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Community Links & News: What Have You’ve Been Watching Lately?

pixar inside out joy and sadness

Ahh yes, the incredible¬†summer weather makes for a perfect day to … stay inside and watch a movie! ūüėȬ†On the blogging front, summer is usually a slower time for me. This is where you come in.¬†I’m on the look out for something new to get into. Is there¬†a movie or television show that you’ve recently enjoyed or can’t stop thinking about?¬†How is¬†True¬†Detective season 2 coming along? Do you have a favorite movie of the summer so far?

Here are some things I’ve been watching lately. Of these, I’d easily recommend the first two movies to just about anyone.

Inside-Out-Anger Poster‚ÄĘ Inside Out:¬†¬†I¬†skipped over¬†Pixar’s last few movies but with all the positive reviews on Inside Out I wanted to check it out in the theatres. Glad to say I really enjoyed it! Pixar did a great job of pulling off the concept. My favorite emotion is Joy (Amy Poehler). I started out not caring much for Sadness (Phyllis Smith) but I liked how the script taught us to value her. Which Pixar movies do you think are unskippable?

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