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Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “The Ghost of Harrenhal” (S02E05)

Game of Thrones Review/Reaction: “The Ghost of Harrenhal” Season 2 Episode 5 (Episode 15)

The balance of power swiftly shifted to Stannis in a single death blow after the shadow demon kills Renly. I really wish more time was spent developing Renly and explaining why Brienne was so infatuated with him. Other than the one scene where Renly names Brienne to his Kingsguard, we never saw the two interact or talk to each other. Brienne is absolutely devastated when Renly dies, even more so than Loras, but its hard to sympathize with her because her loss has no context. Renly had a good heart and a sense of humor; however, we never cared for him like we did with Ned Stark.

One of the question this shows asks is what kind of person makes for a good leader. And behind every good leader is often a trusted advisor.  So who do you think is the best advisor or right-hand man? Davos tells Stannis to leave Melissandre behind when they attack King’s Landing. Since Melissandre can see visions of the future in the flames it might be a big mistake not to utilize her powers. If Stannis thinks that having the largest fleet and army guarantees victory he should remember what just happened to Renly. King’s landing is not going to surrender without a fight.  Stannis also won’t be aware that Tyrion has discovered wildfire, a flammable substance that can burn through anything. In Qarth, Xaro proposes to Dany and offers just about everything she needs to travel to Westeros. Its very tempting; however, Jorah advises her that she only needs one ship and the support of the Westeri people. Dany is now aware that Jorah is in love her which makes their relationship a bit awkward and more complicated. Did Jorah give her terrible advice? Her journey to the Iron Throne will be more difficult without Xaro’s support and finances. Unlike Stannis who is now the front runner because of powerful black magic, Dany will need to learn how to be a formidable leader, make tough decisions, and earn a place in the hearts of Westeri to rightfully become their Queen. Or unleash the dragons when they are big enough!

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