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The 100 Season 1 Review: Five Reasons You Should Watch This Show

The100 Calling Ark Station

The 100 Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)
Five Reasons You Should Watch This Show

From The Hunger Games to The Maze Runner, many young adult dystopian novels have been adapted into movies.  So while it’s not unexpected for television networks to jump aboard this popular trend, it is a refreshing surprise that The 100 is totally awesome!

One of the reasons The 100 stands out is how the series puts its own spin on familiar elements from sci-fi dystopian and post-apocalyptic drama genres. The premise starts off as Lord Of The Flies meets Lost, but by the end of episode 3 The 100 goes for the gut punch and in doing so, begins to develop its own identity within the genre.

This post is a spoiler free introduction to The 100. Here are Five Reasons You Should Watch This Show:

#1. Gritty Premise Packs A Mean Punch

The 100 strikes a nice balance between high stakes adventure and a gritty survival thriller, never becoming too bleak or despairing to watch. Taking place 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse devastates Earth, the last remnants of humanity, about 2400 people, live aboard a deteriorating space station named “The Ark” where any crime committed by an adult is a capital offense. 

Due to the lack of life sustaining resources on the Ark, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent down on a one way trip to Earth to determine if the planet has become habitable.

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