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Game of Thrones: Inside The Episode “Valar Morghulis” (S02E10)

Game of Thrones Review/Recap: “Valar Morghulis” Season 2 Finale, Episode 10 (Episode 20)

In the aftermath of the climatic, “Blackwater” episode, the second season finale wraps up some storylines but mostly sets up intriguing possibilities for Season 3. I’ve put together some quick thoughts and reactions to this episode.

King’s Landing

Tyrion lives! After strategizing to use wildfire against Stannis’ fleet and leading the attack at the Mud Gate, Tryion should have earned the respect of his father Tywin. His reward for his bravery … losing the position of Hand of the King! Tyrion’s heroics won’t be mentioned in the history books much less acknowledged by King Joffrey. His own family is his worst enemy, especially Cersei who arranged to have Ser Mandon assassinate him. Varys is wisely distancing himself from Tyrion or risk getting caught in the crossfire. With the unscrupulous Bronn notably absent, only his cupbearer Podrick and whore Shae are standing by his side. I initally had my suspicions on Shae, after all she is getting paid to be with Tyrion. However, in “Blackwater”, she risked getting raped (or worse) by waiting for Tyrion in Maegor’s Holdfast rather than fleeing with Sansa. When Shae suggests they should escape to Pentos together, Tyrion refuses because he lives to outwit and outplay his enemies. The fact that Tywin has gone to great lengths to buy out the Hill’s tribe, replace Bronn as commander of the Gold’s Watch and keep his son alive under the care of Maester Pycelle most likely means he has plans for his son and Tyrion won’t have much of a choice.

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