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Revolution: 1.04 The Plaque Dogs Review; 5 Simple Ways To Improve The Show

Revolution: 1.04 The Plaque Dogs Review – Spoilers Ahead

“The Plaque Dogs” is strongest episode of the season so far. This episode establishes why Miles would want to stay with Charlie. In the early scenes it was a bit frustrating seeing Miles flip-flop between staying or leaving. Just make up your mind will you? His justification for leaving is because he’s wanted by the militia which poses a danger to the group. The funny thing is, Charlie and the gang are headed straight for the militia which negates his reasoning. Deep down Miles does not want to get emotionally attached to anyone. There’s a dark sadistic side to him as seen in the last episode which he is trying to repress and in his mind it would be easier if he goes it alone.

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Revolution (TV Series): Pilot Episode Review – The Next Breakout Hit?

NBC’s Revolution comes with a pedigree most other new television shows would drool over. The pilot episode is directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens), written by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and produced by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Star Trek) and Bryan Burk (Fringe). With recognizable names attached to the project and an intriguing premise, Revolution is poised to garner some much needed buzz to break through the deluge of numerous new shows debuting this fall. It also doesn’t hurt that NBC has made the pilot episode available on-line for advance viewing through and at NBC believes they have a bonafide hit on their hands, so it’s imperative for this show to hook in a large audience from the beginning or risk falling by the way side like “Flashforward” or “The Event”.

The formula for a successful serialized sci-fi drama is not an exact science however they are some basic elements needed to build a solid foundation. 1. A unique, compelling premise that can drive the show for multiple seasons. 2. An engaging cast of characters that the audience identifies with. 3. A core set of mysteries and unfolding, progressive mythology to sustain viewer interest 4. An amazing pilot episode that sets up the world, the characters, the stakes, and some water cooler moments that people will be talking about the next day. Of course there are many more aspects that are needed to make a great show; these are just the starting blocks.

In our society that relies on technology for every aspect of life from transportation, communication, entertainment, medical treatment and food manufacturing what would happen if the entire world became unplugged and regressed to the dark ages? Is technology the glue that keeps our families, communities and governments functioning or do our values and beliefs still hold some importance? Set in the near future, Revolution is the journey of a make-shift family fifteen years after all technology on the planet inexplicably stops working. Every car, airplane, refrigerator, cell phone, battery and light bulb powers off in an instant.

*The remaining article will contain some spoilers on the premiere episode. Continue reading if you’ve watched the episode or want to know more before diving into this series.

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