Game Talk: E3 2018 Impressions

E3 2018 dropped a ton of announcements, trailers and footage of actual gameplay. Most gamers come away with at least several games to get excited about. I’m sharing some impressions on a handful of games based on what I watched online and I didn’t watch everything. Please feel free to share your own personal highlights, impressions and anything I missed in the comments below.

The Last of Us Part II looks fantastic. In the cinematic scenes the facial expressions are impressive and this adds so much to the emotional component of the story. The gameplay is seamless. There are many ways to play stealthy or violently that are super polished. That moment when the guard looked under the vehicle is pretty awesome.

The visuals for Ghosts of Tsushima are gorgeous especially the samurai showdown against the setting sun. The blood coming out of enemies in slow-motion really heightens the savagery. Traversing the environment and ambushing enemies look like a refined mechanic. But I wonder how the combat and button inputs will precisely work and if specific limbs can be targeted for dismemberment.

More info on Death Stranding leads to more speculation. I need someone to just explain the footage to me lol. If I had to throw a wild stab in the dark, it’s like the sci-fi movie Arrival where the objective is centered on communication or interaction with the life form; an enemy which doesn’t communicate in the way humans do. Baby powers activate!

Like Death Stranding, we’ve seen Spider-Man from previous E3. I’m already sold and I’m looking forward to web slinging across the city. The fluid movement in an open environment looks like so much fun. I definitely prefer this to Crackdown 3, not that you can’t enjoy both.

I’m looking forward to an online Fallout 76 and teaming up with (or against) other players. For those that wish to play solo offline, I hope the targeting system V.A.T.S. will still be an option.

My interest for Anthem has dipped a little. I was hoping to see something more than Iron Man meets Destiny. Perhaps EA/Bioware needs to do a better job at explaining what makes it standout and why the gameplay will bring the player back for more.

Microsoft announcing the creation of The Initiative is great news. Xbox needs a new hit franchise that will sell systems. The unfortunate news is that it will be years and probably next gen before we see something from this studio. Halo Infinite will likely be next gen as well.

The focus of the Gears 5 footage is on the story.  If Gears 5 can build a compelling character driven story around Kait as the lead protagonist it could be a good direction for the franchise.

I sadly don’t own Switch but Super Smash Bros Ultimate should bring joy to Nintendo fans. A December release date makes it all the more sweeter. Plus you’ll have the complete roster of characters!

Cyberpunk 2077 is receiving a lot of hype and the trailer looks promising. When actual gameplay is released the more I’ll be interested. Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer looks great. I haven’t got into Crystal Dynamics’ series yet. I also never played the original Beyond Good and Evil .. the trailer for the new game looks amazing … if it was a trailer for an animated movie I’d watch it!

Which games impress you? Which games are you buying?

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