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Breaking Bad: Fifty-One, Season 5 Episode 4

Breaking Bad: Fifty-One, Season 5 Episode 4

Taking a closer look at Fifty-One: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 4

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lydia and Skylar are backed into a corner and make big moves in an attempt to escape from the downward spiral they are being pulled into. Both are not innocent bystanders or victims of circumstance. They’ve got blood on their hands and they’re going to have to get their hands bloody again to get their lives back.

Because of the death of Gus, the show runners felt the need to inject new blood to the final season. As opposed to the calm, cool and collective demeanor of Gus, Lydia is high-strung, tightly wound and always seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her emotional instability is expressed externally as evident in her facial tics, mismatched shoes and screams into a pillow. Understandably she is rattled when a team of DEA agents question her and arrest the warehouse worker that’s been securing the methylamine for her.

The question is did she really put the GPS tracker on the bottom of the barrel? Read the rest of this entry

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