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Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die, Season 5 Episode 1

Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die

Taking a closer look at the Season 5 Premiere of Breaking Bad

“I can foresee a lot of possible outcomes … not one of them involves Miller Time”. We are in for a wild finish if the long-awaited premiere of the final season of Breaking Bad is any indication. The powerful image of two cars seemingly on a collision course is still resonating with me. In a game of chicken, someone has to yield or there will be a disastrous consequence. In this case, it appears Walter did not yield and Mike swerved to the side in a cloud of desert dust.

On Breaking Bad, every image and story thread is well thought out. Nothing is left unaccounted for which brings us to the video cameras that Gus placed in the lab. I absolutely enjoyed every moment in the planning and destruction of the laptop in the evidence vault. Here are some of my other reactions after watching this episode: Read the rest of this entry

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