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Game Talk: E3 2018 Impressions

E3 2018 dropped a ton of announcements, trailers and footage of actual gameplay. Most gamers come away with at least several games to get excited about. I’m sharing some impressions on a handful of games based on what I watched online and I didn’t watch everything. Please feel free to share your own personal highlights, impressions and anything I missed in the comments below.

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Question of the Month: Who Would Make A Great Bond Villain?

Luke of Oracle Of Film is back with a brand new Question Of The Month: Who Would Make A Great Bond Villain? Find out all the great answers from many movie bloggers and feel free to share your pick in the comments section!

Oracle of Film

I have been absent as of late. I decided to give you lot a Christmas break from Question of the Month, but when it came to sending out the January email, I couldn’t seem to bring myself around to sitting down a thinking up a decent question. I will get around to it, I promised myself, subconsciously aware that much like my New Year’s Resolution of not staring at my hair in the mirror for two hours a day, it was never going to happen. In fact, the only reason I bucked my game up for February was because a certain Zoe Zermatten threatening to give me a good old South African clap across the face. It got me thinking about how terrifyingly menacing she was… and then, a lightbulb clicked. Zoe would make an amazing Bond villain, so why not ask the WordPress crew who else would make a…

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Question of the Month: Best Movie Quote

What is your favourite movie quote? Take a look at Oracle of Film’s question of the month post and all the great replies.

Oracle of Film

The Oracle of Film Returns!

Yes, I am back and back for good. I thought I would start my comeback tour with the Question of the Month, because you guys have given me some amazing response and I don’t think you should have to wait another second to see everyone else’s. The question was what is your favourite movie quote of all time, and despite there being millions of the buggers to choose from, you delivered amazingly well. I am sorry it just took me so long to contain this much awesome and translate it into the mere words of mortals.

Note: I don’t think I missed someone, but I had to go through my email archives to collate them. It is possible that I accidentally overlooked one of you, so please don’t be offended if your response didn’t make it up here. I have had the busiest couple of…

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Question of the Month: Heroes and Villains

Who would you cast as the Hero and Villain in an action movie? Check out the great responses from fellow bloggers, including my picks, to Oracle of Film’s question of the month post!

Oracle of Film

Here we again, with one of my growing successes on my blog. The response I have gotten this week has been through the roof, bringing several new faces to the table. People seemed to enjoy mulling over this question, which made me happy as I thought I might have gone a little outside of the box at first. However, luckily, the slow response I received were because everyone wanted to make a well-weighed decision before giving me their answers, which has meant that this Question of the Month is much more varied and precise than before (and last month was hardly a failure – anything but, in fact.)

So what was the question? I asked my fellow bloggers to imagine they were the Casting director for an action film. Who would they cast as the lead hero and the lead villain? I didn’t need a plot as of such, I…

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The Liebster Awards! 11 More Blogs You Should Checkout!

X-men babies

Recently, The Movie Montage honored Sidekick Reviews with the Liebster Award nomination. It’s always nice to be kindly acknowledged and warmly welcomed into the blogging community. Thank you!

The Liebster Award is given to a blogger who has less than two hundred followers. Based on a quick google search, Liebster is a German word that translates to “beloved, favorite, dearest”. The goal of the Liebster Award is to help new or growing blogs connect with other bloggers and is a good way for readers to discover your blog.

So what are the rules for the Liebster award recipients?

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Happy New Year!

A big thank you to YOU for supporting and following Sidekick Reviews! Every view, like, comment and link is very much appreciated! Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!

In 2012, there were 83 posts and 142 pictures uploaded in the first year of Sidekick Reviews.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2012

#1. Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “Blackwater” (S02E09)

#2. Sizzling Hot! The Women of Spartacus

#3. Breaking Bad: Live Free Or Die, Season 1 Episode 1

#4. Revolution (TV Series) Pilot Episode Review 

#5. Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Review “Evil Goes Global”

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