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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me” Review

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 titled “Walk With Me” is a tightly executed hour of suspense and apprehension. There’s a feeling of anxiousness because as an audience we know very few things in the world are as they seem on the surface. This episode solely focused on Michonne and Andrea. Through their eyes, we are introduced to the small town of Woodbury and the man-behind the curtain who is only known as the Governor.

Let’s dissect this episode! Continue reading for my gut reactions and spoiler filled thoughts on another great episode.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick” Review

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 titled “Sick” kept the foot firmly on the gas pedal after last week’s zombie kill fest.  There were no Michonne and Andrea scenes this episode which means they will most likely be heavily featured next week. “Sick” focused on the aftermath of Hershel’s leg amputation and dealt with the prisoners locked in the cafeteria.

Continue reading for spoiler-filled gut reactions to another solid episode.

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5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Kicked-Ass

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Zombies are the lesser life form. There’s no reason to run from them. There’s no reason to fear them. They’re not smart. You’re smarter,” explains actress Danai Gurira on what she’s learned from her character Michonne, the katana wielding bad-ass with two armless, neutered walkers chained on a leash.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere returned with a vengeance! And lots of blood, gore and cringe-inducing moments in the best possible way. And did I mention the gore?

Eye sockets stabbed. Knives thrust up into heads. Limbs hacked off. Just another day of survival in this horrific post-apocalyptic world.

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Review: The Walking Dead: “Beside the Dying Fire” Season 2 Finale, Episode 13

The Walking Dead delivered the ultimate season finale. The first half hour was non-stop action as the survivors killed as many of the walkers as possible before leaving Hershel’s farm and later regrouping on the highway.

Who’s flying that helicopter? Hopefully we’ll get some answers or least some hints in the next season. The first scene answered the question of where did the herd of walkers come from since they couldn’t have been near the farm the whole time.  When the walkers come across a wooden fence, instead of climbing over it they just keep pushing against it until the force of numerous walkers causes it to break. Where are they migrating to? Is this some sort of herd mentality or primal instinct? When Carl’s gun shot alerts the herd, there’s a cool view of the walkers creeping up behind Rick and Carl, unbeknownst to them.

Darryl would make for a great detective to be able to deduce exactly what happened with Randall and Shane by just looking at some tracks on the ground and examining the body in the dark of night. Lori needs to brush up on her Parenting 101 skills. With Dale getting attacked by a walker the night before you’d think she keep a more watchful eye on her son. How could she let Carl sneak out of the house without her knowledge? The scene with Rick and Carl in the barn was really suspenseful and I liked how Rick used his quick thinking and worked with his son to set fire to the walkers and try to draw attention away from the house. It’s a call back to “Pretty Much Dead Already” when the walkers were released from the barn and gunned down. Except now, the walkers are trying to get into the barn. Luckily, the lighter didn’t flicker out before it hit the ground. Gotta love flaming zombies, even if the fire is CGI.

The gun training earlier in the season sure paid off. Hey, if Carl can get a perfect headshot on Shane, they why not everyone else … on a motorcycle, or hanging out the window of a speeding truck? I guess with so many walkers around they really can’t miss ; ). They could have used the truck to run over the herd before realizing how much ammo they were using up. It may not kill them, but if they don’t mind the mess, it would definitely cripple them. Thanks to Jimmy driving the RV to the barn, Carl and Rick were able to get off the roof. Kinda funny how Jimmy was so surprised to find walkers at his door. Maybe he missed the bulletin: the farm is being invaded by walkers … for the last ten minutes! Great seeing his blood spurt on the RV’s windshield, the walkers must have already gnawed their way to an artery.

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Review: The Walking Dead: “Triggerfinger” Season 2, Episode 9

Suspense, gore, characters’ on the brink of death: one would think these would be common elements in a television show set in the zombie apocalypse but for much of Season 2, The Walking Dead has focused on character development and drama with varying degrees of success. In “Triggerfinger”, the show returned to emphasizing the inherent dangers of living in a world infested with flesh eating corpses and characters defining their own moral code when they are no longer bound by law or social norms. After Rick shoots two strangers, named Dave and Tony, the sound of the gunshots draw the attention of the strangers’ companions to the bar. From the outside of the bar, the companions question Rick, Glenn and Hershel if they know the whereabouts of their friends. Rather than telling a lie that might have prevented further violence, Rick confesses Dave and Tony are dead which results in the strangers firing at them. The expression on Hershel’s face is priceless as he reacts to Rick telling the truth to the strangers. When Glenn exits from the back of the bar a bullet nearly kills him and without hesitation Hershel shoots the gunman in the chest. Walkers descend upon the downed gunman who is still alive, gruesomely bitting of his nose and devouring his flesh. The gunman yells out while Hershel looks on with gun in hand, unable to end the life and suffering of the man he just shot.

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