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Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “Garden Of Bones” (S02E04)

Game of Thrones Review/Reaction: “Garden of Bones” Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 14)

The art of manipulation and persuasion is another aspect of power explored in ‘Garden of Bones’. Using your enemies or alliance’s desire to your advantage, exploiting their weaknesses, knowing when to hold your cards close to your chest, or to set in motion events that will lead to a favorable outcome is all part of playing the game. If power is elusive like trying to grab a fist full of steam, manipulation directs, shapes and makes power tangible. The Iron Throne will not be directly won by swords and arrows or having the largest army. As Littlefinger deftly put it, “If war was arithmetic, mathematicians would rule the world”. “Playing the player” involves a keen sense of perception, understanding your opponents psyche and knowing what you can hold as leverage.

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