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Amazing Arya Stark Portrait and Interview with Artist Cruz Ibarra

Game Of Thrones Arya Stark Portrait by Artist Cruz Ibarra

Cruz “Cibarra” Ibarra On His Inspiration for Arya Stark Portrait

Ask him to pick his favorite Game Of Thrones character and Cruz “Cibarra” Ibarra doesn’t take longer than a second to answer.

You wouldn’t know it by looking but the American artist’s painting of Arya Stark 16×20 acrylic on canvas is his first portrait ever. 

Over the past year, the Game Of Thrones fan and emerging painter has been focusing on his lifelong passion for contemporary pop culture art. His artwork is currently on display at Kissimmee Art Gallery, gaming centers and comic shops around the Central Florida area.

In a revealing interview with long time friend Sidekick Reviews, Cibarra talks about how he started drawing, his favorite painting technique and why he adores Arya Stark.

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