The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review – Has the Lego novelty worn off?

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part recaptures the feel-good energy of the first film, although it’s not as refreshingly humorous. Part of the reason is it’s really hard to recreate that lightning in a bottle again even if the same successful elements are mostly present.

I do give the Lego Movies a lot of credit for creating its own unique universe. In the first Lego Movie we were learning the rules of the universe as the action unfolded. By the end there was a twist that I didn’t see coming and I didn’t know what to make of it. But adding the live-action element into an animated movie opened up a door to a different story telling device.

The events in the Lego Movie are (partly?) the imagined stories of children playing lego. The Second Part is told from the little sister’s frame of mind. There is often a clever change to a slightly more realistic animation style when the girl is influencing the story.

When outer space invaders capture Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) and friends, Emmett must rescue them. Meanwhile, Emmett (Chris Pratt) is experiencing prophetic flashes of an impending doomsday clock. In the real world, little sister Bianca is not getting along with her older brother and their mom (Maya Rudolph) is threatening to put their toys away in storage.

Of all the memorable characters and cameos from the first film, Lucy is forgettable to me. She’s not as funny as Batman (Will Arnett) and not adorably zany like Princess UniKitty (Alison Brie). Some of Lucy’s good moments is resisting “brainwashing” catchy pop music like “Everything is Awesome”. By the way, the new songs are pretty decent. The one I like the most is “Catchy Song” which has an unrelenting pop hook.

Good Cop / Bad Cop isn’t a factor in The Second Part. I miss his brand of humor, especially since the new characters aren’t that funny. The most memorable new addition is Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi – she brought Lucy and friends to the Systar System. Watevra Wa-Nabi is constantly rearranging into different lego shapes which makes her appear deceptive, like she’s hiding something. Voice actress Tiffany Haddish is a good match for bringing Watevra Wa-Nabi’s lively personality to life.

A lot of Emmett’s scenes are with new character Rex Dangervest. Rex is a combination of Chris Pratt movie roles. As much as I find raptor (Jurassic World) references funny, the screenplay needs more humorous angles to play on. A main story thread is Lucy wanting Emmett, whom is normally good-natured and optimistic, to become tough-minded. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing from Emmett’s storyline. Perhaps, it is a missed opportunity to do something truly interesting with a character that is stuck as an everyman figure.

Some movie-goers are going to find The Second Part to be as delightful as the first film. But for me, there are hardly any lines that are laugh-out loud funny. Although The Second Part is exuberant and eager to please, I agree with reviews which have noted it’s not as fresh as the first movie. If you’re on the fence whether to see The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, it will be perfectly fine to wait for it on home video or streaming services.

Has the Lego novelty worn off for you or everything still awesome? 🙂 Let me know in the comments.

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  1. We’ll see, I liked Lego Batman but skipped Ninjago.

  2. Great review! I think we’re pretty much on the same page here. I liked the movie and had fun watching it, but definitely not as good as the first. Sometimes it’s just hard for a sequel to live up to the original, especially when the concept doesn’t feel like a surprise anymore.

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