s career.

In the last decade or so, Cruise’s movies aren’t the biggest box office draws. The exception is the reliable and enduring Mission Impossible franchise.

By no means is Cruise phoning in his performance for Mission Impossible: Fallout. Cruise loves to do his own stunk work. Unfortunately, he shattered his ankle when he missed a jump to a rooftop while filming.

Aside from risking life and limb, Cruise has made some relatively risky acting choices in his career. These are roles which showcase a different side to Cruise’s acting talent.

In 1994’s Interview with a Vampire, Cruise is not an obvious fit for Lestat. Playing a cruel, villainous vampire, long before the popularity of Twilight, is outside of how Cruise is typecast. He imbued a sense of decadence in Lestat. This is one of his most polarizing roles which people have strong opinions on.

1999’s Eyes Wide Shut might be more of a risque role than risky. Cruise as a married doctor journeying into the sexual underworld had moviegoers discussing the erotic nature of the film while others think it’s obscene. Working with acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick as well his then wife Nicole Kidman, likely helped him to take a chance on this role.

At first, Vanilla Sky is right in line with how we see Cruise as an actor. Cruise plays a good looking, wealthy man in director Cameron Crowe’s 2001 remake of Spanish film “Open Your Eyes”. And yes, Cruises uses his big grin in a lot of scenes. But the other side to this performance is in Cruises’ body language. When you take away the grin and facial expressions, Cruise still can embody a complex character.

Some actors like Gary Oldman can completely transform into an unrecognizable person. Cruise isn’t known to be a chameleon type actor. But his role in Tropic Thunder shows he isn’t afraid to be silly and funny. I still have quite a few movies starring Cruise to catch up on including Magnolia, Rock of Ages and Born on the Fourth of July. What should I watch next?

Do you want Cruise to take more chances instead of returning to previous roles like Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher or Top Gun? Which of Cruise’s performances do you think are unique or is a bold choice?

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  1. He was silly fun in Rock of Ages. But my favorite atypical Tom Cruise film is Magnolia. His monologues are awesome and show true talent.

  2. lt seems like several of Cruise’s past, more traditional action films have under-performed. I would like him to take some more creative risks and branch out a bit more; I think there are some new opportunities for him out there!

    • Looking at Cruise’s recent past, he’s in need of a good hit movie like Mission Impossible 6. I can see him taking more creative risks, maybe in supporting or character driven roles. He’s a talented actor!

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